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Devin Nunes So Afraid Of The Public He’s Holding A Fundraiser In Secret Location

Devin Nunes So Afraid Of The Public He’s Holding A Fundraiser In Secret Location

You know what the Republican’s serving in
the House of Representatives, there’s no shortage of crazy. There’s a shortage of of Weirdos or conspiracy
theorists, but when it comes to being the most fearful member of the US House of Representatives
on the Republican side, that title is always going to be held as long as he has a congressmen
by Devin Nunes. See, Devin Nunes is a guy that has pretty
much terrified of his own shadow. You know, he’s terrified of these parody Twitter
accounts. Devin Nunes, a cow. Oh God, let me sue them, which only served
actually just make them more popular than, than Devin Nunes, his Twitter account. So his fearfulness has backfired on him spectacularly
and that’s just in the last month and a half. But he has grown so afraid of the world that
he is now being reduced to having to do a fundraiser in complete secret that fundraisers
push to be taking place today. But nobody’s allowed to know where it is unless
you got one of those super secret Devin Nunes invitations. And Luckily newspapers in his home district
did get copies of that invitation. Although I don’t know if they actually published
the address because they were war. Do not publish the address of this fundraiser
or all. I swear to God we’re going to cancel the whole
damn thing. See, Devin Nunes earlier this month had to
cancel an event that he was going to go to because on social media, word got around that
he was going to be at this RNC thing and so they said, hey, let’s show up there and heckle
him. Let’s show up there and disrupted. Let’s protest this event in. Devin Nunes went running off like a terrified
little man child because that is exactly what he is. Devin Nunes is a manchild masquerading as
a sitting member of the US House of Representatives and a Republican leader and now because he’s
so terrified of being confronted by his own constituents, he is having to hold this fundraiser
in complete secrecy. Nobody can know where it is and it’s not even
like it’s a big money fundraiser. It’s like 55 bucks to get in the door. It’s only 150 bucks for VIP access. I guess Devin Nunes has now become the discount
congressmen because everybody hates them so damn much. He knows he probably isn’t going to get those
tens of thousands of dollars per head fundraisers anymore. So share a 50 bucks. I mean, hell, you can’t even go to a football
game in this country for under 55 bucks, but you can certainly have access to Devin Nunes
as long as of course you, you promise to just be super nice. Don’t make any sudden movements cause you’re
going to scare off Devin Nunes and for the love of God. Don’t ask him any tough questions because
that scares a little Devon and little Devin. Oh, go running off into the corner and cry
if you make them sad or scared. That’s why he can only do these super secret
events. Oh in makes sure if you pay the $55 to get
into this event that you don’t pull up Twitter and he sees that Devin Nunes is cow account
because my God, that’s probably just going to send them right over the edge.

  • Ha ha! I love it! Nunes shows exactly what a spineless little twerp he is. Soulless political hacks have no place in our society.

  • His district has to get their heads out of the sand. Nunes is an idiot and is a reflection of his district who must have no scruples. SHAME ON THEM!!!

  • You could do the people a great service if you stop referring to Devin Nunes as a Cancervative RepugnantCon, he has literally nobody in the nation supporting his agenda and only speaks to Cancervatives. He has done nothing for anyone, but to embolden the Cancervative deep seated prejudices and given them license to practice the same openly without fear of consequence. Devin Nunes is no political Advocate of the United States of America! He is a grifter, enriching himself every day that he sits in the White house. There isn't a single issue concerning this nation that he has any idea about… the manchild is a dumbass!

  • Thousand Hills Ranch
    550 Thousand Hills Rd
    Pismo Beach, CA 93449
    June 28, 2019 5pm

    You're welcome

  • nunes thought he was paul rever on a mind night run,to get info to commitie, he told paul ryana, he was told give this info to dumpster,he 🏃as fast as he could,when confronted he lied,now the🐄rad is up for election, one his fatih is in his👐he all way look like he hiding something him and scott walker, the look like a possum.

  • So that photo of Nunes face ,thats what the inside of Trumps ass looks like. It has molded Nunes face from it being shoved up there as far as he could get it to go.

  • Devin Nunes seemed like a tough guy protecting Trump when Republicans controlled the House, but now that Democrats control the House, Nunes has a large Yellow Streak Down His Back.

    Trying to spot a Nunes in his habitat will be like trying to see Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

  • Look, I'm a woman, proud and strong, but I have no problem calling someone like Devin Nunes a p–sy.

  • I can’t believe that P.O.S 💩 is from my home town people like him who are that afraid 😱 of every thing is a someone with a hell of a guilty conscience of people he’s wronged and is afraid there going 2 want justice how much is a good night sleep worth to mister Nunes who probably hasn’t had a good night sleep in years from paranoia

  • Dang….I was looking forward to the video of a herd of people in cow suits and others ringing cowbells. At least that was the plan I “herd”. I did a cursory look at the comments and people missed the obvious punchline, “Don’t have a cow, man!” 😂

  • If he can't face his own constituents, then it's a clear admission that he doesn't work for them, and furthermore it's proof that people know this! Why do people keep voting for republicans when it's obvious to everyone that they only work for the rich?

