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Classy Events: Powerful New Tools To Drive Fundraising Success

Classy Events: Powerful New Tools To Drive Fundraising Success

A successful event can increase awareness
and build lifetime loyalty for your mission. Whether you’re planning a gala, an annual
golf tournament, or organizing hundreds of races, you want your mission to shine
through. With the new Classy Events you now have the
power to create beautifully branded events in minutes, and they’ll look good on any
device. With the easy-to-use campaign builder you
can unleash your creative side without needing to know a single line of code. Or for those of you who are design gurus,
you can dive into the advanced designer to take your pages to the next level. Create an unlimited number of events, quickly
duplicate them, or personalize them with custom questions. Attendee management tools, and easy-to-navigate
reporting, give you the tools to be more productive. Want to drive ticket sales? Incorporate promo codes into your ticket strategy
to reach new supporters and boost sales. And,
with Classy’s open API, you can seamlessly integrate Classy into your existing tech stack. and let your data work for you. Don’t stress about any inevitable changes
to your event. You can easily make adjustments on the fly. During the registration experience, give supporters
the ability to donate once, donate monthly, or create their own individual or team fundraising
pages to immediately fundraise for your cause Nurture your supporters with automated emails
that coach, encourage, or praise them for their support. When supporters feel loved they’ll want
to share the love with their friends and family. The more love they share the more support
you get! Grow your supporter network, and manage any
sized event with confidence. From first click to event wrap up, let your
mission shine through with Classy Events.

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