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(silence) – The tenth annual Project for Awesome– no need to fear how old you’ve become– – Hey. I know him. – Mr. Green. – (John Green) …will begin
at noon Eastern Time on December 9, and we need
your help in a couple ways. Project for Awesome started in 2007…
– I’m familiar with this. – (John) …when Nerdfighteria
essentially tricked YouTube’s algorithm into
featuring videos about charity. – Nice. – (John) Over the years,
the Project for Awesome has evolved a lot. But it’s
always been focused on, one, decreasing the overall level
of suck in the world and, two… – I like that. Decreasing
the suck in the world. That’s a new saying, guys. – (John) …and, two, encouraging
people to make great videos about their favorite charities.
– That’s cool. – (John) …here’s how
it’s gonna work this year. First, hopefully, many of you will make Project for Awesome videos. The idea here is that, on December 9, you upload a video about
a charity you care about. – Oh, nice. – (John) …the work
they do is so important and how they do it well,
and then you encourage people to vote for your video at – That’s so cool. I love that idea. – (John) The charities that receive the most votes will get grants. Last year, the top-voted charities
received $25,000 apiece. Then there is the live…
– Daaamn. That’s my college tuition. – (John) Then there is the live show. So for 48 hours straight, beginning at noon
Eastern Time on December 9, there will be a continuous live stream here at the Vlogbrothers channel, hosted by Hank and me
and lots of special guests. – That’s dope. – It’s a good idea. – That’s cool. – (John) In the live stream,
we’ll be highlighting our favorite Project for Awesome videos, probably covering our faces
in peanut butter, and also… – I’ll put peanut butter on my face
for charity. Are you kidding? – Peanut butter and generosity.
What more could you ask for? – (John) There will be an Indiegogo
with lots of great perks from all kinds of amazing YouTubers.
– Ooh, that’s so sick. – (John) All the proceeds will
go to Nerdfighteria’s charity, the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, which I know doesn’t
sound like a real charity, but I promise it is one.
– (chuckles) I love that name! – There’s a lot of suck in the world. We could use a little less of it. – (John) 100% of donations,
less the cost of producing and shipping physical
perks, goes to charity. – That’s– that’s so nice. – (John) Over the last three years, we’ve raised more than $3 million.
– Damn. – (John) How do we choose the charities? Well, during the first half
of the Project for Awesome, we raised money
for pre-selected charities. This year, they will be Save the Children
and Partners In Health. – I know both of those charities.
That’s pretty cool. – This is good, ’cause I’ve never
actually heard of any of this, and it’s sort of a good way
to get it out there. – Pre-selecting charities also allows us to gather matching donations, which means that, for the first
half of the Project for Awesome, every dollar you donate
will be worth at least $2. – Hoo!
– (John) Which reminds me. If you happen to be…
– Hell yeah. – (John) During the second half
of the Project for Awesome, we’ll raise money
for charities chosen by you, the Nerdfighter community,
via voting at – I have an opportunity to do this.
I have a YouTube channel now. – (John) It’s up to you to decide what charities to make videos about and which to support with your votes. – Wow! I love this so much!
This is so inspirational. – It sounds like a really incredible way to raise awareness
for different charitable events. YouTube has become this huge empire. So this is like a great way
to do something good through it. – This is why YouTube was made, honestly, to bring creators together
to make the world a better place. – (FBE) So this was about the annual
charity event on YouTube Project for Awesome. Is this something that you’d
heard about before today? – I never heard about this. And when did he say
it came out? Like 2007? – No, but I’m really glad
I actually heard about it. It’s a really cool thing
that they’re doing. – I’ve heard of it, but I never
really knew what it was. – I have heard of it around YouTube. But now I know what
it’s about, and I’m informed. So definitely the way
it’s set up is pretty cool. – Honestly, I’ve heard about it
a couple of times. – Now that I have a YouTube channel, it’s like a different way
of participating in it, which I think is really cool. – (FBE) Like the video mentioned, Project for Awesome is something
created by Hank and John Green, commonly known as the Vlogbrothers. – Wait, John Green? Isn’t he an author? – I have been obsessed with
John Green’s books for quite a while, and I do watch their videos
from time to time. – (FBE) So they did this with the idea that people upload videos they create that are promoting a charity
all on the same day. – That’s so cool. – (FBE) So before we go on, what do you think of that approach
to promoting charities? – I think it’s pretty awesome, ’cause people get on YouTube every day. You get on to YouTube and see this.
