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Classy Perfume Collection + How to Make Your Perfume Last

Classy Perfume Collection + How to Make Your Perfume Last

Salut, welcome to class by Deb. My name is Deb. And today I’m going to be sharing my favorite Classy scents. But before we get started make sure you hit that subscribe button down below Subscribe, join the family. Also you can hit the notification bell so that you will be notified whenever I post a new video. So, without any further ado, let’s get started In this video I’m going to Attempt to describe the scents of my favorite perfumes. I’m also going to be reading the Ingredients off of the internet just so I can give you guys an idea like what to expect Scent wise. I’m going to start out with my favorite my current favorite I picked this up recently. This is Maison Francis Kirkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 extra de parfum. My description of this scent is Let’s see It’s like seduction and power seduction and money, okay. What’s the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. I feel like This is what this smells like. I have no idea why I thought about that But when I think about the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, I think seduction power money Seduction power money this is what this scent is They have this as a regular perfume, but they also have the extrai de parfum Which is my favorite and I’m going to explain the difference between the two As I was told by the salesperson So the extrai de parfum, this one it is a lot more Concentrated and they use all natural products. That’s what I was told by the sales lady It is a lot more expensive than the regular one This one feels a lot sweeter than the regular perfume. This one umm. is meant to be Unisex when I first found out about it I was a little bit on the fence because I felt like the regular perfumes smelt a lot more masculine and my favorite kind of scent is usually sweet and mysterious sweet and dark Okay There is some sweet and mysterious sweet and darkness but I felt like the regular perfume lean towards more of a masculine Kind of scent. So the extrai de parfum It felt a lot sweeter and mysterious I’m going online to read the ingredients for you guys. Okay, guys, this is what I found online on the Francis Kurkjian website some of the notes on this perfume are Grundy phloem jasmine from Egypt What is this saffron? Bitter almond from Morocco cedar wood musky woody accord and Ambergris. So another website describes this perfume as in Emery flow of fragrance that leaves Behind a woody trail that is that my favorite perfume at the moment I wear it every day, get loads and loads of compliments whenever I walk in the place a lot of times I’m not even aware that I’m smelling like it It’s just like people are just picking me out like oh, it’s so so good. I just love it My next favorite is the black opium by YSL Absolutely. Love this. I’ve been using this one for years one of my favorites, but she has taken the backseat lately Because of my new favorite, let me try to describe this scent for you guys This is sexy dark mysterious Absolutely, absolutely. Love my Black Opium. So I’m going online to read the Claims on this. The description they have on the sephora web site is warm and spicy. That is oh Wow, I really really like that Warm and sweet gourmand, okay So the keynotes in this one are black coffee white flowers and vanilla Absolutely, absolutely. Love it On the Sephora website “about” it says Black Opium is the highly addictive feminine fragrance from in Saint Laurent fascinating and seductive intoxicating okay, the opening notes of adrenalin rich coffee in the sweet scent in the sweet sensuality Vanilla recline into the softness of white flowers for a modern young and vibrant Interpretation of addiction get yours, okay I don’t know why. I had to change my voice, but absolutely love this perfume You should definitely check this out. Also get lots of compliments whenever I wear it another favorite of mine is my Chloe my original Chloe, so I’m going to attempt to Describe this Mmm It’s very light fresh and expensive the other day one of my colleagues walked into The office and I was like what is it that you have when I totally forgot about my Chloe and she had on Chloe and I was like How can I forget about my love Chloe my original Chloe? Absolutely, absolutely. Love it. I feel like a billionaire’s wife would wear this the way it smells is saying I Don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it. But this is like billionaire’s wife vibes Absolutely. Love it Let’s see what they are saying online about this one. So on the Sephora website they are Describing this one as a free flow the keynotes in this one are jasmine and neroli When you wear this perfume it leaves this lingering smell behind which is like the Expensive smell that it leaves behind and I I came to find out that is the neroli in the perfume Because I have another one that has neroli in it, and I was like makes sense Okay, guys, I’m going to move on to another one of my favorites. This one is Bonbon by Victorian Rolf I used to be obsessed with Viktor and Rolf Wow Absolutely. Love Bonbon. So I grew up in Haiti and We have like little Merchants, is that what you call them? We go to my son in Haiti and they would sell for more like cookies when you’re a child in Haiti You want bonbon bonbon is cookie And this absolutely smells like something sweet cookies that you want to