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Chief’s Week – 4th December 2018 – Festive Crime & Fundraising For A Poorly Colleague

Hello. Simon Cole – Chief Constable
Leicestershire Police. Time for the weekly vlog. As ever, lots going on but
particularly, and you’ll have noticed the Christmassy theme, we’ve launched our
Christmas campaign trying to reduce violent crime and working around ‘Don’t end up with more than a hangover,’ which is very useful advice for
life, from my experience. Looking at burglary and making sure that we put
lights on when we’re out and take some simple security precautions and perhaps
don’t put all of those presents under the tree on day one and similarly with
theft from motor vehicles because we do find that people out doing their Christmas
shopping sometimes load up their car and leave things visible and suddenly there
are some folk who would take those away, so Christmas and crime campaign is
ongoing and up and running and please if you could join him with that that would
be grand. Also this week, we’re looking forward to welcoming Baroness Newlove
who’s the Victims Commissioner and myself and the Police & Crime
Commissioner will be talking with her about the work we do to support victims
all across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and that’s quite an important
visit for us and I know she tries to get round and visit all the forces in the
country and lastly, but not by no means least, I’m about to do something that I
wouldn’t normally do it lacks decorum possibly, but our
colleague Emma is really poorly. Along the ticker-tape at the bottom is a Just
Giving address, if you feel able to donate and if you’re within the force,
there is going to be an Elf Run. I’m assured that more of you will do the Elf
Run on the 13th of December, to raise money for Emma, if I do this. An official
elf run hat. Please try and join in on 13th, Emma’s pretty poorly, let’s try and
help her. Thank you.

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