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Christine Benero with Mile High United Way Helps Kaiser Permanente Celebrate 50 Years in Colorado

Christine Benero with Mile High United Way Helps Kaiser Permanente Celebrate 50 Years in Colorado

(lighthearted music) – [Christine Benero, President and CEO,
Mile High United Way]
Mile High United Way and Kaiser Permanente have had a relationship for 25 years. 25 years we have partnered together to do what you all do best,
make communities thrive. So not only do we partner
together to take care of community members, we have been partners for over a decade in taking care of our
own employees as well. It is critical to the
success of our business to have this kind of partnership because our biggest asset is our people. The amazing thing about the partnership with Kaiser Permanente
and Mile High United Way as an employer is that it is
a true year round partnership around the health of our employees. It’s not just oh, when
you’re not feeling well, or, “Oh my gosh there’s an emergency.” But you all help us think year round of how to stay healthy. The tips you provide our employees, the workshops that are available to us really has helped create
a culture of health and of wellness and
prevention which we know doing the work that we do
is critical in a community. So, it’s not only our bodies. In all honesty, it’s our
spirits and it’s our souls of how we work together. And having a partner
like Kaiser Permanente helps us think holistically, and that is the greatest gift that I believe Mile High United Way can give to the community. We went to New Heights 25 years ago when Kaiser Permanente came and joined us. So, I’m looking forward
to a very long legacy and a very long
partnership because I think that’s who we are as Coloradans, and I know that’s who Kaiser
Permanente is as well. Congratulations Kaiser
Permanente Colorado, thanks for keeping Colorado
and me healthy for 50 years and here’s to 50 more years
of keeping us all thriving.

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