eat it is very sweet and There’s another lingering Mystery behind it but sweet it’s not fruity sweet like, um, Your high school body sprays It’s sweet, but it still has this golden sexy vibe underneath if that makes any sense at all guys so I’m going to go online and Read what they have on this one. Okay Bonbon evokes a timeless sensation Inviting a pure and absolute pursuit of pleasure She who wears Bonbon dresses herself in perfume while creating her own story she is empowered Beautiful incomplete. Oh my god. I like that So the main notes on this the key notes on this perfume are caramel Caramel caramel. I don’t know how to say it mandarin Mandarin is that how you say it mandarin? Orange blossom Wow. Okay, bonbon are delicious fragrance Created with the intent to fuel desire through a sense. So irresistible that one would deem it edible. Oh, That is so true. It is composed of sparkling effervescent Mandarin mandarin writes in orange slices crystallized into crackling pieces of caramel caramel Wrapping succulent fruits the sweetness of paradise peach Accord flirts tenderly with supple caramel notes clinging to the roundness of peaches Fleecy surface Wow, okay sun-filled jasmine is Sustained by orange blossom whose sweet flavor clings to the soft smell of camel Okay, guys, I think we’re kind of repeating the same thing here the fragrance flows Lingually across the skin as camel would generously drip over an indulgent dessert Wow, that couldn’t be more accurate guys. Okay, I’m gonna stop right here, but this is one of my favorites. Oh So good you just want to eat it. Whoever feels like it you just You just want to eat that person. Okay, that’s what I’m gonna say. So I want to move on to my next a Victorian valve Flower bomb. I used to be a flower bomb girl for a long time, but I I don’t know. Ah Okay Wow Wow, okay. So what does flower bomb smell like, how can I describe it flower bomb? Now I see why they they put bomb in it. It’s like an explosion right? It’s like Shh Flower bomb like so good. Okay. It’s like an explosion of flows. It’s a it’s very very sweet There’s no I don’t think that’s any mystery to this perfume. It’s very sweet and a bit fresh. That is really What flower bomb is I’m going to see? What they are seeing on the sofa our website for flower bomb the key notes in this perfume are Jasmine orange blossom and patchouli Let’s try to read the description an explosion of flowers Oh flower bomb opens with sorrow traces of bergamot and Mandarin Mandarin Leading to a heart of an exquisite flow explosion comprised of Samba Samba Jasmine freesia Sin, T for euros and Oh Swan tooth or Samantha’s. I don’t know Deep amber Woody and patchouli notes combined with warm vanilla and PI line notes to complete a truly addictive fragrance Yes, couldn’t be more accurate. Okay, absolutely. Love flower bomb. I need to start wearing her more often, though So I’m going into one of my favorites this is you by glossier. I Absolutely love this perfume Because it’s just in the summer time, I were a lot of red and I just feel like a spicy mamacita when I win. It’s perfume The claim on this perfume is that is supposed to work with your body chemistry this one it’s supposed to give each individual a different kind of smell when I put this on it gives me a spicy mamacita like Okay, let’s go online and see what the ingredients are for this one I feel like it has to have some kind of pepper in it because oh So good so good Okay, an ambiguous scent that’s hard to describe but easily Appreciated. Okay, that’s like the description for it and the notes in the perfume are um bread and box mas Iris root and pink pepper mixture really makes a lot of sense. Okay that pink pepper. It gives you that spicy Spicy mamacita boys, okay Absolutely. Absolutely. Love it. This is a steal guys. This is $60 and When I get this it lasts me Over a month when I’m wearing it everyday, okay Great bang for your buck if you’re on a budget Definitely check this out. You might end up loving it. The next one I have is jo Malone basil and neroli. I Really like this perfume, so I went to an event with my friend one of my friends Lori and It was like a star-studded event There were so many celebrities there and I’m like, okay, there was an actor sitting right in front of us I was really smelling the scent and I’m like, yes, probably the actor sitting in front of us, you know yes, he smells like money smells they’re rich and When we left the event thus it was still lingering around so I’m like wait a minute It’s not the actor cuz he’s not here anymore my killer is that you like I absolutely loved it and it was her and She told me that she made a mix of different Perfume and came up with that scent and she told me that One of the perfumes was Jo Malone’s base or neroli I ran two dome alone and picked it up I absolutely loved it. So sometimes I this Alone, it is very strong. Like sometimes I would walk into places and people would start sneezing. It is very strong But I feel like if you mix it with the right sweet scent. Oh this is going to be something like I’m wondering if I mix it with my Mahat. Oh That’s gonna be something. Oh my god. Okay. So let’s go online and see the Ingredients. Well, I guess the main notes are base or no Olli as it is called this oil early But let’s see what else is in here. So far is describing the scent as earthy greens and herbs definitely definitely as father white is so strong and then the key notes are basil grande ver Basil gone there neroli, and