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Community Spotlight Video: Appian Support

Community Spotlight Video: Appian Support

(bright music) – Appian support provides
support through support surveys. We have our Appian Community where not only we are
able to answer questions but the general community
who uses Appian is able to provide their own responses. Unlike our competitors, we actually do not have tiered support. We have an entire team of
dedicated professionals that are always willing and
always able to help you. While you might have a primary
contact on a support case, we assure you that everybody
is always willing to help and definitely interested
in new and upcoming issues. So as soon as you open a support case, we have somebody immediately assign a case to a support engineer, and the support engineer looks it over and is able to immediately
get some research done, ask you primary questions,
and continue to work with you until the case is closed. We have standard support
in which we offer support usually during the general business hours, in addition to 24/7
support for urgent issues, but we also have premier support where we have a primary contact readily available to you at all times, in addition to 24/7 support
during all times of day for urgent issues and any
issues affecting production.

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