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Chef Showdown | Season 5 Finale | Topgolf

(Intense percussion music) – I am very excited to introduce to you, award-winning chef, Aarón Sánchez. – I’m excited to see what you guys can do. – The finals starts right now. – [Kreg] Coming through, hot hot. – It’s gonna be rubbery,
it’s gonna be gray. – [Tim] It’s time crunch right now! – [Scott] He’s gotta get this stuff going. – [Seve] He’s running out of time. – [Scott] It’s gotta go. – [Charles] I know if I serve
raw steak to the judges, I’m done for. – This is a whole other level. (swing band music) – Over the past four weeks,
a team of familiar faces rolled the dice for a
chance at redemption. Now, four chefs are still
standing in Sin City. Who’ll hit the jackpot as
our season five champion with their dish on
Topgolf’s menu nation-wide. Welcome to the finals of
Topgolf’s Chef Showdown, Las Vegas. Let’s meet our finalists. – I feel great making it to
the finale for the second time. We have really good
competition in this finale, I know I can’t sleep
on any of these chefs. – This is now gonna be my second
final of the Chef Showdown, I wanna give the judges something that’s gonna make the menu. I would have been pretty
devastated had I not made it to the finals. – Second time being
here, from season four. The most recent season, so
I know what’s coming my way. My nerves are on edge, very
eager to get into the kitchen and see what happens. – And I’m the only
competitor in the finals that hasn’t been here before. I’m excited, but I’m a
little nervous as well. I know we’re gonna be
bumping around back there, but we’re a lot of good
chefs and I’m confident we can move in the kitchen. I’m ready to get cooking. – [Scott] Before our chefs
meet in the main event, they battled on the tee line
in a classic golf challenge at Topgolf Las Vegas. – You wanna start taking
notes or something? – [Nicole] Good one, Tim. – [Scott] And with a dominating score, Chef Charles took first place. Chefs, come on over here. You’ve made it to the high-roller table. The Chef Showdown Las Vegas finale. Congratulations. I’m very excited to introduce
to you our guest judge today. Award-winning chef, TV
personality, cookbook author, and someone I’m sure has never gotten in trouble in Las Vegas. My good friend Chef Aaron Sanchez. – Heard nothing but great
things about all of you. – [Charles] To know what
a caliber chef he is, it’s a little nerve-racking knowing that’s he gonna be judging our food. – I’m excited to see what you guys can do. – [Scott] As some of you
have been here before, but none of you have been named The Champ. And that is gonna change today. As you all know, the
chef who wins the finale will get their dish on
Topgolf’s menu nation-wide. For this final challenge, in
your chance at redemption, Topgolf’s looking for
an extremely creative and wonderfully delicious sandwich inside. And like any good sandwich,
it’ll need an appropriate name. And we’ve dealt you some
Las Vegas-themed options. Just over there. When the clock starts, in the order you ranked
in your golf challenge, you’ll run over and claim your name. Unfortunately Nicole,
since you came in last, when it’s finally your turn, you’ll be limited on your choices. Thirty minutes to make
us a sandwich and a side that’s so sinfully good,
it makes Las Vegas blush. Your final round, chefs, starts right now. – [Tim] Come on, guys. – [Nicole] I’m looking
at the names on the list, definitely “Press Your
Luck” is standing out to me. – [Charles] I know
immediately I wanna grab “Press Your Luck.” – [Kreg] I’m happy, I
run right over there, and sign my name right
next to “The High Roller.” – I’m just gonna pick
whatever name’s left, and make that sandwich rock. I ended up with “The Pit Boss.” – [Nicole] So, I had to
go with “The Night Club.” I’m just gonna hope for the best. – [Scott] So Charles has
the “Press Your Luck.” – Panini, maybe. – Press your luck, like a
nice panini or Cuban sandwich. – Yeah. – I’m gonna make a pressed
mushroom steak sandwich with a roasted zucchini and tomato side. – Mushroom, steak, we know
that’s a perfect pairing, it’s kinda like you and I
when we go out to a club. (Scott laughing) – [Charles] The first thing
I do is start to marinate it. Dijon mustard, thyme, soy
sauce, and a little Sriracha. The flavors are gonna be great. – [Scott] How you guys doing? Everyone got their idea? – [Charles] Yes, sir. – [Nicole] Yep. – [Scott] Kreg is the High Roller. – [Seve] High Roller. – Wow, does that indicate
he wants something a little bit lavish, something