white musk this fragrance captures London at its most Fashionably young and fun flirt would also flow neroli and a delicious wink of basil Quint essentially British Always playful the scent is fresh fun and full of adventure Okay, you wouldn’t want to follow someone who has that sin? I’m telling you it leaves this little trail behind and that’s why it made sense to me when I found out that Chloe Had no only in it cuz Chloe is fresh and expensive and like very sophisticated But it also has this lingering Smell of money of rich old money behind I absolutely love it. That’s why I think Chloe the original it’s like a a billionaires wives favorite. I don’t know I’m just I’ve never met a billionaires wife, but I’m just uh Picturing her smelling like Chloe the original Chloe. The next one is Chanel number five This is absolutely not my favorite guys. I’m so sorry. It is not my favorite. I know a lot of women absolutely love this perfume It’s just no it is not me at all. Okay It smells like It’s very sophisticated Okay, very so sophisticated It is very grandma and it is also strong like very strong. I Don’t know it’s just not my favorite as you can see I’m more of a sweet mysterious kind of girl or a little bit of Light and fun that’s like my personality is light and fun, sometimes we didn’t mysterious when I’m trying to be seductive So yeah, this is just not my cup of tea, but I’m pretty sure some of you guys love Chanel number five So I’m going online to see what the nodes are. I also read Somewhere and he knows readings or listening to a story about chanel Coco Chanel and Apparently the this perfume is all Unofficial so let’s go ahead and See what’s going on? Okay, so the notes in this one are iris sandalwood Amber immigrants vanilla Yin-yang patchouli Tiare flower jasmine and orange blossom. It just sounded like She just picked up everything and just said listen I’m just going to put all of this together and that’s gonna be my scent because guess what? I’m Coco Chanel and this is what you get. Okay, I Don’t know It is, uh, it is not my cup of tea. I’m sorry guys. Don’t hate me Okay, if you love Chanel number five, please do not hate me So I’m going to share some tips with you guys for you to make the mousse or the best use out of your perfumes to Make them really stay on longer so one of the things that really attracted me to this perfume is the fact that I would spray it just once Anywhere on my body and it’ll just stay there or on my clothes. It will just stay there For days. Okay, not just one day like the next day when I do my laundry it is just there but what I used to do to make all of my other perfume stay on longer is that I would layer them with a matching lotion, I Usually love to purchase my perfumes around the holiday season because they are giving because they are usually selling like a set or something like that with the body wash and the Matching lotion and everything that way I can have the lotion I can have the body wash if you want you can start with the body wash and then Put put on the lotion and then your perfume. I usually just do the Lotion, and then the perfume it stays on all night stays on all day. Absolutely. Love it wherever I go Everyone is like oh my god Good Absolutely love doing that. So layer your perfume with the matching lotion or the matching body wash And you said something that I recently picked up? Okay that I recently learned online is Using essential oils or even Perfume oils, they sell perfume oils when I was doing my research for this video I was like, oh my god, like I can make my own perfume because I kind of have like an idea You know the different notes or you can mix it what to get more results. I’m like, oh I can do this. So I’ve been buying essential oils and also perfume oils recently. I picked up This rose oil Smells really good. So I layer my perfumes With these kind of things. So nowadays. I don’t have a matching Lotion or body wash for this one? So I would mix it sometimes with the rose oil alone or sometimes I would mix it with this Sensual lust and passion oil. This is a perfume oil It’s the sensual lust and passion. Okay when I’m trying to be seductive, this is what I do I put this on with my perfume and I also put on the prosperity this one has basil and cinnamon in it It really smells strong but for whatever reason these two together They really really complement this and people always tell me you smell you smell natural But don’t you smell like candy? I’m like, oh, yes, okay. Yes This is what this combination gives me so feel free to play around with different perfume oils essential oils It’s gonna blow your mind and you’re gonna fall in love with your perfumes They are going to make you smile the way they make me smile. You can purchase these oils online We have a store here in New York City called namaste book store. Also recently. I’ve been noticing them at Whole Foods okay, but Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it If you did give it a thumbs up subscribe share with your friends who are perfume junkies or your friends Who are looking to upgrade their set wardrobe? Um leave a comment down below let me know which one are your favorites do you use or have any of the perfumes that I showed Here or if you have anything that you think that I might like leave it in the comments and I’ll be sure to check that Out. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you very soon. Bye guys

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