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Chillin’ on Gould – Ryerson United Way campaign

Chillin’ on Gould – Ryerson United Way campaign

I’m here today serving chilli for Chillin’
on Gould, which is the University’s initiative to raise funds and raise awareness for the
United Way campaign this year. This is a really exciting thing for me. The
fact that we have a really broad community food event is right up my alley. So I’m thrilled
that we have chefs that have come from all around the city to cook their beautiful chilli
and serve it on this campus. We climbed the CN Tower to raise money for
the United Way. And just to prove that we actually did it, here’s my t-shirt, see? My
CN Tower t-shirt, with my time! Every year I make a contribution to the United
Way, and suggested to them that any way they wanted to make a contribution, I would make
a matching contribution. I was calling it “Spend the Dean’s Money event”. So, it was
good fun. United Way is a charity of charities. And
the opportunity that we all have to give a bit back to those that have less than us is
both a privilege on our part but a responsibility. What I truly love about the United Way is
that they support all these charities within our community and they help a lot of people.
So, I think that it’s really important to give to them. You know your money is going
to a good cause, they vet everybody, they check everybody. And you know that your money
is actually going to the place that it should go to. One, I believe in what the United Way is doing
for all of Toronto. And they do marvelous things for all the agencies around Toronto.
And we have a few agencies that belong with part to Ryerson that are also part of United
Way. Well, it’s always nice to be able to give
back. I think that, as a business owner in the community, the community helps to support
us and it’s really nice to be able to give something back and be able to support the
community. Ryerson has a commitment to being an integral
part of the city and the society and everything we do is about performing for the society.
And so, we want the good of all, the good of all people. And the United Way is a great
agency for us to partner with to do good for a lot of people that need good. It’s our commitment
to our society. Part of Ryerson’s vision is to open up its’
doors to the community. And I feel that this is a unique way for creating a community on
the campus. I love the United Way. I think it’s a great

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