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Church Fundraising Idea

Church Fundraising Idea

If your church is seeking a better way to
raise significant funds beyond candles, cookie dough or scratch cards, Fundraising power
has a unique solution. Our programs provide high margins, while helping
your congregation and donors save money on a product everyone needs, uses and wants. Household Batteries. Our most popular battery assortment pack comes
custom branded with your church logo and images of your choice in a convenient waterproof
box. Americans use over 3 billion batteries per
year in flashlights, toys, cameras, remotes, and more. Our branded assortment packs provide over
$62 worth of batteries at a fraction of the cost of retail. Because we are the manufacturer, not a reseller,
your margins remain high. Our Lucas brand batteries carry an amazing
10 year shelf life guarantee and have been proven in tests to meet or exceed the performance
of of all the big names. Fundraising power provides your church with
a full turnkey fundraising campaign that helps maximize your opportunities. At no upfront charge to your church we provide
you with 2 fundraising initiatives – our church lobby point of sale display, as well as our
standard fundraising campaign The church fundraising display program is
set up in your lobby or high traffic area and allows your members to purchase the batteries
that they need, while saving money and helping you to raise funds. The custom branded assortment packs keeps
the church in your members minds whenever they need to reach for a battery. We provide up to 100 boxes on 30 day terms
and free shipping is included. If a church member prefers other battery configurations
not a problem we provide clamshell packs in any size battery Beyond the lobby display program our traditional
church fundraising program includes our customized fundraiser cards, again branded with your
churches name, the reason why you are raising funds, the available battery selections, a
convenient order sheet to collect donor information, and on the back are the results of our independent
battery tests so your donors can be confident in their purchase. Our fundraising cards, fundraising for churches
tips guide, up to 100 boxes of batteries for your lobby display and everything you need
to get started is included at no charge to qualified organizations. Get started with no upfront costs and don’t
pay until after your fundraiser is finished. Also included at no charge is your own online
church fundraising portal, where donors anywhere in the country can support you and have batteries
shipped directly to them. Your church can promote through email, social
media and more and your donations are credited right back to the church. In as little as 3 days we can have your cards
at your door, and helping you have an exceptional fundraise. To receive our information kit including product
pricing and fundraiser benefits please complete the form on this page.if you are not on our
page visit us at Dont forget to Follow us on Facebook and youtube
to see how Churches and Non Profits are having epic fundraisers by using CG3 Battery Fundraising.

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