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Develop Effective English by Sumitha Roy at IMPACT 2013

all of you a very good after noon. Gampa Nageshwar Rao Garo has given me the job of telling you about the english language are you eagar to hear about english yes (crowded voice) very good. for the last three years We are having the impact program. And it has impacted many people. I’m sure you know about the word impact means Just now we heard 8 to 10 young boys and girls telling us about the impact of impact impact is effect impact is influence so is this program effecting you? Is it influencing you? so let us make the influence better By going into some English. the most difficult part of our life and our career today is English. Prof. Vishwanatham whom all of us respect as our senior told you that he is also scared of english all of us are scared. I teach English but English is not my mother tongue. English also is to me a strange language. So all of you needs to think like I thought in order to improve If I could improve, why can’t you improve. Is my English alright? Do you want your English to be like mine? It can easily be like mine. It’s not difficult. I am also just like you who learned English with a lot of difficulty. School doesn’t matter. Telugu medium or Convent school doesn’t matter. What matters is motivation. Do you have Motivation?
All of you Only few are saying yes. Yes (Crowded Voice) Very good. If you want to learn Motivation you have Gampa Nageshwar Rao He is full of Motivation We invited him to the University many times and everywhere he Motivated the students. So please remember that first thing you have to ask yourself today Now at this Movement, it is 02:20 on 8th of May.
Do you want to learn English? That is up to you. Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. You ask yourself- Do you really want to learn English? Today the learning of English is the difference between success and failure. Please remember when I was studying English.
English was not very important. It was just one more subject. Thirty years back English didn’t have Importance. Today in 2013 English is most Important. You can impact the world by learning English. Not Gampa Nageshwar Rao Gaaru impacting you But you impacting the world. The entire world is yours if you know English. If you don’t know English, However excellent you are you don’t get as much success. You all of you want to be successful Yes (Crowded Voice) I’m sure there is nobody in the world who doesn’t want to be a success all of us want maximum success. And real success will come when you change your mindset. Sir, let me offer this to you There is no student here who did not write an English exam in the 10th class Did you have English in the 10th class? Yes (Crowded Voice) Then how can you say Telugu medium? English is there in 10th class Is English there in 12th class plus two? English is there in graduation Then how can you be Telugu medium still? Out of 10 years of Telugu, you are learning one language also that is English. So, No excuse for other than English medium Please don’t think. When I came into the Hall, I asked one participant Where is the Hall? Where will I find Mr. Gampa Nageshwar Rao? When I spoke in English, I got the reply in Telugu. That has to change. After four days impact will finish. But you have to keep the mindset of impact. Sir is giving you Energy. You have to use that energy now when you finish. So I want each of you to start speaking in English today itself with each other you have 1500 people here. Did you speak to anybody here? Did you speak to some people? You might not have spoken to all 1500 But at least speak to 100 people that will be 100 sentences in English Can you do that? Did you notice the participants who came here? They spoke beautifully, they spoke wonderfully, they spoke excellently. But they didn’t speak English. They spoke, But they didn’t speak English. Already we know Telugu, Don’t we? You don’t need to learn Telugu ones more. It is your own mother tongue. you are excellent Don’t Practice Telugu Now. I’m not saying you should forget it. We love our mother tongue maximum. The most important language in our life is our mother tongue. But at this moment in 2013, The mother tongue is not very useful in our professional life. In professional life we need English, In personal life we need Telugu. So, don’t forget Telugu and don’t part speaking English at Home. Don’t do that. But, outside the house with your friends, with your colleagues please speak English even if you make mistakes in English. Why we are not able to speak is because we have no practice. Can you begin the practice today? So from tomorrow when they come here Will they come? Gampa Nageshwar Gaaru Tomorrow again they will come, So what will all of you notice? Only English when you are holding this If you speak wrong English no problem. Please don’t worry Make hundred mistakes, make thousand mistakes. But please make some mistakes. Please try to speak English. Can you do that? yes (crowded voice) Unless you practice you cannot learn You know in the last two years impact, sir put them on youtube And Everyday I get minimum 1 or 2 emails you can imagine 300, 400, 500 emails And Number of phone calls from all over the world saying Please tell us how to learn English. Recently somebody called from Brazil I don’t even know where Brazil is. I have to look at the world map. But phone call came Madame we saw you on youtube now tell us how to improve. That desire to improve is the most important thing. All of you need to have Now I will tell you how to improve. Till now I gave you an introduction to English. I told you how important English is. Now I’m going to tell you how to improve, each day you have to do such a thing

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