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Your ancestors called it magic, and you
call it science. Well, from where I come from they’re one in the same. Hey guys, I’m the Hacksmith, and as you
know on our channel we take fictional ideas from comics movies and video games
and make real working prototypes. We’ve made Captain America’s electromagnet
shield, Batman’s grappling hook gun, Reinhardt’s
rocket hammer and we’ve even made the plasma rifle from Mass Effect, as well
working on Zarya’s particle cannon. And today we’re gonna catch lightning
with Thor’s hammer and to help us do that we’re here with
Aron’s and Applied Tesla Technology and his company makes massive Tesla coils
Aron: Yeah so chances are if you’ve seen a Tesla coil before whether it’s a museum,
a television show, or a movie it’s been one of ours. We were in Metallica’s 3D
movie, we’ve got some in huge museums Ontario Science Center Museum of Science
and Industry, Technorama even over in Sweden and we just did the white rabbit
project had a great time with that so lighting this thing up with lightning
no problem James: Awesome. Alright so tell me a bit about the Tesla coil we’re gonna
be using to catch lightning with Thor’s hammer. So today we’re using the model 3
MTC, alright, we have really small Tesla coils like this 1/2 MTC you see
behind you all the way up to the 3 MTC out there and we can go even bigger with
custom sizes, but these are our standard rental models, so we’re gonna make some
pretty big arcs with this too. We’ve modified it for you guys so that it’s
gonna run at about 30 kilowatts and it’s gonna make an arc about 20 feet long, so
it’s the most power we can process through the system. This is going to max out the main
service we have here in the shop Kevin you want to grab that piece of
aluminum pipe *yeah* James: Alright what’s that for? We’re gonna call that James and hit it with the coil real quick. James: Won’t that catch on fire? No damage really. Smells good though. Yeah you can smell it really badly. By the power of Thor, light me up
Aron: Not yet, I think we probably need to test this. Safety you know. I now take from you, your power! Alright, so that’s probably one of the
coolest things I’ve ever seen but Thor hangs on to his hammer can I do that?
Aron: Yes, you just need one these. James: What is that? Aron: This is a chainmail suit so we use these in our live performances to guide the current through the suit, instead of your body
James: And will I feel anything if I’m wearing this? Aron: Probably not but you could feel a
little tingle if you get too sweaty. James: Good enough for me Can I put my arms in after my head? Aron: Yes Ian: Is that the way to do it? Aron: That is the way to do it. James: Alright, I think I need to be zipped up. *zapping noises* James: Dude that’s freaking awesome! I feel like
I’m probably the only person who’s ever actually called real lightning to
Mjolnir this is sweet Aron: It’s crazy right? James: Alright so I also brought a Captain America shield
is there any way that I could throw lightning from the hammer through the
shield Aron: Yeah we just got to get you on a big
insulated platform we’ll arc to you and then you just throw it right at the
shield James: That’s awesome let’s do it! Aron: Okay ready for power you’re mostly safe
just don’t walk off. Thor: Your power is impressive for a
mortal stand down now before anyone is hurt and you may yet walk away from this. Captain America: Is this a test? *metal music and lightning* Captain America: It seems to run on some form of electricity. *more metal music and lightning* Well, hope you guys enjoyed that video.
We had so much fun making it, it was probably the most fun business trip
we’ve ever had. A huge thank you goes out to the Applied Tesla team, we couldn’t
have done this video without you guys. If you guys want to learn more about Tesla
coils check out their YouTube channel you can click on that link right there
or watch our other video on it, down there. As you know we’re building a whole
bunch of different Thor’s hammers for Thor Ragnarok, so make sure you check out
the other ones on this video down here. Thanks for watching and hope you guys… *trails off* And make sure you’re subscribed!

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