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CV-19 WREAKS HAVOC on The Gaming Industry as NOA Employee Tests Positive & Square Enix on E3 2020!

CV-19 WREAKS HAVOC on The Gaming Industry as NOA Employee Tests Positive & Square Enix on E3 2020!

Yo what’s up everybody OJ here welcome
back to another video today we’ve got some interesting topics for you guys so
let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off with more of the CV
that is wreaking havoc on the gaming industry right now so the Seattle Times
is reporting that a Nintendo of America staffer in Redmond Washington has tested
positive for cv now the employee was in contact with other Nintendo workers as
well and now all of them are pretty much going to be insult isolation so here’s
what Nintendo had to say on the matter antenna of America is supporting this
individual as they recover and will continue to take precautions to
safeguard the health and well-being of all our employees and the broader
community not it was previously reported that Nintendo is allowing people to go
home and work from there so they don’t get cv and I think once again that is
the right call I think Microsoft and multiple other big companies are doing
that across the u.s. so I think that that is the smart thing to do and this
is serious it’s getting to the point to where it’s
just spreading all over the place I do think that there are definitely some
people that are taking this and kind of blowing it up the proportions that are
even bigger than what maybe they should be but at the same time there is loss of
life there is issues that are going down and it is wreaking havoc on the gaming
industry when it comes to cancellations of projects like let’s say conventions
and things like that when it comes to certain games being delayed there are
all sorts of things across the world that is happening right now because of
CV so I do think that it’s definitely worth discussing and kind of seen maybe
what is going to be the solution for this when is things going to get back to
normal which we will discuss at the very end here but we are going to move on to
some of this other stuff here guys and just talking about what’s been going on
obviously we’ve all heard the grim news that III will be cancelled in terms of
the convention and people going there and they are exploring options to do
other types of presentations or online or something like that which would
probably be the best option I think that Nintendo
we know that Ubisoft and I also think that Warner Bros they’re gonna be doing
some online stuff Microsoft is also going to be doing some online stuff as
well so definitely big shout outs to all the companies that are gonna try to put
together something so we can have some type of III experience some type of III
show this year even though it’s not gonna be the typical at the convention
center and all of that and having everybody there and the excitement that
follows it’s still gonna be a show for something at least but just like there’s
a lot of shows that are being cancelled like III and bit summit and other
conventions there’s also multiple Super Smash Brothers tournaments being stopped
as well we have reports that tournaments like CEO and also panel twenty20 big
tournaments that actually count towards a lot of money on the line for these
professional super smash with those players especially with the Super Smash
Brothers ultimate world tour which couldn’t have been announced at a worse
time when it comes down to it this stuff’s being frozen the stat rankings
for the PGR and how players can even get a chance of being sponsored and
everything is all being affected this is just affecting everything in the gaming
industry we’ve also had multiple different tournaments than other games
like overwatch and stuff like that being canceled or postponed it really is a
problem that is just spreading to every single aspect of the gaming industry and
recently Square Enix just came out and talked about this – which was very
interesting to see what they had to say but it does seem like they are gonna put
together something as well so Square Enix recently released a e3 2020 update
and here’s what they had to say on the matter
as the world has echoed and United nothing is more important than
protecting the health and well-being of our employees and their families our
partners and unquestionably our fans we support the ESA s decision to cancel III
2020 and send our strongest heartfelt appreciation to everyone that works
tirelessly to bring unforgettable games and experiences to e3 we understand this
is disappointing not only to our respective developers and publishers but
also to the thousands of fans who venture from afar to celebrate games at
e3 we’re right there with you our 2020 lineup and
generation that lies beyond is stronger than ever for square enix where III has
always been an incredible moment to showcase our upcoming games were
exploring other options to share our games with you
more to come stay tuned thank you Square Enix right there III so I think that
this was a great statement from Square Enix and I think that out of all the
Japanese companies Square Enix is a company to me that has had the biggest
Redemption arc from the previous generation through this generation I
mean it was all kind of gloomy for Square Enix in the regular eighth
generation but towards the end here and also what they’re gonna be doing getting
into the next thing it’s been crazy right eighth generation it started rough
for them but they really are ending on a very strong note they’ve got some great
games they’ve got some next-generation stuff that they’ve already teased off
and shown a little bit they’ve got some stuff for all the different systems
whether it be the Nintendo switch the Xbox one the PlayStation 4 they’ve got
stuff like Charles of Manor they got Final Fantasy 7 remake as well they’ve
got a great lineup of games and I’m looking forward to playing a lot of the
stuff that Square Enix is going to be bringing out this year and Square Enix
to me have the second best III presentation slash show of last year
they brought it with their games they had a great presentation for Final
Fantasy 7 remake that a bunch of Final Fantasy games and stuff like that they
had Final Fantasy 8 the base showed up that was remastered and touched up so
they’re doing a fantastic job over there at Square Enix I think that this
statement and what they’re going to do is kind of indicative of the type of
company that they’ve become they really have rebounded so well from the early
8th generation / 7th generation to where they are now at this point and I think
