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Contract Building for onBoard with Smart Tuition

Contract Building for onBoard with Smart Tuition

Hi! My name is Derek and I’m part of the K12 User Education team here at Blackbaud. Part 2 in the Smart Tuition video series focuses on Contract Building. Let’s take a closer look. By the way, if you’re looking for a general overview and set up information for Smart Tuition make sure to check out Part 1 of our video series. For this next segment, you should already understand the fundamentals of onBoard
Contracts. If you need more information about the basics of onBoard contracts, check out these
resources: After you set up the Smart Tuition integration, it’ll be active by default whenever you create a contract in onBoard. If a contract shouldn’t be linked to Smart Tuition, you can deactive the integration when you create that contract on onBoard. If your school set up onBoard Contracts before the Smart Tuition integration, you’ll need to
convert them. To do this, edit the settings of the existing onBoard contract, and then select Activate Smart
Tuition Integration. When Smart Tuition is active, the original onBoard section Formats, Blocks, and Text remain. Fees and Payment Plans aren’t copied over. You must set them up before generating
contracts. Give the converted contract a new name and save it as active. It’ll convert into a Smart
Contract. Remember: To review the original onBoard Contract, use the sidebar filters and view the archived
version. You can also revert a Smart Contract back to an onBoard Contract, but you’ll lose any changes made to Sections, Blocks, or Text. Since Smart Tuition is the master database for your Fees, Payment Plans, and Payment Methods, you’ll only need to maintain this information in one system instead of in both spots. Select Add within the Fee Schedule for Required, Optional, or Enrollment Fees to see a complete list of fees you previously set up in Smart Tuition. You can then enable as many of the fees as needed to have them appear on the contract for the payer. For Financial Aid, you can opt to hide this information from the payer or enable it to display the Financial Aid Types you have previously mapped to the corresponding Smart Tuition discounts. Just like the other fees, when Add is selected, previously mapped Financial Aid options appear and can be enabled as needed. In addition, when you update payment plans, you also choose from plans you previously set up in
Smart Tuition. While families can continue to log into the admin console of Smart Tuition to view fees, payment plans, or payment methods, they’ll need to
contact their Smart Tuition Account Manager to make any additions or edits. The other steps for creating Contracts are the same as they were without
Smart enabled. Use the Responsible Signer option to control which users related to the incoming or re-
enrolling students can complete the contract. By default, any users related to the student who have Parental Access and are Listed as Parent are also Responsible Signers. You can manage these relationships from Candidate or Student records. Please note: When you use the onBoard Contracts/Smart Integration, it only supports two Responsible Signers on the contract. Therefore, we strongly recommend you review your records. Use the Contract View Access
report under Analyze>Reports to check for contracts with more than two Responsible Signers. Any contracts with more than two Responsible
Signers won’t be generated. An alert will indicate if you have contracts with too many signers, so you can review and update those records. Contracts with two or fewer Responsible Signers will still be generated. For more detailed information about the onBoard Contracts/Smart Tuition integration make sure to check out the online help and the other videos in this series. As always, thanks for watching!

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