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hop-hop I am panda c4c. I am here to help
you choose the right charity organization from a long list after all
it is essential that your donation reaches the people who need it most
isn’t it everyday citizens of our country receive numerous invitations to
donate their own clothes to various charity organizations the bad
news is that most of these organizations will only pay you 50 to 100 pounds per
ton the good news is that clothes for charity will pay you 300 pounds per ton
of your charity donation. I will show you how to do this easily and effortlessly
visit the website where you can order free bags into which you can put the your clothes for donation. The bags are strong enough to hold considerable weights. We will deliver the bags to you within three days. You can also use your own bin bags. On the website, you will find the addresses of the drop-off points closest to you. You can bring the packed items to these points anytime during our working hours. Alternatively, you can simply call us or book the item-picking service on the website. Clothes4Charity will send a van to your address to pick up the bags of clothes. Everything we offer is free of charge! You will receive an e-mail message when your items reach a Clothes4Charity warehouse to notify you of their safe delivery. You will also be given the prestigious “Certificate of Donor,“ and the money falls into a piggy bank of the charity organisation you specify. Don‘t wait any longer! Hop-hop! Let‘s get to work and bring joy to people!

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