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CLASSY! Putin: The United States Is A Great Country, And Russia Has Always Respected It

CLASSY! Putin: The United States Is A Great Country, And Russia Has Always Respected It

I believe that we have many interests in common with the United States. The United States is a great country, and we have always respected it. We were allies in two world wars. It is our common history, and it is a positive history. Of course, we also want to maintain cooperation with it in technology and the economy in general. However, under President Obama – I think I have mentioned this before – our trade plummeted to $20 billion. Over the first two years of President Trump’s term, it increased to $25 billion. Is this a lot or a little? Our trade with Turkey is $25 billion, and we have the same volume of trade with the United States. This is little, of course. We have common interests in the economy, not to mention energy. We have common interests in the field of international security, because Russia and the United States are the world’s largest nuclear powers. This is the case, for now. This factor must be taken into account. We are cooperating, one way or another, in the fight against terrorism, and we maintain operational interaction in Syria. The same is true about our fight against organized crime and in the field of environmental protection. Our colleague just mentioned that the United States has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. I believe that this is a mistake. But I can understand the logic behind this decision, because the previous US Administration assumed obligations regarding [carbon emission] limits that were difficult for the United States. Paris Climate Accord is a framework arrangement that is not binding, and the US Administration could have adjusted its obligations within this framework. But the current US Administration has decided differently. Nevertheless, we should try to involve the current US Administration in these matters. It is another area for our cooperation. I believe we can do this. President Trump has said more than once that he is not planning to destroy the global environment but that balanced solutions must be found, in the interests of the American economy. I believe this is something we can discuss as well. In other words, there are many common platforms where we can work together. We are ready for this as long as our American partners are. But we see what is still going on there. Thank goodness we are no longer being accused of interfering in US elections; they are accusing Ukraine now. Let them settle this matter between them. However, the factor of internal political struggle is still having a negative effect on Russian-US relations. I hope this will end at some point. We are ready for this.

  • Only Hillary Killery and Barry Sohorto Obumer ,and RIP Mc Caine , and George Soros had no respect to Russia ?? ,God Bless Russia and USA they must work together for a better world ? ,USA and Russia has everything and with wars they will have nothing but destruction

  • And if Russia ?? didn’t help Syria ??,Europe could have been flooded ,with another 100 million migrants or more ,besides the dead ?,that’s what Barry Obumer ,and Soros ,and Killery Hillary did make ,and demonRats mess

  • Naaa. I think trumpy is an even bigger russophobe than Obama!!! Trumpy is surrounded by the most nasty vicious anti Russian people known to mankind!!! All this Russia collusion hoax is a smokescreen to cover up trumps plans on devastating Russia, Iran, North korea and anyone else who doest say yes to Israeli interests. Trumpy is putins biggest enemy!!!

  • Globalists tyranny is a threat to all of our countries. Fellow Christians understand the need to stand together against evil. Our shared values is why the global tyrants want us to fight against each other.

  • Look @ the size of Turkey.
    Look @ the size of the United States .
    It isn't fair .but a START.
    David had only a slink shot and a rock .
    The giant came down.

  • I am Russian and I would like the United States and Russia to be allies. We have no good reasons for conflicts, Russia has long ceased to have communism, we have common enemies in the person of China, Islamic terrorism and leftist globalists. We, as the two strongest, Christian countries, must defend Christians around the world and maintain traditional values. This is the only way the European civilization will survive, otherwise we will degrade and dissolve in the flows of migrants from the third world.
    I hope we become friends.

  • As an American, I am sorry that my country is firmly in the hands of a tiny elite who use my country for their own ends. There is no reason for enmity with Russia and it doesn't serve either America or its people – only the tiny ethnic minority who subvert out entire civilization for their own ends.

  • Thank you Vladimir and keep up the good work please as I have a lot of respect for you and wish you well many thanks for all you do for this world

  • ពិតណាស់រុស្សីក៏មានសម្ថតភាពដូចសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិចដូចគ្នា ការកេីនឡេីងប្រាក់ចំណូលយ៉ាងខ្ពស់របស់សហរដ្ឋអាមេរិច នឹងធ្វេីអោយសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិចក្លាយជាប្រទេសងកោរ ផ្នែក(ទំនាក់ទំនង សម្ពន្ធ័ភាព ) បណ្តាលប្រទេស
    នៃប្រទេសផ្សេងៗនឹងងាកមករក រុស្សី ចិន ឥណ្ឌា …។ល។ មិនខានឡេីយ។

  • I’m not a fan of communism, nor a fan of socialism, but I must say Putin is a wise and considerate man!

