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Cocktails and Catch Up with Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix!

– Hey bitches, it’s Tom and– – Ariana. (bells ringing) (drink pouring) – We’re gonna be making
some cocktails for you from our new cocktail
book that just came out, Fancy AF Cocktails. We’re gonna do one that’s
a little bit classy and then one that’s
definitely pretty trashy. – Very trashy and we’re gonna
spill some tea along the way. Why don’t you class it up? – All right, all right, the
first thing we’re gonna do is a cocktail called The Staycation. – I think it’s called
Stay-cay in the book but– – It’s called Stay-cay, all right sorry. First thing you’re gonna do is
fill your shaker up with ice. Then we’re gonna add 1.5
ounces of Citron Vodka. Yes. Then we’re gonna add
.75 ounces of Campari. We’re gonna add five ounces of… – Lemon juice. – Lemon juice. And we’re gonna add some orange. – [Ariana] Here, I’ll put your cap on. – Oh thanks. – This is like at home when Tom doesn’t put caps on anything. Yup, there you go, I got it. – Yup, got that.
– Yeah, I’ll do it. – Okay, then we’re gonna
add a little bit of agave. – When you say a little bit,
how much agave are you– – 0.5. – People need to know. (shaking drink) – The biggest thing about working with Tom that can get annoying
sometimes is that he’s messy. – I don’t know really. – Nothing. – Maybe yeah that she doesn’t
like my wanting to make drinks at like two in the morning
or something like– – Yeah like that might be
time to like stop drinking. – I get inspiration– – Can we put a pin in it? Never. So finish your drink. – Okay, grab it with the gate. That’s how we do that. – I know, it always scares me. – And we’re just gonna top this. – I would say Stassi. I think that would work out pretty well. Although we’d probably
just get really drunk. – Here’s the Stay-cay, folks. – There you go! All right so I’m gonna get started on one of the trashiest drinks in our book. – Pre-game. – The Pre-game, so here’s the thing. This is actually something
that Tom figured out. This first line here at the
bottom marks two ounces exactly. And then each line up
from that, marks an ounce. – Yeah. – So you can use this
as a cocktail shaker. – Yes. – And sometimes we are all that desperate. – We would be out and
people would be like okay. You can come back to my house. I got some vodka. I have some tequila or whatever
and then you get back there and like oh wait, oh my gosh,
I don’t have any mixers. It’s raining outside, I
don’t wanna go get anything. I would end up like rifling
through their cabinets, their pantry, through their
fridge, like you know– – That’s how this came about. I just added two ounces of
whiskey and now I’m gonna do one ounce of water. The best hangover cure of
all time is Midol Complete. – Yes. – It is the best. And it’s not just for girls. – And it has caffeine. So you’ll just like spring
out of bed and be ready to go. – Yeah it’s a cup of coffee almost. I would least like to
write a book with Jax. – Yeah, I feel like I would end up just doing literally everything. – And he would say, I’ll just Venmo you. And now we’re gonna do
two barbecue packets. Sounds gross but I promise you, it’s not. – The Fear The Boss is
a great, great cocktail. – I’m doing a packet of honey here. – You’re doing awesome. – Thanks. So now that I have it in my
trashy AF cocktail shaker. I’m gonna shake it up really good. In the book, there is a
cocktail called The Bitter Ex that is also inspired by
Kristen and we did photos of me throwing it in Tom’s face. – About 14 times. – And I feel like that’s
a good one to throw in someone’s face because
it’s inspired by one of the best drink
throwers I know, Kristen. Cheers. – The Going Clear, the clear Manhattan. – Oh that one’s yeah. It’s a clear Manhattan, so you can do whatever you want with that. – Yeah exactly. People are like oh, are you drinking? And you’re like no, this is water. – Yeah. The cocktail book is for everyone. – Everyone. – Because I think what
we really wanted to do was we wanted to take the
intimidation out of mixology and the snobbiness out
of mixology and have it to where people feel
comfortable making things besides just like a vodka
cranberry at their house. Well guys, thanks so much for watching us make some cocktails. Our book, Fancy AF
Cocktails is in stores now. Let’s get drunk!

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