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Do you know what your donation to United Way looks like?

Do you know what your donation to United Way looks like?

♪ ( Piano music) ♪ ♪ For years I worked in
the restaurant industry, but then, struggles with
alcohol cost me my job. At first, money
was just tight, but then, I couldn’t
even afford to eat. We had a good life in
Syria before the war. My husband was a lawyer, I
taught at the local university, but then it
became too dangerous. I’d say goodbye each
time I left the house, unsure if
I’d ever return. I lost my best friend
the day my husband died. In an instant
I became lonely. I missed the
little things. How do you make
sense of your life when your best
friend is gone? Thankfully I connected
with a meal program at an agency
close to home. They didn’t just give
me a healthy lunch, they gave me the
beginning of a fresh start. Today I volunteer in the
very kitchen that helped me, because I know just how
life changing a meal can be. A life in Canada
brought safety, but also a new
language and culture. An agency in our neighborhood
helped us navigate our new community,
and turn it into a home. Today, when I think of
the future, I have hope. I found a local seniors program
that was just what I needed to get my
life back. Today, I’m living life to the
fullest, surrounded by friends. Do you know what your
donation looks like? It looks
like me. It looks
like me. It looks
like me. ♪ (Dramatic and
inspiring music) ♪ ♪

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