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Creatively Fundraise | Tackle Global Poverty

Creatively Fundraise | Tackle Global Poverty

Let’s create the world we want to live in. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and welcome to Studio Knit With your very own hands, you can create anything… even a better world. Over at Save the Children, they have an awesome list of ideas on how we can put the fun in fundraising. Give dance lessons. Stage a concert Bake dog treats Organize your own bike, hike, run, or surf
tournament And my favorite – knit up some love. You can even donate your next birthday by asking for donations instead of gifts. Save the Children reaches millions of children all over the world, and here in the United States, giving them the future they deserve. With the support of people like you, extreme
worldwide poverty is actually declining but there’s more to do. So, what creative projects can you think up
to help fundraise? Let me know in the comments below! Please visit SAVE THE CHILDREN and discover more great ways on how to help them continue their work by creatively fundraising your way! Bye!

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