That’ll spark some curiosity. – It’s a great idea, because, just like how certain videos go viral because they fall on a day that matters– let’s say, a holiday. It’s the same idea. Like, on December 9, I’m hoping to see all kinds
of charitable event things in the Popular page. – YouTube is like, you feel like you know the person you’re watching. If he’s doing it, what’s
stopping me from doing it? – This is one of the things
that you can benefit from. I think if you have that power
and you can do something good, it tells more about– like,
it kinda tells a lot about you. – There’s so many people
that make YouTube videos. So if you say, “Hey, on this one day, make one to support a charity,” so many charities are gonna come up, like things that people
have never heard of. – (FBE) Okay, so more of how it works: you donate money for Project for Awesome, and a big chunk of it goes
to pre-selected charities, which include Save the Children
and Partners In Health this year. Then grants are set aside to be given out to charities
people spotlighted, chosen in part by people voting
for their favorite charity video on the Project for Awesome website.
– That’s good. – (FBE) There are also perks for donating. Every year, including this one, there are various perks for donating that come from some of YouTube’s
top creators, like signed merch, specific personalized
experiences, and more. – That’s awesome. If your favorite creator’s asking you
to help something out and if it’s just a dollar– like, they said a dollar
turns into two dollars. Like, that’s nothing for some people. – It’s like a celebration, like,
“Oh, you did something good. So here’s something
small and nice for you too.” – I would personally drop tons of money just to help out the cause. And then you’re like,
“Oh, there’s incentives that come with it too.
That just makes it better.” – Whenever you’re donating for something that you know someone else donated to, you kind of have that thing in common. So in a way, I guess it would
bring you closer to that creator. – (FBE) So some history. Project for Awesome started back in 2007, making this its tenth year in existence.
– Wow. – I was in fifth grade back then. – (FBE) And it keeps raising
more and more money. In the past three years alone,
it’s raised over $3 million. – Hell yeah. – $3 million. Wow. – (FBE) What do you think
it is about this event that’s made it something that’s not only been able
to be around for ten years but also continue to grow? – It’s the interaction.
I think that’s key. Once the people feel like they’re
involved, you want to do more. – It has a very personal
connection with the viewer. It gets the community
of watchers involved. – I feel like, as long as
YouTube keeps growing, which it probably will,
then this charity and this event is just gonna keep growing too. – John and Hank are really good
at putting on stuff like this. They’re really good
at engaging a community. As long as YouTube’s around, I think this is going
to be a big, huge event. – (FBE) So do you think
that this is a cause that you’d like to get
involved with in the future and participate in?
– Yeah, I think it’s cool. There’s a lot of ways that you can help. But I mean, this is a fun way. – Totally down for helping people. I definitely would want
to make a video highlighting this. – 100% yes. I’m excited to research and learn more so I could actually help out. – If it gets to a point where I actually have some sort of connection with my own share of an audience, it would be something
amazing that I could do to help benefit those charities more. – When people have their own channel or their own site or something, they’re always looking
for new ideas for content. So a new idea that
also benefits other people is like a win-win situation. – (FBE) Finally, another great element
of the Project for Awesome is the 48-hour live stream
on the Vlogbrothers channel, hosted by Hank, John,
and other special guests. And that live stream
is happening right now when this video’s released.
– Oh. Wow. That’s awesome. – (FBE) So why should they stop
watching this video right now and go check out that live stream? – Stop watching this video right now, ’cause this video
will be here in two days. But the live stream
will be over in two days. – I know you guys like the Fine Bros. But there’s a better cause
going on right now, and I really think you guys
should go check out the live stream. Share this video or share that live stream so it gets more people looking, because even if you can’t
get involved and donate something, maybe somebody else can. – Go watch it just because
of the simple fact that there’s a charity out there
that maybe you don’t know about. And maybe it’ll prompt you
to do something just like this, where you want to start your
own charity to help out people. – You should definitely stop
watching this video right now. Go check out the live stream.
It’s for a great cause. Let’s make the world a better place. Team Internet needs to unite right now. – Thanks for watching
this important episode of College Kids React. – Please donate to Project
for Awesome if you’re able. – Goodbye, guys. And
remember, anything can help. – Hey, guys. It’s Kyle,
producer here at FBE. If you’re watching this on
December 9 through 11, 2016, it is Project for Awesome right now. So go check out the live stream
on the Vlogbrothers channel, and help spread the word.

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