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Creative Fundraiser For Runners | Sneakers4Funds

Creative Fundraiser For Runners | Sneakers4Funds

Do you want to make a difference in your
local charity or running club without having to ask your supporters for money?
Well Sneakers4Funds has a zero calorie fundraiser, yes I said it zero
calorie fundraiser where all you have to do is collect gently worn, used and new
athletic shoes from your supporters. When you join sneakers4funds provides you
with prepaid shipping bags like this one and what you do with those prepaid
shipping bags is you fill them with 15 to 20 pairs of gently worn, used and new
athletic shoes and you seal it shut and you drop it off at any UPS location, any!
When we receive the bags we weigh them and cut you a check based on the weight
of the bag. Now you may be wondering what happens to the athletic shoes, well in
developing nations millions of people rely on walking as their main mode of
transportation. Micro-entrepreneurs which are basically small business
owners take the shoes that you’ve collected and they sell them in their
local communities to help support their families and help lift them out of
poverty. Also men, women and children in need of these types of footwear now have
access to athletic shoes that they might not have had before. For more information
go to our website I’ll leave all the information down below. It’s a very simple program, it requires NO minimum volume to collect, NO storage and
NO out-of-pocket costs. We send you a check every month we receive bags of
athletic shoes, that’s it. So basically, you fill the bags with athletic shoes,
drop it off at any UPS location, we weigh them and cut you a check every month. Not
only are you helping out your local community, you’re helping developing
countries and families all over the world. If you guys have any questions
feel free to check out our website that’s or you can
email us at [email protected] and I’ll leave all that information
down below. Once again I’m
Kristy, make sure you like,share and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next
time! Music.

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