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Do You Realize What Republican Platform Since 2012 Has Been?

Do You Realize What Republican Platform Since 2012 Has Been?

last thing I want to talk about before
we break lewis et be we are today is election 2013 and is not a big
midterm election it is not a presidential election but there are any number %uh interesting
races around the country including the Virginia gubernatorial election here in new york city we’ve got the
mayoral election which by the way and got a lot of emails I did not vote I
am registered to vote in Massachusetts I voted their up for some of my friends for city
councilor Lewis said that that that this far as I was able to get in the 2013
election tomorrow we’re going to have results but
I i stepped back as I was looking at the different races that are being voted on today and I said hold on
a second David I said to myself what has been the republic in platform for the last I don’t know one to three years and I
thought and I said okay it’s been telling lies about the
Affordable Care Act in order to try to get people to oppose it not sign up et cetera shutting down the
government in part because I’ve the uncontroversial
raising the debt ceiling which absolute merit to discussing whether
that a good or bad thing but the idea that it is unique to
President Obama when so many other presidents have raise the debt ceiling
many more times and by much far greater margins and
President Obama Ben Ghazi right Ben Ghazi since that
since September 11 2012 has been and insane
catalyst for every every type a Breitling lunacy that
we can imagine and the background the constant
background extremism on social issues who can
support this Lewis who is behind what the republican platform has been
for the last two years its it’s shocking when you put it all
together and realize there has been nothing else done other than opposing Obamacare would lies
shutting down the government obsessing over Ben Ghazi and and just
opposing gay marriage and abortion if only people knew that David that’s
that’s the problem people just don’t realize it they have no idea that this is all
that’s been happening could this be a sustainable strategy for republicans we
see demographic shifts we see shift on the issues where separate from
Republican and Democrat boaters increase to being increasingly
favor the progressive point of view now we
need to kind of separate that from from from parties and from boating for
specific party simply out of habit could this be a sustainable tactic for
republicans I really don’t think it worked over the last two years it relies on misinformation and taking
advantage of those who are who also favor all these a extreme social policies but hard to say I mean I
think we are headed in a direction that that that clearly shows that this is not
a long-term up plan that will work email
me about this leave me voicemails 2192 David P AM I wrong about what the platform has
been for two years and is it sustainable could it work for the
republican party on today’s bonus show we will be talking about a map above all the places named after Satan I will also propose a few
ideas we’ve been kind of toying with behind the scenes for a a couple of new
things we want to do for the show we’re going to present it to our bonus
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  • Republicans talk about jobs and the economy but they never really do anything about either problem. They are too busy with abortion, gay marriage and "Obamacare" to come up with any ideas I guess.

  • Maybe they're strategy is to lose as many votes as possible and to kill the party, because they seem to be doing a good job at that.

  • And what have Obama and the democrats done in the past 5 years? Worry about gay marriage and Obamacare and nothing about jobs.

  • The platform for Obama the past 5 years have been common sense according to him. At that level nothing is common sense. Anyone who uses common sense as an argument either has no clue what they are talking about or is lying. To him raising taxes is common sense when it hinders the economy. Gun control is common sense when it hurts our 2nd amendment right. Obamacare is common sense when it raises premiums and deductibles, also when the website doesn't work and people lose their healthcare.

  • In all Obama and the democrats dug their own holes. When it is all said and done people are going to ignore gay marriage (when marriage shouldn't be a federal issue to begin with). They are going to ignore abortion and realized that Obama lied on health care, along with liberals including Pakman. Healthcare cost will go up and the quality will go down. They won't care about social issues and really care about the economy. High unemployment, record food stamps, only part time jobs available……

  • ……will get to people enough that republicans will win and win the presidency. Come 2016 the democrats won't be able to run on their record leading to their defeat. Pakman, you have proved once again that you are clueless on this issue. The best thing I can do now is wait and come 2016, or even as early as 2014 I can come back and say I told you so.

