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CMU College of Medicine teams up with United Way of Isabella County to mentor local youth

CMU College of Medicine teams up with United Way of Isabella County to mentor local youth

The picture of this competition really
came about between a with a collaboration between the United Way of
Isabella County and then the college of medicine. One thing the college medicine
does with his second year students is have students get involved in the
community, through community service projects. And so myself and four other students….um…..chose to volunteer with the United Way of Isabella County, together we have helped create this, Picture This Program which is really an opportunity for high school students to come up with an idea that ah approve either healthcare, finances, or education in Isabella County itself. and to take those ideas, pitch it to community leaders and then have it funded through the United Way. I think CMU just in general the college always tries to go out into the
community and make an impact in whatever way they can by volunteering at soup kitchens, or volunteering at United Way or things like that. But I think as a medical as a medical student being able to go into the community that’s that’s what we’re
gonna be doing that our profession that’s what we all love to do that’s why
we’ve all went into medicine to help the people of the community. So this is a really great experience of that and I hope that you know the next year and the
year after that that you know this project keeps going. Access to health care is really the first step in in maintaining a healthy life, and one of
the things that this school really focus on is providing access to health care to
rural and underserved areas that’s one of our core mission of the school. This project helps do that by hopefully getting some these students involved in
health care in their future.

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