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  • A shitty message from 15 dog/things with an illness that makes them so stupid that their life is pointless…. to a future person thinking about aborting their retarded child who will at best work at a fucking movie theater

  • LOVE this! I have watched it several times and tear up, every time. It was such a comfort to watch when our daughter was prenatally diagnosed with Ds. Thank you!

  • So emotional, It's wonderful if these people can be happy, we usually don't know about them. Yes they are different and so what? So touching…

  • Bonjour je suis Francais et je suis dégouté par de tels agissements je vous soutiens a vous tous, les polititiens ainsi que tout les sbires qui les accompagnent sont des merde! a vous tous je vous aime.

  • Un très délicat sujet de civilisation. Des explications très convaincantes. Très belle vidéo…! Très grand bravo et merci.

  • Many people with Down's syndrome are aware of the new antenatal blood test and the high rate of terminations of the lives of people who would be just like them. It is incredibly PAINFUL to them.

  • beautiful video, absolutely motivating. This is how the world should be loving and caring.. but my problem is, what the hell is wrong with comments section here?

  • bellissimo video!
    le persone che soffrono di "sindome di down" sono persone come tutti noi..anzi,anche meglio.
    sono persone fantastiche.
    e vanno appprezzate proprio cosi..come sono.
    aiutamo questo mondo,le persone ignoranti e stupide che criticano questa "sindome",questa "malattia"…questo "essero diversi" come chiamano loro..
    cerchiamo di mettere in testa a questa gente che la "sindrome di down" è è una condizione genetica caratterizzata dalla presenza di un cromosoma in più nelle cellule: invece di 46 cromosomi nel nucleo di ogni cellula ne sono presenti 47, vi è cioè un cromosoma n. 21 in più;…E BASTA.
    non è nulla di "maligno".
    ma non solo per queste innocenti meraviglie…anche per il resto del mondo. per tutte quante le persone.

  • Cette vidéo transmet un véritable message d'amour et d'espérance ! Tous les enfants ont le droit d'être aimé, malgré les difficultés 😉 les trisomiques (ou trimignons comme j'aime les appeler ) sont des rayons de soleils pour leur entourage. Ce sont des personnes souriantes, positives et pleines d'humour ! Je prie pour que les mamans anxieuses pendant leur grossesse puissent voir cette vidéo et être entourée pour bien réfléchir à leur manière d'accueillir l'handicap de leur enfant. Merci pour cette vidéo extrêmement touchante

  • Loved this Down's syndrome children and adults are some of the most loving caring people on the planet ! It's just extra chromosome it's just your likelihood increases of having a Down's syndrome baby increase after 35

  • This is an amazing video!  Thank you soooo much!!!!  My son is 16 with down syndrome, and he is happy, healthy, and thriving.  Sure, we've had hard moments, but every parents have hard moments.

  • this made me cry so hard. i'm sorry for all the ignorance & hate in this world that is directed to people with down syndrome. i'll fight for you!

  • We just launched our channel with a video on young adults with Down syndrome talking about happiness! Would love for you to check it out!

  • My brother has ds he is a bilingual trumpet, drum and guitar player that is a star in special olympics for basketball, track and swimming ?

  • Down syndrome is not something to be afraid of. People with Downs are very nice and loving. They can do what we can do it just takes more time for them to learn. Honestly people treat them badly because of how they look and act. They are still human like us. Just because they look and act different doesn't change anything. I know this because my brother has down syndrome.

  • About a year ago, at 19 weeks pregnant, I came across this video after meeting with our genetic counselor who informed us our daughter had Down syndrome. I felt so defeated, scared, and betrayed (yes, ridiculous) by the baby I thought we were having. I thought our lives were over and that she would suffer. I was so very wrong. She is the joy of our lives and the only thing she suffers from is other people's ignorance. After reading so many articles trying to wrap my mind around what our new normal would be like, THIS video is what changed everything. I knew she would be the wonderful baby we'd adored all along. Motherhood – parenthood – is hard. Children are inherently a burden. Ours will smile more.

  • Six years ago my aunt got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and asked me if I could help her by taking in my cousin with Down Syndrome. At first I was scared, and didn’t know what to expect, but he has been the biggest blessing I’ve ever received in my life. He is the most amazing, wonderful human ever created. He made me a better person. Recently, my aunt took him back home for a weekend. I was an absolute mess the whole weekend missing him. I love him like my own kids, and I can’t imagine ever being apart from him again. He is that special to us.

  • Los Discapacitados Diferente
    Somos En
    Hoy Es El Día Mundial
    Del Síndrome De Down
    Vous les gars
    Ils ont enseigné

  • To all these people who say that a life with downs syndrome is not worth living, or its too hard or unhappy: I hope one day you will get the chance to meet someone with down's and actually get to know them, instead of just ignorantly dismissing them. My older brother has downs syndrome: he is almost always smiling, loves super heroes, loves food, loves his family. He read Harry Potter by himself, graduated high school and received the biggest applause when walking the stage, and went to college the next year. He's funny and loving and kind. Sure he's not going to get all the same opportunities, but neither will some people in poorer places in the world and I don't see anyone saying that they don't deserve to live.