    From Finland??????

  • Ptin is using this situation to look like the better side which in fact putin does not mean anything he just said. It wont work due to many other actions by putin. Here putin says America is a great country and other times list to what russia says and is doing. Prove us wrong russia and stop stepping in our toes

    C A R P E N T
    W O R L D W I D E


  • If the masses of both nations weren't such sheep they'd be able to handle the truth about who was right in those "two world wars".

  • President Trump and President Putin could work very well together. But that means peace and some in my country do not see a profit in that. Right now President Trumps hands are simply tied. The liberals here are throwing a temper tantrum and have been been sabotaging all that they because they have lost and are loosing their power and control. From Russian collusion to Ukrainian Quid Pro Quo to Bribery… Next on the list will be spitting on the sidewalk in Mister Rogers: The Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

    I personally would love to see two labels in my country. Made in the USA and, rather then made in China, Made In Russia!

  • After talking about stealing from America. Yeah right Russia has a aggressive nature. Everyone already knows Russia are power freaks. Nobody should trust Russia an they know it. Putins a huge liar. He’s basically begging for NATO not to gang up on Russia in UK war. But it won’t save his ass.?? You want to gang up on US with China in cold territories.

  • I came out from gate when I use stairs nothing on that but came out some thing on the stairs do u know that is this

  • My crystal ball, right or wrong, is telling me, that the USA keeps pursuing self destructive, anti-American policy for number of reasons ignoring the reality, ignoring the facts and denying the truth.
    The helm of America is in the hands of stupid people. Some of them are simple maniacs detached from reality and can't see the whole big picture, by placing a small, false, and UNATTAINABLE objective so close to their eyes, and this, prevent them from seeing anything else. Because they are blinded by their stupidity, they don't understand what Putin was trying to make them understand, which he cannot say openly, and never will do so, because it is so sensitive, and because of the necessary measures he has been forced to take, in order to ensure Russia's security, which are not at all depending on those hypersonic, unstoppable nuclear missiles, against which the USA has no defense against, and which at present, give Putin the ability to destroy America at any time, if he only wanted to. The stakes are extremely high, and incomparably greater for the USA than for Russia. Actually, this is only so important for the USA, and what kind of future she would like to have– OR being relegated to, by the inevitable chain of events.
    I'm not going to say more, because it is useless, but the reality which should be faced and acknowledged is, that the USA is NOT able to "contain" China or defeat her by any military means, without devastating nuclear retaliatory strike by China…….On top of that, for the common security, Russia and China have a pact to respond togethe, and simultaneously, against any aggression by America, because the safety of each of them is only in sticking together……
    Therefore, it is absolutely clear, that if the USA would like to stop her fading away as a former superpower, there is ONLY, and according to my crystal ball – the ONLY path to follow. It is the EXTREMELY radical one, which no one ever thought of, and unfortunately will never follow, as unacceptable to the fools, maniacs and traitors.(and if I may add – Zionists!).
    What would that be? Well, I can't speak for Putin; you have to ask Rudy…. Oh, sorry… I mean Vladimir… Hahaha…..However, seriously, what I would do, are two things: — Firstly – I would completely remove all American military bases from Europe and near Russian borders, to convince the Ruskies that, – for once,- I can be trusted, I'd renew the nuclear agreements and signed a non aggression pact!

    Secondly – I would tell American companies to invest just as much as they did over the decades in China and develop even closer economic cooperation with Russia, than we have with China. (Russia is also a big market for American products and is extremely rich in natural resources). Apart from great mutual economic benefits, this would prevent China from becoming the only economic conqueror of the world, apart from many other delicate things…..

    I know that all this will never happen, and this world of ours is destined to end up in a terrible, terrible mess and chaos!….

  • 強盛大國 元首大大 早安 有點沒禮貌的說一聲,(請勿生氣) 你今天的 氣色膚色好柔美,25 歲帥氣美男子 ^ _ ^( ♡ )

  • It is good if Putin and Trump can meet and talked together… as the leader of the Two big Christian Nations…. the spirit of Christian faith will drive them to work hand in hand in humbly…. that is what Jesus has taught to the Christian…. Jesus bless both of you… Mr Putin and Mr Trump…

  • Too bad USA wants to destroy Russia in every way. Don't trust American imperialism. Trump wants to stop Nord stream. He is no good either.

