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David B. Hermelin Award: Honoring Volunteer Fundraising Leadership at U-M

David B. Hermelin Award: Honoring Volunteer Fundraising Leadership at U-M

I’ve been around the world,
and around successful people, and around leaders
my entire life. And there is no one that
compares to David Hermelin. He was unique, because
he had a love for people that I’ve never seen among
anyone else and all the time. David had a passion
for the causes that he was involved with. And he realized no
matter what the cost, you’re going to have to
raise funds for that cause. He was a strategist. He was a generous donor. He was involved
intimately in all of his philanthropic
organizations. I never kept a statistic, but
I believe an event, each one, every single week of the year,
at the Hermelin house, where you get 50, 100, 200
people coming in. It could be politics. It could be for the
Detroit Institute of Arts. It could be anything, but he
was that kind of involved, caring, loving,
as I said before, person that made
him totally unique. The key to it all
was not the awards that were won and not
the congratulations. It was in relationships,
relationships with his family, relationships with
the community, and just as important,
relationships with those who are less fortunate than us. And he made a difference. He changed their lives,
what a fantastic legacy. And that is what is consistent
among all of the recipients. So I know I’m
speaking for David. Like I said, it
just was a real joy to work with the
University of Michigan.

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