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Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser Ideas: Discover Fundraiser Ideas that Work…

Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser Ideas: Discover Fundraiser Ideas that Work…

Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser Ideas
consulting thank you very much for joining aren’t speaking today i’d like to discuss importance solution orix supplemental fundraising for your
cheaper compass uh… this goes really well uh… in the supplementing the
membership model that was chambers he’s already and this particular model of the aids then marketing deal platform endorsed by it but local chamber of
commerce supports their membership business and basically what this until gates users who are members of your chamber basically scripts uh… a special deal
for both of customers uh… the minimum thirty five percent
office select business absurd products palm that that particular local business
specializes in it and once they cut a deal goes then promoted by the chamber the chambers network
chambers members as well as of course that this is home are consulting network is well and
delete platform network which is the appeals they have social networks available to
be so Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser Ideas potentially can reach many many people and you can get by rope equity so what’s in it for the chamber how do you jerry from the start of uh… activity basically two percent every single say well that that she was involved with
persistent wit within their membership community a
business will receive two percent of every sale and it doesn’t sound like a lot but that
really can add up soumya several hundred business leaders humor and particularly at least fifty u deals per month that are reaching a accused audience
that ur and sharing sharing these deals then the that monica quite quickly and is rim rethink doesn’t take very and there’s definite no cost to it’s not
just sharing this you’ll being whipped and he stabs networks and
then having to get back to come so how does this work so how to get with this process i would learn a little
bit more very simple please browse to you fundraising ideas dot free money gift
dot com no free lunch the other billions and who
Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser Ideas educational products that on that site that’ll teach you up to speed with what
uh… and you don’t really like the deal it’s it what you can tell is really quite straightforward and once you’re comfortable if we give
us a call at one eight eight eight the mannheim seven three four one and we can set out uh… but conference the phone
conference or or meet up depending upon the kitchen brackets and jackie in an ad schedule
exactly what i get your campaign box how did it start
its recovery difficult and we will look forward to working with
you aunt optimizing your supplemental revenue stream from pediatric martin
gets this is what we specialize in and you really d look forward to talking
about Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser Ideas

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