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Bringing digital innovation to the next generation

Bringing digital innovation to the next generation

Today at the Digital Garage we’re
working with a group of young men from the Amos bursary. The Amos bursary
is a charity which helps academically able young men from the African and
Caribbean community to help them to achieve their ambitions. Days like today
are absolutely invaluable. For many of these young men they would never have
been in an environment like this. It’s a corporate environment but it’s also one
that focuses on technology. And for them to be exposed to this kind of
opportunity at this stage in their life is priceless. What we’re trying to get
out of today’s event is actually inspiring a new generation to get
involved in digital and technology. We know that there’s a big deficit in terms
of the amount of jobs that are coming up for digital and we want to do more to
fill that. My name is K’CI Beckford I’m 19
I’ve enjoyed today’s activities quite a lot. I’ve also started a personal project.
As I’m doing it by myself learning about wire framing all of the design stuff and
also the marketing aspect has been very useful for me as I hope to launch my
products at the end of this year. So I found it all very beneficial. Hi I’m
Darrell AdJei and I’m 20 years old. Today I’ve had an introduction to Aviva Digital.
We were given the challenge to come up with a digital solution to help the
travel industry. We noted what we consider to be the biggest problems
facing the industry, and we decided to tackle all problems with an app. My name
is James Frater and I’m 20 years old. Me and my team have been developing an app
that helps students budget and save money. The reason I’m so eager to come
today is because I didn’t really understand the process from having an idea
to actually getting it developed. A lot the workshps are focusing on the actual processes,
the right questions to ask, the right way to approach things. I just
feel privileged to be part of this team that are working so well together, and
are getting ready to pitch to CEO of Aviva. I really enjoyed today’s workshop. You can’t help but be inspired by what you
see. You’ve got that youthful enthusiasm you’ve got these ideas that aren’t tampered
by many years of experience. In my world give me intelligence, values
and drive over experience any day. Learning from other people in industry
has been phenomenal. They gave insight that none of us as
non-professionals had access to before. What we have is a group of young men who
really want to make a difference, that want to improve themselves and they want to
move forward. The ideas they showed us today were innovative. I think the
concepts were clear. They really had a clear idea of their target market and it
really shows in the digital space why we need young people like that in our
organization. It makes me immensely proud to know that
I can work for an organization like Aviva which is going out of its way,
above and beyond, to really reach out to the local community and beyond. Inspiration
is a big word that we use within the Amos bursary constantly and
inspirational opportunities are ones that that we look for all of the time. If
that’s what we’ve achieved today then it’s been magnificent. And I’d really
like to thank Aviva for making that possible.

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