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When marimba rhythms start to play Dance with me, make me sway Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore Hold me close, sway me more Like a flower bending in the breeze Bend with me, sway with ease When we dance you have a way with me Stay with me, sway with me Hey everyone, PelleK here. It’s time for another classy classy weekend with PelleK. Yours truly. How have you been since last time? Gonna put this away for a bit. Still loud enough? I think so… The hat is on. I wish I could light it up more, I tried facing a bit more this way and I don’t know maybe you can see this hat in all it’s gloriousness now. Alright, it’s time. It’s time finally the weekend again. Are you drunk already? It’s too early, it’s too early in the day… Let’s see I’m gonna try to keep it a little shorter this time. Although I know you are to classy to mind a long video. We’re gonna read comments, I’ll answer a few questions, sing a few songs that you requested in a previous video. And we’re generally gonna have a nice and classy time. That song you just heard was no Dean Martin classic, it’s one of my favourite classy songs you see. Now let’s go to… My channel and see what you guys have said on the classy weekends with PelleK Episode 2. Yes, I did keep the hat, see. “Can you sing Fly Me To The Moon by Sinatra?”, I haven’t done it before :O I’ve done it before but never for people. Fly me to the moon… We’ll do that later, I love it so, yes! You were about to suggest a christmas CD, see. And than you mentioned you finishing one. I read your mind. Yes, yes… I’m a mind reader. Did you notice my hair is particularly classy today? So this inspires you to play Fallout? Yes because – Blue Moon, I saw you standing alone. Without a dream of your own.
Is that right? I don’t remember… But I did that once before as well, years ago I did “Blue Moon”. It’s a long time ago, a different time. “Hey PelleK, I found a download of your album for sale on Amazon. Is this real or fake? Your website don’t say Amazon and MP3 music is a part of your site.” Yes, I mean it’s everywhere… So, where ever you find it, it’s real. I think, to be honest, some stores in the USA printed it. The latest album not the first one and sell it like everywhere, not in stores but like selected stores. And I’m not getting paid for that because they don’t answer me but I know it’s for sale so… *Bip*- holes. Isn’t that funny? You can say ass and you can say holes but you can’t say *bip*-holes. (ass – holes) Together that’s a dangerous combination. Let’s do another song. I’m going through the comments and a lot of people talk about Mack The Knife… “Don’t apologize for filling your PelleK lacking weeks.” Well, I’ll still do it though, I’m not worthy all that time. Look at this, just talking over your nice Saturday. What a douchebag. Alright, let’s see if this is the right one then. I hope so. Oh, the shark has pretty teeth dear And he shows ’em, pearly white Just a jack knife has MacHeath dear And he keeps it way out of sight When that shark bites with his teeth, dear Scarlet billows begin to spread Fancy white gloves has MacHeath dear So there’s never, never a trace of red I don’t even know if I’m doing it right… We’ll have it in the background while reading more comments. Sorry. Alright, let’s see, that was Mack The Knife. What I know of it. It’s one of those songs you’ve just heard like, have you seen my video called… I have to turn this out because it’s too loud here. Come on there, program… There we go. Ehm… I’ve…………….. Yeah, I’ve done this video called “Songs that everyone’s heard but no one knows the name of” and… Mack The Knife is one of those songs for me at least, a song that I’ve heard a million times but when I read your comments with Mack the Knife I was like: “Hmm… What’s this Mack the Knife that everyone is talking about?” I had my hat on, my pipe, everything, the works. Because I’m classy, see? Thank you, it’s nice that you prefer this kind of music, who doesn’t? In my opinion, it’s like, this kind of classy jazz and power metal are the two things that I listen to. Most peolpe have like a wide music taste. If the camera shuts of by itself by the way, I’ll have to turn it on again so there will be a slight pause. But hopefully that won’t happen. But uhm… What was I talking about? Speak of the devil. Good thing I said that beforehand. Yeah, I was talking about the music taste kind of thing. People have diverse music taste all around, I never had that. I just can’t get myself to listen to a lot of music. So sometimes when you tell me to do mainstream songs and stuff, I listen to it and I cringe. Like, not everything obviously, I like a lot of music but… I think that a lot of the stuff that is in the mainstream today is not for me. And then you talk to a lot of people and like… In the metal community, I think there’s two kinds of people mostly. Of course there are people like me to who like generally listen to metal and a bit of other stuff but There’s a Slayer kind of guy type who just listens to metal. And even like eh… What’s a good example… So like, Lost in Space by Avantasia and If I Could Fly and Windmill by Helloween and stuff like that That’s not metal enough for them, so whatever you do you can’t please them unless you death growling about burning churches and burning babies. I don’t know, horrible stuff xD But that’s the Slayer kind of guy. Then you have the guy like who’s like yeah thins was awesome, I love power metal and stuff and I love everything. And you know, they generally don’t listen to or like or approve of the most auto-tuned and poped out music like Justin Beiber and One Direction. That’s “nono”s basicallu everywhere unless you are a little girl. But those kind of people listen to everything basically. And I’ve always been like sorry can’t listen to that, sorry can’t listen to that, turn of the radio, don’t wanna listen to that. And then whenever there’s some old jazz song, I’m like: Oh yeah, I’ll have some of that! And of course most metal and also old rock and stuff. I just generally like people, when you can hear people like really sing their hearts out I think that’s awesome, why am I talking so much about this? Jeeeesus, look at the time! Look at the time! PelleK’s classy Saturday, your Saturday is out the window! Alright, well, thank you for watching! Did I even answer any questions? Just been talking about myself, I have my head up my ass. Roxas says: I’ve just found your channel, it’s amazing! Power metal everything! Yes! Power metal everything! Wouldn’t it be funny if I poked my eye out? Power metal – %/€*#+! everything! okay, okay… Just people retweeting what I’ve said and stuff. That’s nice of you guys

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