  • I am so disgusted with the Republicans and the Democrats both. It is time that we get someone decent and who isn't afraid to stick up for THE PEOPLE! I love my country and loathe my government!

  • What has Obama done in the past 5 years?
    Here's a few.
    1. Passed healthcare reform which has failed over and over again for past Presidential tries.
    2. Ended the war in Iraq
    3. Passed Wall Street reform
    4. Passed the stimulus
    5. Ordered the attacks on Osama Bin Laden which resulted in his death
    6. Saved US auto industry
    7. Repealed "Don't ask don't tell."
    8. Stopped Bush-era torture techniques.
    9. Expanded Pell grant spending
    10. Increased support for military veterans
    11. Recapitalized banks

  • Passed healthcare reform that is making it worse and more expensive. The website not only works but he lied about how healthcare will be ran. Mismanaged foreign affairs. Supported the bailouts. He can't take credit for Bin Laden because that was Seal team 6 but he seems to be happy a being "really good at killing" with drone attacks. Over 7% unemployment, record food stamps, only part time jobs being available. This guy is a failure, face it.

  • You are missing the entire point of this video and my retort.
    The point David is making is that the GOP have not actually legislated, they have simply attacked and obstructed.

    You wished to paint Obama with that same brush when you imply he hasn't done anything in the last 5 years.
    It simply isn't true.

    This isn't a nuanced discussion on he merits of legislation this is simply pointing out that the Democrats have actually legislated (doing their jobs) and the GOP mostly have not.

  • The GOP have tried to work with Obama but he is so corrupt he won't work. One simple example, when the tax cuts were set to expire republicans wanted to extend them and Obama wanted to raise taxes on the rich only. He claimed that republicans were willing to hold America hostage for political gain and raise taxes which weren't true. Republicans wanted everyone's taxes to be cut. What end up happening was everyone taxes went up because they gave Obama his tax raise.

  • Republicans wanted to cut spending but Obama refused. With Sylondra and now the Obamacare website there is a huge reason why they didn't want the debt ceiling increased and want to cut spending, Obama is terrible at it. Why allow him to waste more money? They are legislating, they are trying to stop Obama and him being a radical. They tried to stop this mess of a law in Obamacare. Is Pelosi legislating? I mean, she just wanted to pass a bill to see what is in it. Here it is and it is a mess.

  • Yeah, never mind the tax increase which they opposed and Obama wanted. Never mind raising the debt ceiling and giving in on the shutdown because Obama refused to do anything but golf. Raising the debt ceiling is giving Obama another blank check for what? Creating another website that doesn't work? Passing a bill that his party won't read? Lying to the American people about healthcare or launching more drones since he is so good at killing?

  • Both parties are just birds of the same feather-a bunch of lying smooth talking hypocritical treasonous crony thugs who DO not work for the people – instead prostitute our government to the corporate interests be dammed national security. They are all-everyone of them-TRAITORS and in times past even at worst times would have been arrested and sent to gallows. Until that happens America will burn. Obama our supreme ruler and his Stasi regime.

  • Do really think parroting Fox news is in your best interest, try thinking for yourself, go out and search the issues yourself. Fox news turns out drone after drone, you guys just don't get it, America doesn't want right wing propaganda any more, and parroting Fox news makes you an enemy of the state.

  • You would think all the horrible things the Republicans are doing would make it impossible for they to win an election, but so many people in an effort to be "fair and balanced" blame the DEMs equally with the GOP. As long as we elect DEMs and GOP equally, we will never be able to solve any of our problems. The GOP has to be voted out, then we must overturn Citizens United and pass a Constitutional Amendment that regulates how voting districts are distributed to get rid of the gerrymander.

  • A couple of things get Republicans voted in, actually three. The big one is gerrymandering, the Republicans changed the various area in such a way that a) they guarantee a majority of whites with photo i.d.'s and b) area with more minorities that are poor and can't afford photo i.d.'s. Another, they spend a huge amount of money on campaigning, the saying goes, the more you spend the more your chances of getting in. Lastly most Americans tend to vote against their financial personal interests.

