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Cooking classy, thinking big

Cooking classy, thinking big

I think I got my first cookbook at the
age of four. Cooking has been in my blood for a very long time. I am chef Mel and
I’m the very proud owner of vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures which is based in
Tenerife in beautiful Brisbane. I think most people when they think about a cooking class their first thing is they get terribly intimidated so everyone
loves to eat and learning how to cook at least they get to take something home
with them and share with their friends and family so we send the happiness home
with them as well. So I think one of the major challenges is obviously the ebbs
and flows of business I think with eight years of business behind me I’ve
tracked obviously when those quite period periods are. I think the best
advice I could give to someone who is thinking, oh should I grow or should I
stay is definitely do a business plan it’s a big amount of work to move a
premises orchard growth so you’ve got to be really enthusiastic about it before
you start off but I’ve also got my product range where I’ve got my own designer
spices so that’s that’s something that I would like to promote is have that extra
leg of income when it is quiet have that foodie product you know supporting the
business as well. Food is always changing you can never know everything about food
and it’s really important just to give that a little bit of everyday excitement
to your family meals.

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