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Business Connexions charity golf day

Business Connexions charity golf day

I’m here today because I’m a member of the Business Connexions networking group and have been for about nine months now. They’re a group of business people who meet every Thursday morning in a really informal and friendly setting, and discuss some of the challenges and opportunities inherent in being a small business owner or leader. We’re here today as part of commitment to Wycombe Homeless Connections, a charity that we’ve supported for a couple of years and what they do is really essential they are a community charitable support group and they help homeless people rebuild their lives. I joined Business Connexions about
five years ago and quite simply I’m a member because I really like coming and having a conversation with people once a week that have nothing to do with my business directly, but are interested in me as a person and as a business person. I think that charity starts locally and for us as Business Connexions members to me it’s one of the cornerstones of what we do as a group of people as an organisation if you like. Putting something back into the community being involved locally in charity is something close to my heart. I’m here today to support a very
important local charity – Wycombe Homeless. And also to support local businesses. I’m not a great golfer but it’s about the day. Hopefully we’re going to raise lots of money for a really worth cause.

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