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Constituent Matching for Web Forms

0:00:18.033,0:00:22.000 Hi and thanks for watching this video on constituent matching for web forms. 0:00:22.000,0:00:28.066 This video will walk through how to set up
the constituent matching as well as an example
of how it works. 0:00:28.066,0:00:32.066 When website users make payments on the web without logging in, 0:00:32.066,0:00:44.066 the program uses the match settings on the constituent matching page in Administration. 0:00:44.066,0:00:48.000 In the constituent match settings, you will
see a section for web forms. 0:00:48.000,0:00:57.033 These match thresholds determine whether the program matches website users with existing constituent records or creates new records. 0:00:57.033,0:01:04.000 When the program finds matching records, it does not overwrite data on the existing records with data from web forms. 0:01:04.000,0:01:10.066 When fields that match exactly, the program just keeps the data that is already in place
on the existing records, 0:01:10.066,0:01:17.000 but when fields do not match exactly, the program preserves both the existing data and the new data from the web forms. 0:01:17.000,0:01:22.066 For example, if an address, email address,
or phone number on a web form does not match exactly, 0:01:22.066,0:01:29.066 the program adds a new address email address, or phone number to the constituent record
in order to preserve both 0:01:29.066,0:01:32.000 versions. 0:01:32.000,0:01:40.066 Likewise, if a first name or title does not
match exactly, the program adds the name or title
from the web form to the existing record as an
alias. 0:01:40.066,0:01:45.066 The constituent matching applies to all web transactions except special event registrations. 0:01:45.066,0:01:54.000 The one exception for special event registrations is the host. The shopping cart determines the host and it uses the new matching. 0:01:54.000,0:01:57.066 Let’s take a quick look at how this works. 0:01:57.066,0:02:01.033 We can see here that Jack Jones is already
a constituent in our database. 0:02:01.033,0:02:05.033 He has an address and phone number already entered on his record. 0:02:05.033,0:02:12.033 Now, let’s say that Jack wants to purchase some admission tickets online and he does
not register with the web. 0:02:12.033,0:02:22.066 Lets walk through the web purchase. 0:02:22.066,0:03:01.066 On the personal information section, I am entering a different zip code and adding an
email address. 0:03:01.066,0:03:14.033 Once you complete the order, let’s take a look at Jack’s record in Altru. 0:03:14.033,0:03:20.000 You will see that a duplicate record was not created. 0:03:20.000,0:03:47.066 It added the additional information that was entered into the web form, like the address
and email address. 0:03:47.066,0:03:50.000 That’s it for this video, stay tuned on
more duplicate matching features!

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