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Charity Water On The Importance Of Storytelling

Charity Water On The Importance Of Storytelling

– My job is to travel around the world and meet the people we serve and capture stories about
the impact of clean water. (light upbeat music) So storytelling has been, I think it’s really how
the organization began, Scott, our founder,
hosted a birthday party, took the money to Northern Uganda, but coming back and sharing
the photos and GPS coordinates and being able to say, “This
is where your money went,” the response that he got was unbelievable, people didn’t remember being
at the party or contributing, let alone know that their
money would change lives. The reality is that 663 million people don’t have access to clean water, that feels like a massive number, like it’s not even a solvable problem, but it is, we’ve seen
in the past 10 years, we’ve seen the crisis go from 1.1 billion down to 800 million, down
to 748 million, now to 663 and when you look at it through that lens, it feels like we and a whole lot of other organizations
are making a huge dent. I think it’s just so much more powerful to portray the hope or the
opportunity for a young girl to become a leader in the community and rise to this amazing job, than it is to try to
exploit flies on faces or you know, make people
look like they’re powerless. In reality, it’s never
sad, there’s warm welcomes, you’re invited into people’s homes and you’re having an amazing experience, why not share that part? So it’s important to us that we focus on hope instead of guilt, we’re trying to create a sense of opportunity to change lives. So we see really hard,
scary, really sad situations and it’s important to
us that we still portray those people as real people, as heroes from little details like
shooting upward at somebody to, you know, give them a
sense of confidence and pride. Ultimately the experience
isn’t meant for me and the reaction, you know,
that we see from people, when water comes out of the
ground for the first time, that’s an experience that we need to share and make as real as possible. (light upbeat music)

  • Por que las personas , No les interesa la realidad de nuestros hermanos, les gusta la fantasia acaso, encontraran consuelo en las fantasias, deberia haber mas Likes en estos video, que nos enseñana lo abundante que que son nuestras vidas ,cuando vemos estas historias, nos recuerda dar gracias, por tantas bendiciones. que nos rodea.felicsidades, Tyler. linda labor.

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