a little bit more high end? – [Kreg] I’m thinking
something that’s gonna be real filling, deep bold
flavors, a little bit more edgy. I’m gonna do a chicken Parmesan BLT. And a nice sweetened potato chip. – That’s a lot going on. – [Kreg] The first thing I do is, get the bacon on a sheet
tray and then I go ahead and throw that into the oven. – Think about all the work you have to do. You have to bread the
chicken, you have to fry it. – [Seve] Yeah. – You have to make a tomato sauce. – I put all those seasonings
into my breading mixture just to add some flavor to the chicken. I got a little mess here. Is anybody using this fryer here? – [Tim] No sir. – Get it into the fryer, I
know it’s gonna take some time. – So Nicole has “The Night Club.” Traditionally a club
sandwich, you want layers. – You want layers, yeah. – [Scott] I mean who doesn’t
love a great club sandwich? – [Aaron] That’s my go-to. Either at brunch, or late
night in my hotel room. Always money. – Same. – When I think of a sandwich
called “The Night Club” I think of something easy
to eat, that’s light, and not gonna sit too heavy. I’m gonna make a shrimp pita. Charred pineapple salsa,
and broccoli slaw. – So it looks like she’s doing
some kind of a shrimp pita. – [Aaron] Interesting. – To make my shrimp, I start
with some garlic and shallots, smoked paprika and coriander. I start cooking them
and then I realize that I forgot to peel my shrimp. So I’m peeling them as I’m
throwing them into the pan. This is definitely taking
up some of my time. – I hope she can make it happen. – I’m really worried
about overcooking them, ’cause no one likes rubbery
shrimp, so I’m gonna undercook them slightly. – [Aaron] Pit Boss! What is señor Tim doing? – [Seve] Pit Boss! – When I think Pit, I think
barbecue, I think sausage. I’m making a sweet Italian
sausage with apricot jam, on a pretzel hoagie. With a broccoli apple salad. I get my pin on the range,
add my sausage to it, get it seared on both sides
and then throw it in the oven. – [Seve] Is that a spicy sausage? – It is a sweet sausage. – Sweet sausage. – [Scott] Chefs, you are at 20 minutes! – You think about the idea of a sandwich, and it’s something that’s so nostalgic and it really registers with memories. And it’s something that everybody loves. – [Scott] And Seve isn’t
just asking these chefs to appeal to their sense of nostalgia, but also elevate it simultaneously. – Absolutely. – [Scott] With the side. – Yep, so there’s a lot of
pressure on these cooks. – There is a lot, there is a lot. – [Charles] I grab the portobello mushroom from my pressed sandwich,
and I slice it and grill it just like you would a steak. – He sliced them cross-wise. – [Aaron And Seve] Yes. – So they’re nice and thin. Very smart, very smart approach. – And then I make my Dijon
aioli, I’ve got some garlic, I’ve got a little bit
of thyme, some Sriracha. I know it’s gonna give a good
creaminess to that sandwich. – [Kreg] To make the sauce
for my Chicken Parmesan, I slice up some garlic, yellow onion. Once it begins to sweat, I
add in my diced up tomatoes. – You know, you take that raw acidity out of the tomato sauce by cooking it. – Normally if I’m making a tomato sauce, I would let it cook for at least an hour or a real slow simmer. But I’m just trying to get as
much flavor as I can into it with the time that I have. How you doin’, Tim? – [Tim] Good bud, how you doin’? – Doin’ good. – [Tim] To make my apricot jam aioli for my sausage sandwich,
I add the apricot jam into the mayonnaise,
and emulsify it by hand. I’m really not worried
about the sweetness because there’s a lot of savoriness to it as well. – [Scott] Nicole has a
pineapple on her station. Interesting. – To make the salsa that I’m
gonna put on top of my shrimp, I start with some grilled
pineapple and jalapeno. The flavors in my salsa, I feel like really complement the shrimp. And I think they’re gonna
balance together really well. Doing good! – [Scott] Chefs, you are at
15 minutes and 30 seconds. – [Kreg] You got garlic powder? – [Charles] Yeah, you need it? – Yes, please! – Heard. The energy in the kitchen
is definitely intense. We’re all very experienced though, so it’s like one motion really. Garlic powder? – Chef, it’s on your station. – Thank you. – Everybody’s sharing,
everybody’s saying “behind you” asking where stuff is. Nicole, you using this mayonnaise? – It’s his. – Tim, it’s down here
if you need it again. – We were dancing together pretty well. – [Nicole] Can I use your mustard, man? – Yes, sir, ma’am. (Nicole chuckling) – Sorry. (judges laughing) – [Charles] For my side dish, I’m gonna char some cherry
