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Chronicles of Elyria MMORPG (0.5.X News Update) 8/25/19 – ⚜Combat Footage, Pre-Alpha, Domain Maps

What’s up folks, my name is Ser Medieval and
today we’ll be going into some news dedicated specifically to Chronicles of Elyria. Over
the past few months there has been a lot of anticipation in regards to their Domain & Settlement
Selection and during that time Soulbound Studios has provided us all with
some very cool details of their pre-elyria client progress alongside some lore and
community information. Whether it’s our occasional dose of Shiny
thread on the forums packed with information about the game
and it’s mechanics, updates to the Domain & Settlement Seleciton thread that they provide,
or even the developer journals, SBS has been amazing at providing updates
regarding the game the past few months and I’m sure that everyone is extremely
grateful. Especially because these days we’re lucky
to get any sort of communication at all, too often that communication aspect
is neglected and you may not get more than a newsletter or two every few months, if even
that. But kicking it off today with some cool news,
recently Snipehunter provided us with a thread called “Sometimes all it takes to
shine is a little polish” and in this thread he goes into how his favorite thing coming
from the week is all the polish work going into the combat system. Their focus thus far has been around applying
things like Visual Special Effects and audio cues to the combat experience
to both “liven it up” and to ensure we know what to expect when we press our attack buttons. As we can see in the footage we get a glimpse
of the action based combat in it’s early stages, which is looking very good so far. They’ve provided a bit of impact to it with
the slight screenshake mechanic and even showcase the different swings and
thrusts will have access to with a sword, also including some unarmed combat action. Also I just wanted to make this clear right
now, to whomever designed the sword to sit behind the character’s back like that, I love
you so much for doing that. In Chronicles
of Elyria my main focus will be on the crafting system, I’m a smith by trade but will be delving
into all manners of metalwork, but I wont deny that if and when the opportunity
arises to wield a sword, I’ll 100% be ready to take it. Not a lot of developers seem
to go that route of weapon animations and when it comes to MMOs and some RPGs it is
disappointing because I don’t know about everyone else but I personally have always
loved it. Also for those of you out there that don’t
know that much about Chronicles yet I highly recommend taking a look at information
regarding their death system, for instance when we see this character
ragdoll in the footage that more than likely placed the character in the “knockout state”. But that merely would incapacitate
them, if the attacking character were to do a finishing move however, the former would
lose a portion of their spark of life. I’ll leave a link to the Chronicles discord
in the description below. We also get some footage of walking around
in their pre-alpha dungeon, so far it seems to be a bit of a showcase of how
they design the interior. Dungeons are also something that will be a
part of Chronicles of Elyria, with the release of Domain
& Settlement Selection maps which we’ll go into in a second here, we’re able to see how
abundant caves will be in our chosen settlements. What lay inside them is still to be determined,
but I would imagine that some may look similar to this, and
that they will definitely contain ore. I’m personally looking forward to some more
footage regarding the crafting system and perhaps a look at combat in a small
skirmish scale or NPC interaction whether it’s with bandits or merchant travelers out
in the world. There’s so much to hope
for when it comes to the world of Chronicles, I can’t wait to see it. As for a quick note they’ve also recently
released a limited time event for County Upgrades. If you’re an existing owner of the
Mayor title you’re able to for a limited time turn it into a Count or Countess one. It’s important to note that this only upgrades
the title and does not give additional pledge package rewards, also if you do own a mayor’s
title the price of this upgrade will be around 375$ in USD. Something I wouldn’t personally be able to
go for but I’m also perfectly content with what I will
have for the settlement we’ll be picking and where we’ll be living. Speaking of which, the final and biggest update
of the week is of course that we have finally got our hands on the Domain
& Settlement Selection Map. On the 19th they’ve revealed the map but in
it’s more detailed version showing all the different resources, professions, and
populations we would have in the world at a settlement level all the way to the kingdom
itself. With this information all
of the kingdoms now have the opportunity to plan and predict how they would like to proceed,
and what we might expect going into the testing phases and launch of the
game. At the moment we’re not yet able to claim
the duchies, counties, or settlements as that part of Domain selection is still
being worked on, but we’ll hopefully be getting a date for that in the next few weeks. Between the last time the monarchs picked
and now it’s been a few months time so a lot of people are dying for the opportunity
to pick their favored locations of control. We also found out more about the biomes specifically
that we’d have land in, including the fact that for instance – The Hrothi based
lands in the Alpine Tundra will have a shortage of trees. Not completely devoid of them
however, there will still be what’s classified as Micro-Biomes that will have that resource
for use, however in those lands it’ll be much more sparse compared to somewhere
like the Forests & Grasslands. And on the other side of that spectrum in
the other biomes, although they will have a surplus
of wood, there will also be an overall short amount in comparison for stone. This
is used as a method of promoting trade between the lands to ensure that the map feels more
of an expanding world. And although there was some disdain at the
fact that certain biomes may not have a surplus of resource they expected, be
sure to remember that this will also be subject to change and because we don’t know exactly
what resources will be where in the map itself, it’s too early to get a good
idea of how exactly all of this is going to work. Case in point one of the main professions
of the settlement I’ll be running will be a blacksmith, and I plan to produce a lot
of weapons, armor, and much more for the kingdom but what I was concerned with is if
I would need wood to conduct my job in-game and how important it would be. But as I understand it there will be mechanics
in place to assist with that, specifically those microbiomes mentioned earlier
and of course, trade. So I think overall we’ll be just fine but
again, we’ll have to wait and see. In terms of news that is all that we have
for today but I will say that if you have ever been interested or already have
a package in chronicles of elyria but have not had the chance of joining a community
for it, I can highly recommend it. The game itself will still have a long way
to go before full launch, but it’s great to see the progress they’re making and follow
alongside it at the same time, if you’re in need of a community and happen to be on the
North American West server I’d love to extend an invitation to the Ashland kingdom. Over the past 3 years of supporting and following
the game I’ve had the opportunity of meeting and interacting with them and at
this point I couldn’t see myself going in-game under anyone else but this community. I hope that over time the same kind of community
bonds will build for you all for whichever you choose. If you’re a crafter,
hunter, gatherer, fighter, adventurer, etc… Come check out the community sometime, I’ll
leave a link in the description below for the discord communities I’m apart of in
Chronicles. The County of Thedris is the one I’m apart
of which rests in the duchy of Fioralba which are both filled with awesome
people especially including our leadership. Would love for you all to meet them. And with that folks that is all the news we
have for today, within the next few weeks we may be getting more information about
Chronicles of Elyria’s kickstarter-versy event so be sure to stay tuned for that. Thank you all very much for joining and I
hope you have a good night or day, and farewell.

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