  • I don't know about 'Classy'… 'Smooth' perhaps? I have my doubts that Putin genuinely believes the US is a 'great' country any longer. Just like the rest of us he sees the degeneracy coming out of it… and regardless of all the issues with the government and deep state/corporate interests shaping their domestic and foreign policy… the people are the drivers of the culture, which is rotting from within.
    He's being diplomatic.
    Which is his job.

  • Putin is not your average man, He is a gentleman and do not think there is another president so well mannered, polite and connoisseur of everything.

  • The US has realized that the Paris Agreement is a dubious, flawed and seriously misleading agreement to burden the American and Western European taxpayers in the farcical proposal to redistribute wealth.

  • I'm American and salute to Russians. Putin is one of the most intelligent and astute president i have ever seen.

  • Thank you President Putin from a former USNavy cold war airborne ASW veteran that flew primarily in the North Atlantic and an American. You are a good man sir, I don't care what western media says about your KGB past and other things, you are straight shooter like President Trump!!! You and Russia are not the US's enemy, the western globalist left is the worlds enemy!!! The sooner we can collectively defeat them completely and utterly the better for the world!!!!


  • While you dumb arse Bitches are whinging & whinning about each of these Great Leaders & countries. Where do the true indigenous people( Native American Indians) where they at.Yeah!! Right-From AOTEAROA(nz) -Native of Polynesia Maori

  • Globalists and Communists in the West always defended the Soviet Union`s crimes, while nationalists never trusted the Soviet Union. Today, the Western Globalists and Communists have never forgiven the breakup of the Soviet Union and all the former Soviet republics and their allies for turning against communism. Now it is the Western Nationalists who support the new Russia while the Globalists continue to condemn it. I hope that Trump and Putin can bury the hatchet and bring peace and cooperation.

  • Плешивый ублюдок Горбачов тоже набивался в друзья к США, надеюсь все помнят, чем это для нас закончилось: уничтоженная страна, разрушенная экономика, гражданская война, миллионы мертвецов.

  • Why the f*ck would you suck up to america? You cant appeal to a better nature that doesnt exist
    First DISLIKE Im giving to Putin

  • Putin reminds me of tsar Alexander, who back during Napoleon era was recognized as positive recognized ruler in europe. Allways open for peace, but still minding best interests of his own country and preparing for war.

  • Screw this guy. He says one thing and does another. In general, Russia is a POS country. Want to lose your money? Invest in Russia. They are crooks over there. I would know, I was born there. Hopefully the US, EU, and other countries will wake up and ramp up the sanctions againt Russia. Let them feel it in their stomachs.

  • History: Rasputin, and Peter the great of Russian decents both left their mark. The BOSS Vladimir Putin is out shining them now!

  • The US is great only because Putin was able to manipulate the US elections as corruptly as he manipulates the Russian elections. Putin should be in jail with Trump.

  • Putin always makes sense unlike the American and wonder what the f****k is wrong with their heads ,they look and act like clowns for the whole world to see

  • Thanks again to the leader's of the top five countries who saw it fit to take the moral high ground. Perhaps this communication is a bit primitive, however it's an obvious fact that the media houses have shifted their focus, and are looking at the top fives.

    Therefore the group surrounding the president's including the boss must be alert, keener, be suspicious of all journals who wants to exercise their free will in the company of great world leaders. Thanks to the specs doing their job, and the Minister's supporting their world leaders now on top. Concerned

  • Putin is a good ( smart man).. world respect him but no one shows… just like Lee Qua Gu was….( a great leader)..

  • I'm an American, I've met real Russians. I think America and Russia could do great and wonderful things together. Unfortunately there are Americans and Russians who don't see this and work to prevent it. I hope some day we will get beyond this and join each other in making the world great again .

  • I think Putin is a great leader and I am from the USA. As long as we can keep dialogue open it will work just like our cooperation in Space matters. We go way back in our space programs and it is still working out to this day.

  • I think we should befriend Russia and help them take out Ukraine. Russia would be a much stronger Ally!Ukraine is corrupt and laundering our Tax dollars to benefit the Democrats and make their families rich! Throw Ukraine under the Bus!

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