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Charity, Distress & Sob Story Scam – Episode 44

Charity, Distress & Sob Story Scam – Episode 44

Safety Scouts Advice: Charity, Distress, and Sob Story Scam Scenario: A stranger approaches you, pretending to be someone in dire need: an artist, a student, a monk, a neighbour locked outside, a stranded traveler, a disabled or injured person or the parent of a sick child. He asks you to make a donation or a purchase to help with the school, fundraising, the hospital bill, pay for parking, gas, food, medicines or milk powder for the baby, etc. He or his accomplice can also use the distraction to steal from you. Advice: Beware of strangers telling fake sob stories, especially if they are asking you for money. Script & Animation: Christophe Gadenne

  • There are people like that in Berlin (usually muslim) who ask people if they speak English. They hand these sob stories on cards and ask for a donation. I was a victim on this scam (only gave money because one of them was a kid), and what a mistake I regretted, because they have accomplices who will approach you too.
    I wish I was more resilient at the time, but these days I pretend that I don't speak English.

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