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Corporate Event Planning Ideas For Summer Events

Corporate Event Planning Ideas For Summer Events

Corporate Event Planning Ideas
For Summer Events Most corporate events are held indoors. And
while you may change venues, themes and decor, they can still suffer from that “same old”
feeling. Why not take advantage of summer by adding
the unexpected to your event? Consider hosting your next corporate event
outdoors! Summer is off-season for most corporate events,
so you can save money. Here are some simple tips for bringing your
employees into the great wide open for fun. 1. Like any event, if you want people to attend,
you have to let them know the date as soon as possible. Summer is vacation time, so make
sure you are on the schedule. If you aim for a weekend, check to make sure you aren’t conflicting
with any major summer festivals or local events that will draw on your attendance. 2. Look for new experiences. The local park,
the zoo, a botanical garden, the ballpark, the golf course, a cruise, the beach or even
a swimming pool. Each one offers unique options to attract people to your event. 3. Keep the weather in mind! Summer can be
extremely hot or offer unpredictable storms. Make sure shelter is available, a pavilion,
or a room with a large patio offers relief from rain or extreme heat. 4. Provide plenty of beverages so everyone
can remain hydrated. Think fresh fruit and vegtables with lighter, healthier meals that
make use of in season produce. Of course burgers on the grill are always a favorite too! 5. Plan activities and summer games. Horseshoes,
volleyball, tennis, and scavenger hunts all offer team building experiences. 6. Incorporate the season into your theme.
Use fresh flowers, serve watermelon, grapes and other fresh refreshing locally grown fruit.
Make people feel like they are on vacation! 7. Don’t forget the entertainment. Entertainment
not only excites people but provides them with great memories of time spent together.
A DJ, band or accoustical act can add ambience to any outdoor event. Also consider comedy,
using a comedian, a magician or a juggler – even a balloon artist can liven up your
time together. From simple after hours parking lot picnics
to game day at the ball park, to time spent by the pool, your employees will breathe in
the fresh air, relax and build camaraderie. Follow these simple tips and create a memorable
event for your company!

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