  • Another Alt White in need of a severe asskicking. Nunes is the worst kind of vermin. His family moved to Iowa….1) because Devin is such a baby 2) Steve King's outright RACISM is more desirable to listen to than Devin's whiney bullshit

  • trump is not your friend! Where are your jobs, affordable health care, lower prescription prices, infrastructure, and honest government? I 'll wait…

    And who really wants to give a large portion of your tax money to those who are already vastly wealthy? Corporations pay less than a living wage, while CEO's are taking In millions. Greatly expanding the income inequality!

    In fact these questions apply to the entire country!
    We need paper ballots, and a desire for fair, honest government!

  • He also blocks his contituants on both facebook and Twitter. I hope Nunes decided to hang himself and do the world a favor.

  • Nunes gambled with being a trumplicker who would get a better job and got sidelined by Miller who is his rival. Nunes has stamped on his own wang so badly he is snorting like a coke whore now. They never learn from others do they?

  • That is absurd: What kind of representative does he think he is, hiding from the people he is supposed to represent, instead of listening to them??

  • I’d ask him why he went to Azerbaijan on congressional break ,!, hahahaha ha ha!,, #WEAK 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Oh Puleze!! What Nunez is afarid of, is being seen with the people he takes money from, and they're afraid of being seen giving it to him. Niether wants you to see the connection between the donor and Devin's Dirty Deeds.

  • Devin Nunes the A-hole! He should call on his buddy Trump to help him out in all situations. He made his bed now he's afraid to lie in it. Who knew?

  • Nunes is a disgusting excuse for a representative, he's not represented his constituents once since they voted for him, well the people that didn't vote for him, as when your elected you are supposed to represent all of your constituents, not just your bigoted racist supporters. But that's the republican party for you! Every last one of them are in congress to enrich themselves and maybe, just maybe they will throw a scrap to the people that elected them. The republicans have no domestic policy for the people, it's policy is for corporate donors. Their foreign policy is for dictators who will pay them thru giving their companies breaks, any fool who thinks that the trump administration is going to make it "great" for them better hope that they've got millions of dollars to get tax cuts on, otherwise you will get nothing. But then if your weak minded enough to support these criminals, you deserve to be fleeced like the marks that you are!

  • Yup, Devin 'Happy Harry's' Nunes, has been put in the discount bin! Yessir. for $5 bucks, you get a Congressional Favor from Devin!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ha ha ha ha

  • Nunes better worry.Obstructing with Trump is a Crime. He's told Trump everything that was going on during the Investigation. Need to charge him also with a CRIME. No 1 is Above the Law.

  • Claudia Tenney (R, N.Y.) used to do "town halls" by invitation only because she didn't like getting yelled at by her constituents. She was afraid of her constituents also when she was in the House. She was voted out in the midterms.

  • I do not understand this , this guy DEMON NUNES should be in prison by now after all the crimes he has committed a traitor and obstruction of justice an lot more .

  • Demon Nunes probably have sex with his cows that's why he loves trump so much , the cows and trump look very similar so maybe NUNES really would like to FUCK trump big fat ass .

  • They are worried about the violence Trump is inciting turning the other way on them….people that tend to be violent tend to turn on people over little things….the republitards will soon experience a mass exodus of support and they know they have wronged enough people to be in danger

  • I like your content, but sometimes you sound like a leftist Alex Jones. I like it better when more balanced opinions are given, despite of how weird the person you're talking about is.

  • republicans and democrats continue to play the old money game, ignoring what AOC proved, money don't matter. Spew all the lies all over the airwaves and you still aren't going to get (re)elected. tell us the truth, tell us what your beliefs are and what you have to back you up and you have a chance at our vote. Don't care how much money you spend, only what you are going to do to bring the government back to the people and away from corporations, what you've done on OUR key issues, single payer healthcare, the environment, cost of education, things that benefit and grow a nation. If a nation's people are strong, companies benefit. If we suffer, you suffer.

  • didn't know that ws planning to go up to his area and buy a bill board and put the Putin/Trump/Nunez of three men on their knees eating each others excrement

  • Nunes was the
    Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
    Maybe soon, he'll be Chairman of the BIGhouse Stupidity Committee
    What a fucking Drama Queen and Coward!.

  • And Nunes fundraising concerns you how? Obviously, you don't support Nunes politically so why do you think it's your business? That's the problem with Leftist, their nose is always into everybody else's stuff when they need to be taking care of their own!!!

  • Nunes & Ted Cruz, you can't get more self-serving and morally corrupt than those two vile disgusting rats.

  • This fcking loser is a PUBLIC SERVANT. What about that doesn’t he understand? VOTE HIM OUT AMERICA! What is wrong with this country? How the fck does a snake like Nunes get elected anyway? It really shows how gullible, ignorant and just plain stupid certain parts of the American population are.

  • Nunes, Lamar Smith, Mo Brooks, Louie Gomert, King, Trump, many others, quite an embarrassing line up for Republicans. It certainly says something about the voters that put these imbeciles into office.

  • If he is that paranoid, then he has no business being in politics! Maybe he should find a night time job, that doesn't involve working with people. Maybe a night time janitorial position!

  • By tenacity, Nunes single handedly sparked the fire that is now known as Spygate. Several prominent bureaucrats, politicians, and media leaders, will be charged or at least exposed and shamed. More and more Americans are starting to see Spygate as the biggest corruption scandal in American history. Nunes has good cause to worry for being the one who started this fire

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