  • We must to learn how to live or we will be damned. It doesn't matter if you have a condition, a deficiency, nothing or something else. All that matters is comprehension, true humanity and love. It's written in the Bible we must be like children to be accepted in Heaven and I believe we must be kind, respectful and open to adapt. God bless them for teaching us a lesson and for being an inspiration to never give up.

  • My brother has Down syndrome he’s really loving and caring I treat him like he doesn’t have Down syndrome and I love him so much.

  • One if my best friends has Down syndrome I was the only one who talked to her we still hang out sometimes i've been friends with her since 2nd grade so almost 13 or 14 years now

  • Dovremmo prendere esempio dall'islanda

  • Hello ! We are soon leaving for a world tour to meet people with Down's syndrome, to discover how this disease is managed and how it is perceived across different civilizations.

        Specifically we will travel in a truck with Alexander, 21, with trisomy 21.
        That is why I write this message: If you know an association or a person with Down syndrome who would like to meet us, we French, in your country we would be happy and this exchange would be most rewarding!

    Please contact Claire through our facebook page

  • This made me cry and put a smile in my face. You can clearly see the happiness plastered in their faces as if they aren't experiencing difficulties. They are all adorable

  • First and last this will be Your Child , Love and care for it and there will be hard times but you can have hard times with any child or children , Love your Baby , child Unconditionaly and ask for help if needed and the kindest thing any parent can do , is see their abilities not disability and see that they can function quite well given the opportunity ! And it will take time and effort but you hopefully do that with any child , as they need good role models and the home should be it that prepares them for there futures , all the best and congrats on you or anyone that has or will have child with Down Syndrome , your not alone so reach out to those who have a child young or old with Down Syndrome , but also each child is an individual with their own special set of needs and that you will have to watch closely to assess What Your childs needs are etc , ty for sharing this with us as we can all learn ??????☺??

  • Beautiful. Some of the comments below are disturbing. People need to learn from love not hate. From wisdom and not ignorance. I bet the kids in this video contribute more than the haters. Build society from morality not corruption. Accept diversity. The whole planet is diverse. When we mess with the natural order of things we screw up. Every single time.There are no mistakes. Life with Down Syndrome can be beautiful. It should be beautiful. We need to stop limiting people with prejudice. Hurting others with hate shows your lack of humanity.

    let's talk about you now.

    Immagine that you're going to live twice.
    For your next life you can either choose to be born with Down Syndrome or without.
    Which one do you prefer ?

  • Arrêtez de les regardez bizzarement ou bien de rire à leur insu. Ils sont comme nous, ils ont une tête, deux oeils, deux oreilles, un nez et une bouche comme tt les autres enfants et ils méritent leur place dans ce monde comme ns le méritons que ce soit par leur courage ou bien leur gentillesse ❤️❤️♥️♥️??ALORS AIMEZ LES ET ACCEPTEZ LES TELS QUI SONT ✨✨ !!!

  • Et si vous commenciez par vous occupiez de vos affaires au lieu de nous faire une propagande sur le choix d'une femme sur garder ou pas son foetus.
    Je ne veux pas jouer vos jeux niveau pipi caca, mais cela vous est venu à l'esprit que c'est encore plus immorale de montrer des enfants de 8 ans que réellement de quoi on parle, c'est à dire des foetus, votre culpabilisation, nous fait rire encore plus de vous….
    La prochaine étape ce sera quoi comme elle copule si la position vous plait ou pas ?!

  • Mr Tom Alford Said that Autism suck and you are Downs syndrome is a living nightmare as fucking hell you all

  • Tantos deslike mostra o quanto a humanidade esta perdida, cheia de gente preconceituosa e mediucre. Eles são lindos e podem ser oque quiserem sim. Amooooooooooo todos eles

  • Yass they r wonderful.
    If u never have them will never know the real meaning of life. Not all family has Down syndrome
    And I believe god sent them to us cuz he knows we can carry them. And means we are amazing. I accept it happily. As a sister

  • Considering that I'm a bigger failure than (most) people with DS I don't understand why our country has the option to legally kill a foetus at the 6. month if it has DS. That's just sick, mate! Few of these comments make me sick as well and make me concerned about humanity. Think about it, if you or someone you know happens to become handicapped in the future or the kid turns out to have a severe illness you can't diagnose during pregnancy, would you still say that these people are not worthy of love or compassion? I wouldn't and I don't understand the lack of compassion or empathy for those who never hurt you, though I am glad I don't have to witness any of that any longer.

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