that they are gonna have a Nintendo Direct style presentation a Square Enix
direct which was rough when they first did it people didn’t really like it I
think it was like two or three years ago but last year was fantastic so I’m
looking forward to seeing this Square Enix direct and what they have for us
because I think Square Enix is going to show off some amazing games this year
that’s after Final Fantasy 7 remake and trials of mana so look forward to that
now I think the big thing that everybody is kind of thinking about here is when
is this going to end when is all the Auctions when is all the stuff happening
is this affecting the Nintendo Direct like what’s going on here so I’ll answer
that question because I think now that Nintendo of America employee has CV
people are definitely gonna bring that up did see the effect Nintendo Direct
and I personally feel that Nintendo already had everything recorded and
things were ready to go they’re probably putting the finishing touches on other
games third-party games being brought in the editing stuff like that because
Nintendo already has all the content in terms of games that they’re playing
recording and putting it in it’s all about the editing right it’s all about
the editing and it’s all about getting that all together the translating and
all of that because as editor myself of course these intended directs obviously
take quite some time to translate and also voiceover then edit and lay over I
mean there’s a lot of stuff in terms of the graphics and the motion and
everything that they do and for these in Tendo direct so I thought that they
already had it done it’s the matter of putting the finishing touches in getting
the editing just right so I don’t really think that it’s affecting it too much
but it’s definitely a question that can be brought up and it’s legitimate for
people to ask that which people have them but I don’t think there is a
connection between that but when will this end guys well we’re seeing some
signs in some parts of the country where it really got started that there are
signs of it kind of going into remission there are signs of people having more
recovery there are signs of that and it’s been about maybe three to four
months since then or so so I’m thinking that that might be the target range here
I think it’s going to be around three to four months before things kind of get
back to normal people can get back to going to events people can get back to
sharing games playing games going out I mean and not ping
locked up inside their houses and everything and we can go back to having
our conventions and taking flights and doing all sorts of things but like the
whole industry is just getting hammered one way or another the economy
everything and I’m not really sure when exactly it’s going to end but this is
not the first time that we’ve had some type of global scale infection or
disease that’s kind of going around it’s happened before and I think that people
are really resilient there are people out there that are working super hard
whether it be in the gaming industry medical field whatever the cases that
make people feel comfortable to relieve some of the stress and pressures that’s
going along this and some of the fears that are
going along as well and I think that as gamers and as a community we definitely
need to be there for each other especially in times like this and be
sympathetic to the cause but I do feel that maybe three or four months or so
we’re gonna start seeing some signs of things getting better we’re gonna start
seeing some signs of of course doctors and everybody kind of getting that ready
because I think at the medical level that’s going to be the biggest way to
kind of speed things up is like what did the doctors do the vaccines things like
that do help out and to make it not as scary as what people are seeing on the
TV and media and everything so I am hoping that it is going to be some type
of three to four months maybe and we get things under control then we can get
back to having our III our smash brothers terms we can get back to kind
of going to the gaming industry and having everything and speaking of that
it does seem Evo Evo is July that might be canceled as well there’s no official
word at this point but there might be one pretty soon here because it seems
like everybody is just saying nope nope nope to everything so this has wreaked
havoc on the gaming industry but I made this video not only to give some hope to
just to kind of see what’s going on and give you guys news on everything but at
the same time I still think that there’s a lot of progress and there’s a lot of
work being done and there’s still a lot more work to be done but I’m hoping
things clearer more sooner than later but that is the information that is out
there so what do you guys think about everything that I discussed here let me
know your thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it
up for this video here check out the link in the description below we’ve got
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gaming news and information also make sure you like comment and subscribe and
share this video if you can thank you guys so much for watching I will catch
you for the next one peace

  • Damn, it just keeps getting worse out there. Stay safe everyone, don’t panic but take care of yourselves and your families.

  • Things will start to get back to normal around June as the hot weather will decrease the virulence of the virus significantly. Key word being “start”. However, and this needs to be stated, the population at risk is the elderly and immunosuppressed. Many who have tested positive had little to no symptoms, and recovered quickly. Fear and panic is far more dangerous than the virus itself so let’s be cautious, be safe, and change our habits for the next couple months. We will get through this and bounce back stronger.

  • Hope the employee can get well soon…
    It just crazy how this virus spread… Hope it can end soon but I doubt it will.

  • There's an agenda behind this, There's no proof of the virus . I wish people stop reacting so quickly to the news and use critical thinking and stop taking the news as the truth.

  • One pandemic virus that came out of literally nowhere is now affecting the lives of the billions of people globally. It makes me wonder what an enemy could use something such as this to be do

  • … I hear the National Guard is rationing out food… while armed with assault rifles. Sounds like New World Order business in the making to me.

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