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Broadway’s Cats Performs “Thriller” – Gypsy of the Year 2017

Broadway’s Cats Performs “Thriller” – Gypsy of the Year 2017

Wow that was amazing!!! Even better than the other 27 times we saw
it! I can’t believe it’s closing! Can’t they get a star to come in and save
the show? MANDY PATINKIN maybe? Cats isn’t a stunt casting type of show,
it’s serious theatre. Guys, Cats is, “now and forever” it’s
not going anywhere. Yeah, I’m sure it will tour on a SETA tier
6, but I want it to stay here! No, “now and forever” is the legacy of
Cats, its imprint is on our hearts. Look we have two more weeks to see it, let’s
just play the lottery every day. Happy Broadway Holidays to us! How am I ever gonna love a show as much as
Cats?! Ohmigod! Look! That’s weird, why are there Cats here? Am I drunk? Are we drunk? Oh hey! Excuse me, Mister Cat
Holy balls, are you The Rum Tum Tugger? I’m your number one fan. Zombie cats! Ahhhh! Let’s get out of here! It’s close to midnight
Something evil’s lurking from the dark Under the moonlight
You see a sight that almost stops your heart You try to scream
But terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze As horror looks you right between your eyes
You’re paralyzed Aren’t I cute? My show is closing, wanna take me home? Angels in America is taking over our litterbox! We need a JOB! You hear the cats call and realize there’s
nowhere left to run You feel the cold paws and wonder if you’ll
ever see the sun You close your eyes
And hope that this is just imagination Girl but all the while
You feel a kitty creeping up behind You’re out of time
‘Cause this is thriller Jellicle night
And no one’s gonna save you From the cats about to strike
You know it’s thriller Jellicle night
You’re fighting for your life Inside a scary Jellicle tonight
Night kitty’s call and the dead start to walk in their masquerade
There’s no escaping the jaws of the feline this time
They’re open wide This is the Jellicle’s night, night
Darkness fills the land with awe. The midnight hour is close at paw. Kittys crawl in search of work,
To terrorize and go berserk. And whomsoever shall be found,
Without the soul for getting down, Must stand and face the Cats of hell,
And rot inside a feline shell. The feline stench is in your nose,
The funk of forty thousand shows, And killer Cats from every age
Are closing in to seal the stage. As Broadway fights to stay alive
All shows will start to shiver For no mere mortal can resist
What unemployed Cats deliver!!! Mwuahahahahahahaha
We’re Cats!

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