tomatoes and roast some zucchini. – Mmm, nice and light. – [Scott] Nice classic combination, protein, starch, veg. It’s like you would at a steak house. – [Kreg] Got some potato chips workin’ on, just gonna do a little salt
pepper, a little dill on ’em. That’s gonna be my side. I slice my potato chips
real nice and thin. ‘Cause I know those
are gonna cook in time. I feel like a potato chip,
when it’s done right, it’s a very nice side. It’s completely different
than everyone else. – Did you use all the mayonnaise? – No, it’s right here. – For my side dish, I’m
making a broccoli slaw with red pepper radishes and a
citrus and Dijon dressing. I want the broccoli nice and thin so it absorbs that dressing and
it’s a little easier to eat. – I am going to do a little
broccoli apple salad. – [Nicole] Oh (beep). I do hear Tim and I guess
he is also using broccoli as his side dish, which
concerns me a little. – [Tim] I make the slaw
dressing, which consists of apple cider vinegar, chopped
tarragon, and mayonnaise. And then I do my diced apples. – One thing that concerns me about that is I saw golf ball sized broccoli. – [Aaron And Steve] Yes. – [Seve] I’m not gonna
put something that large in my mouth. – That’s exactly what Nicole did, she shaved that broccoli nice and thin. – My grandma’s recipe has larger florets, so I’m gonna put the
larger florets in my salad. – [Aaron] All right chefs,
we’re at 10 minutes guys, all right? Let’s get it in gear. – The ciabatta bread has
got a phenomenal texture and after you press it, it
will really hold that crunch. So I add the raw steak, add
the portobello mushroom, add the cheese, and press
this thing together. I add a little bit of
butter and mayonnaise to the top of it, and get a
good crust on the outside. – Charles took his steak and laid it raw on top of the bread. – [Seve] Yeah. – [Scott] This is the challenge. If you’re not gonna caramelize the steak, it’s gonna be rubbery, it’s gonna be gray, it’s not gonna develop the flavor that it would otherwise have. – [Charles] If I would have
tried to sear this steak, how thin it was, it would overcook. (dramatic music) – [Kreg] Right behind! I check on my bacon, for my
BLT, it still needs some time. This (beep) bacon, man. I grab some bibb lettuce,
some beef steak tomatoes. Anybody got mayo? – It’s under Nicole’s station. – Got it. And then I make my lemon aioli. – [Nicole] I lightly dress
my spinach with lime juice and salt and pepper. My spinach is going to be under my shrimp, I’m really concerned with
time ’cause I have a lot of ingredients that I have
to get on the plate. – Five minutes 15 seconds, chefs! – [Scott] It is going fast, chefs! – I started with this salad that I’m going to put on top my sausage. So I have to make my balsamic vinaigrette. I toss the baby arugula with the feta. Feta’s a very salty cheese, that’s gonna kinda balance out the sweet. – [Charles] I’m pressing my
sandwich, and I look at it and some of the ends of
the steak aren’t cooked, so I throw the whole thing in the oven. – He’s gotta get this stuff going. – [Seve] He’s running out of time. – [Scott] He’s gotta go. – I know if I serve raw steak
to the judges, I’m done for. – [Tim] Kreg, how you
feelin’ right now brother? – [Kreg] It’s time crunch right now. I put the sauce on top of my chicken, and I top it with some mozzarella. Put it into the oven, I’m
just looking for the cheese to really get nice and melty. Coming through, hot hot! – Kreg moves really fast, so I was glad I was a couple
stations down from him, I didn’t want to get
hit in the cross-fire. – [Kreg] Hot pan right here. – Nicole’s doing a very
interesting presentation. – [Nicole] I choose not
to open up the pita, and use it as a pocket for my fillings because I really want to show
off all the vibrant colors. – She’s layering down the pita and kind of doing it open-face. – I hope that they’ll eat it as a taco. – [Scott] Under two minutes, chefs! Under two! – [Tim] Time to compose my sandwich. I add my sausage, then my arugula salad. – That is a nice looking accompany. – [Charles] My sandwich
is still in the oven. – [Scott] We are running
out of time, chefs! – I know the judges are worried about it, but I know all I have to
do is put it on the plate. – [Kreg] Time is running out. I’m just focused on getting
everything on the plate. – [Judges] Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! – That’s it chefs, great job. (clapping) – So chefs, we asked you to
