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Building a Scalable CSR Program with Blackbaud

Building a Scalable CSR Program with Blackbaud

(upbeat music) – In my role at Berkshire Bank, I lead Corporate Responsibility which includes a variety of programs that help us be a
better, stronger business and help us be a better,
strong community partner. When I look at measuring
the success of our program, I think about the people that we’re impacting in the community. So we set a goal in 2018
to impact a million people with our volunteer work
and we achieved that. A million lives that were changed because of our employees
volunteer efforts. Because they rolled up their sleeves and taught financial
education classes to kids, first time home buyer classes to adults that were trying to realize
the dream of home ownership. Or building homes with
Habitat for Humanity. Or even going and volunteering
at the local animal shelters. I think about those moments that really help define our
brand and define who we are. When we first started
building these programs, we were using a home built database system to manage and track all of our data. And that process became burdensome as we continued to grow as a business. The technology has helped us grow our Corporate
Responsibility programs. It really transformed our operations and improved the integrity
and amount of data that we’re able to collect. It allows us to leverage our
resources and our staff time to focus on operations
and focus on strategy and focus on executing
on that strategy versus spending time doing administrative
work in our systems. Having a technology platform in place that improves efficiency,
streamlines our operations has been critical to our success. (upbeat music)

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