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Charity Donations | HeliBacon Texas Helicopter Hog Hunting

Charity Donations | HeliBacon Texas Helicopter Hog Hunting

yeah so Helibacon does helicopter hog
hunting and you know we are passionate about aviation and having awesome
lifetime memorable experiences for our clients. And since we founded Helibacon in 2012, we have had tremendous opportunities to partner with hundreds
of charities all over the nation and even international organizations. We
worked with schools and medical causes and like, wounded warrior and veteran
programs we’ve worked with you know Make A Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, it goes on and on and on. The feedback from the charities
has been really positive, they you know they report that it was
easy to auction, the crowd is excited about it and then you know when they see the item, they love it when they’re getting into a bidding war and the item
goes up and there’s energy in the room and they finally get a
winning bidder. And I know it’s successful because some of these
fundraisers reach back out to us you know the second and third and fourth
year in a row and like, “hey can we auction the items again? It was hugely
popular with our group and and we want to put it on the auction block again.”
That’s great news for me, because that tells me that you know this is working.
We love working with the fundraisers to raise money, we are proud of that
opportunity. We love being able to do that. When I look at the causes and the
things that we get to say yes to, we’re raising money for you know orphanages,
medical care, sometimes it’s you know people that have you know terminal
conditions, and you know like to Make A Wish Foundation, and they like the one
bucket list item that those guys want to do is come to a helicopter hog hunt. I’m like, wow you know? What what an honor on our end to participate in that with somebody.
Means that you know our little business got to really make a difference in a way
that we had no idea we would have been able to ahead of time.

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