make a sandwich and a side. You guys worked really hard. Loved the effort. Chef Tim, what’s the name of your sandwich and what did you make for us? – I made “The Pit Boss.” It’s a sweet italian sausage
on a salted pretzel roll, with a balsamic arugula
salad, and an apricot aioli with a broccoli and apple salad. – Great combination of flavors. – You cook with a bold assertive hand. All your flavor is really there. – You know what I appreciate the most about what you’ve done here is that you’ve really treated the sausage as the catalyst for flavor here, you’ve seared the outside
of it really beautifully. I think the apricot aioli works. You know, they’re very tart
which I think is a great thing. – I like the play on the chutney
and I love the pretzel bun. – I think there is a
level of sweetness here that’s a little bit overbearing. – I agree, I do think there’s
a little residual sweetness there that isn’t necessary. I think you could have
countered it with some spice, even if it was slices of
jalapeno without the seeds put on top. – And then as far as your little side, it’s very colorful, very vibrant, but you’ve got some chunks of broccoli that are pretty large. – Yeah, it just needs a
little bit of refinement. Maybe shaving the apples a little thinner. – I think those little thoughtful touches, you’d have a grand slam. – [Seve] Absolutely. – [Scott] Really well done. – Thank you chefs. – [Judges] Thank you. – Nicole, what did you make
and what’s the name of it? – Well, I got “The Night Club.” So I wanted to do something pretty light, where you could still go out
and have some drinks and dance. So I did a open-face pita
bread, coriander shrimp, with a grilled pineapple
salsa, and broccoli slaw with a citrus dressing. – Beautiful presentation, chef. You seem to be very thoughtful. – I love the salsa, I think the
salsa’s done extremely well. I love the seasoning on
the shrimp, I love the fact that you kept it very citrusy. – The incorporation of
the spinach, the radish, I like that route that you went. – I like the cleanliness of it. – However, they’re not gonna fill this. That’s a lot of bread. So you have about half
the amount of filling I think is necessary. – And I think the shrimp
is a little underdone. – I’d rather it be a
little bit under like this, than overcooked completely. But I do agree that this
is slightly undercooked. – But your side dish of
the broccoli I think, it’s phenomenal, it’s light. – Thank you chef. – And it’s a beautiful respite
from the actual sandwich. – I love it. I could continue to eat this all day. Maybe even top it with
some toasted almonds. – When you think about
a late night sandwich, you don’t want something
that’s overly heavy, and I think you met that challenge, you did a good job at it. – Thank you chef. – All right, chef Charles,
why don’t you tell us the name of your dish and what you made? – So this sandwich is
the “Press Your Luck.” So it’s a pressed steak sandwich with portobello mushroom and
Monterey Jack cheese. And I did a charred cherry
tomato zucchini side. – This is very impressive. It’s a stroke of genius,
the idea that the portobello is mimicking the texture of the meat but in a very good way. – The flavor was good, the
mushroom came through quite nice. – Great crunchy exterior to
this bread, great fat content. – [Seve] Yes. – Your usage of mayonnaise
and butter, awesome idea. It’s such an invitation to
continue to eat this thing. – But the meat by itself, didn’t
really do anything for me. – When you don’t sear
meat, it tends to be gray and a little bit irony. – I think you easily could have omitted the steak completely,
marinated those mushrooms with the same marinade, maybe three or four more
pieces of those mushrooms. You gotta grand slam on your hands. – I like this little
side dish that you have, I don’t know if it goes
really well with the sandwich, it’s kind of like a little
side dish that you would have with maybe a grilled chicken or something. But the flavor of it’s really great. – Thank you. – This is just a fun sandwich. – Thank you. – Kreg, tell us what the
name of your sandwich is and what’d you make? – My sandwich name is “The High Roller.” It is a chicken Parmesan BLT, and I did some house-made potato chips. – You definitely went outside the box with a chicken parm BLT. Taking a classic and then
fusing that, that’s edgy. This is a whole other level. – You did a great job, like seriously. This is really good. – The cooking of the chicken is superb. – So juicy. – And the potato chips
are really delicious. – Right. – And it’s simplicity
