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Dedicated to Helping Others

Dedicated to Helping Others

We always think our kids are just
regular ole kids but sometimes you find out that they’re
a lot more to them. She just had a heart she helped a lot of people in a
different way. 24 year old Alexis Jenkins was a
Newcastle native whose passion for community outreach stretched across the
nation. Alexis loved to feed the homeless. She was feeding them every month and she
would gather all her friends and they would make hot dogs and chips and hand
them out. When she wasn’t helping the less fortunate in Placer County she was
doing it in San Diego and Las Vegas but a vacation trip to Hawaii in 2017 turned
deadly. Alexis was hit head-on and killed by a truck. It’s the kind of news no
parent ever expects to receive. Now her parents are keeping their daughters
memory alive through community service. You have to
make a positive out of a negative. In 2018, the Jenkins partnered with growing
peace camp an Auburn based nonprofit to raise donations for the homeless in
honor of Alexis. Our goal really is to get the youth to be aware of their
communities and be willing to help them in any way possible. This is their second year and close to 200 families have
helped put together food in care bags to hand out to the homeless. This young girl was inspired by Alexis
and her story. It’s her second year handing out bags to the homeless. Everyone should get a second chance, and when get it they
they should take it and not leave it. Take me with you to someplace fun. Spread me out so I can
feel the sun. Say goodbye and give me a wave and remember me on this special day.
Now an angel in the sky. Alexis’ legacy carries on through the
lives she’s touched. Even those she never knew.

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