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Brighter Day Festval 2019: A Look Back | White River Toyota

Brighter Day Festval 2019: A Look Back | White River Toyota

How we doing Brighter Day!? We’re here at White River Toyota this
morning for the Brighter Day Festival. This festival is for the Children’s
Hospital at Dartmouth. We’re raising money with all of our great sponsors. We got all kinds of events happening Got people on tandem bikes and all over the place, we’ve got cornhole in the field, We got all kinds of vendors and the beer
tend and all the merchandise for sale, and the great lineup of music. The energy is just great. People are here for a real specific reason, to support the Children’s Hospital. Music has the ability to bring people together and community. And we feel really thankful to be a part of it today. You know, to have a local dealership, White River Toyota give their time and their energy to put this on, is really appreciate it by the community in large to have this free festival Our hope for Brighter Day Festival is that it does become an important part of the community When we put it together we always knew that it would be a fundraiser to support the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock or CHaD. CHaD does some amazing things in our community. They serve over 85,000 patients a year. And so for us to be able to come together to support such an amazing resource is something that feels very close to our hearts, and is something that we hope to support for many years to come. Thank you all for being here and
supporting CHaD. The fundraising goes to many of our support services for our families. So you can imagine being a child with a new diagnosis you have somebody that can talk to you on your level, explain things for you. But they
wouldn’t be there without support like this. It means a lot to me. I have a history with CHaD. At a very young age I was diagnosed with leukemia. CHaD played a big role in saving my life. it was years of treatments. I had
open-heart surgery. I’m forever indebted to CHaD, so it’s nice to see my own organization giving back to something that saved my life. Everyone I know in that store is out here today. I think every single person
volunteered, which is awesome. Well, none of us was good as all of us. And here we are together. It’s just so much fun. If you have health, you have wealth and a
lot of people don’t. And so there can’t be anything better than working with CHaD, helping sick children. It feels really good knowing that we were able to provide such an amazing experience for everyone who attended Brighter Day Festival. At White River Toyota, it’s all about people. And whatever we can do to make a difference in our community has always been important to us. Everybody getting together was no small feat, but at the same point it was easy to get everybody together. Everybody was so enthusiastic so excited about coming together and putting this on. So, we’re just gonna have a ton of fun!

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