that makes a statement. – Thank you chef. – And the idea of bringing
bacon to the party, I think was very welcome. The chicken is kind of bland,
it needs more seasoning, and thankfully that
bacon’s there giving you the salt that it needs. I think the tomato sauce, it’s a little bit monotone in flavor. – If instead of that
tomato sauce that you made, imagine these grape tomatoes
that are so delicious and sweet and they pop when you bite
into them, I want you to add them to that hot oil. – Right. – Just a nice spoonful
over the top of that chicken cutlet that you made, you gotta season that
chicken a little bit better, suddenly this thing becomes
a four star sandwich. Right? You have so many good components here, very little effort is gonna be able to take you to the
mountaintop, so to speak. – [Seve] Yeah. – Understood. – Chefs, you all really crushed it. At the end of the day, you gave us a lot of good food to eat, and I think we all appreciate
that, so thank you. – [Aaron] Well done, all of you. – Definitely have a lot to think about. Thank you, well done. – Are you guys happy with what you did? – Yeah. Until the judging. – For the most part. – Could have done a few different things. – It’s always easy to look back and go, “Oh, I should have done this,
I would have done that.” – [Tim] Right. – First of all, chefs worked
really hard in this round. – They did. – They showed fantastic
technique across the board. – Tim gave us that great pretzel roll. Some of the notes in his
sandwich were a little bit sweet, but otherwise really good textures, really interesting ingredients. – The pretzel, the sausage, this is something that
we’re looking to introduce on our menu. He did well. – Yeah. And then there was Nicole. And Nicole gave us that flatbread pita. – Yes. – With the slightly undercooked shrimp. – But what she did put
forward was well done. – There’s definitely
some opportunity for that lighter seafood, that
person that might enjoy that with a nice glass of wine. – Charles gave us that
sandwich that had a really nice exterior crunch to it. I really liked the way he
treated the portobello mushroom. But unfortunately, he put
that raw beef inside there. – He needed to sear it and
that would have carried through all the other elements. – Omitting the meat, a nice
plate for a vegetarian. – Yeah. – Kreg gave us what had the
potential to be a showstopper. Chicken parm BLT. – He needed to kind of turn the volume up on all of the components,
and I think there he would have had a
sandwich beyond reproach. – We have various
chicken dishes right now, but maybe the next best BLT. I think what we need to
do here is discuss what would be best for our menu, and what our guests are asking us for. – With a few tweaks here and there Seve, you could have the next
great sandwich on your menu. – Absolutely. – It’s pretty much a coin toss. I think all four sandwiches look great. – It was phenomenal working with everyone, and this was a great experience
to share with you guys. – Yeah. – Absolutely. – Agreed, let’s do it. – Group hug! – Let’s do it. – Chefs, all of you have
competed here before, and any one of the dishes
could have been chosen. – Absolutely. We’re looking for that next big sandwich. The decision comes down
to what’s on the menu, what’s been on the menu, and
what our guests are asking for. And it was a tough call. – That being said, we have
chosen the chef whose dish will go on the Topgolf menu. The winner of Topgolf Chef
Showdown Las Vegas is… (dramatic music) Chef Tim. Congratulations chef, great job. (clapping) – [Nicole] Good job, Tim. – [Tim] Redemption season,
a lot of talent this season. Oh, get in there. It’s just an honor to be
surrounded by such great chefs. Look at that bad boy! (contestants cheering) A lot of stiff competition,
from the first round to the last round, could
have gone either way. And just came up on top. – Fantastic job. – Good job. – Looks good. – Well done. – [Tim] I feel very humbled. – This season’s winning dish,
we did some re-engineering, made some modifications to
make sure that we provided a shareable dish that was
perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re coming in
and hitting some balls, watching the game, or you
just wanna skip out on cooking dinner yourself. One of them is a pimento cheese,
one is a cheeseburger dog, and the other one is a loaded hot dog. And that’s your Triple Dog Dare. Available at any Topgolf near you. – You want more Topgolf Chef Showdown? Hit subscribe now.

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