  • have you ever seen this show? this show is not blindly Obama-friendly by any means. Might be useful to watch more of this show before making such an uninformed comment.

  • They did work well with Clinton. Clinton was pulling his left wing radical policies and they put a stop to that. He was that the people wanted a more moderate government and he went with it. Obama doesn't see that and look at the mess we have. The good thing now is that Obama is digging such a deep whole that come 2014 he will be stopped due to losing the midterms. Come 2016 democrats would get what they deserve for having a radical like Obama do what he did.

  • Obama and Romney spent about equal amounts on campaigning. Id's are cheap and people are starting to notice they did vote against their financial interests when they voted for Obama.

  • You do cater to Obama. You are parading around Obamacare like it is this amazing law even though he lied about it. The website doesn't work when it took 3 years to make and premiums and deductibles are going up making healthcare more expensive. Where are theses subsidizes going to come from? Obama's one crowning achievement was Obamacare and you hail it like it is the greatest thing since slice bread. You are very Obama friendly.

  • He's only saying that because he's a blind Obamaphobe. Exactly how many of the things that he listed are neither things Obama had nothing (or next to nothing) to do with or are straight up lies?

  • Well, that's because Obamacare is an amazing law (when compared to what is already in play and alternative plans that have been suggested).

    Although Pakman would still be supporting it even if someone else made it.

  • I'm sorry, this show isn't about progressive politics at all. This is blatant support for perpetuating the right-left paradigm.

  • We here in UK cannot understand why so many oppose Obamacare if it is anything like our National Health Service where ALL are entitled to free care at the point of use – not only does that ensure a nationwide coordinate approach to treatment but also prevention – its a win win

  • you forgot they want no immigration reform, no gun control of any kind & want to gut all entitlements. It's an obtusely insane factually stunted Neo-Confederate stance that seeks to punish minorities, while actually hurting themselves. It ended their political party…

  • Nice summary! There was a time when I thought the Republican party could be a countermeasure to the sometimes untenable and idealistic positions of the Democrats, but then the Republicans went nuts.

    So that dream is smashed, Now I just wish someone would put this party out of its misery. This is just too painful to watch anymore.

  • The official, Republican Party platform contains 12 separate plans to permanently oppress LGBT people everywhere. The 4-year plan was adopted in August 2012, and re-adopted several times afterward.

    For details, visit Marriage Equality USA Get the Facts Platforms.

  • There is nothing blind about this show at all. With open eyes this show promotes the lie that there is a difference between democrats and republicans. This show is just another part of the problem as it fails to point out that this country is lead by a two-party dictatorship operating under the direction of bankers. This show (and I do mean SHOW) promotes ignorance and divisiveness. David Pakman is just another zion-puppet leading his listeners down the garden path. I find it entertaining!

  • The problem with saying the bankers run everything is that if they were they wouldn't need a smokescreen. At best they are an especially privileged group that does not suffer consequences like the average person. But running the show? And there is a difference between the parties, just look at how they run their states. Red states have higher divorce rates, hate crimes, teen pregnancy and churchs. Blue states tend to have higher welfare spending, higher taxes and broader tolerance.

  • I am open to such wild theories. Really I am. I have looked at these shootings and I have to say, they are pretty speculative. If you are as critical of the "evidence" that these are conspiracies, or false flags, then you will see that they are weakly supported. Now Kennedy's assassination, that's suspicious!

  • Not sure of what free market means to you, but the US has never had a market free from government influence. Even the railways, built in the early 1800s were government sponsored and much of the Western US is still to this day owned by the Railroads because the US Federal Government gave them the land. The free market is a fantasy.

  • Obvious fake blood? Are you a forensic expert now? Don't you think if there was obviously fake blood at a scene that more people would notice?

  • I totally agree with you, it's a disgrace that the US is the only western democracy that does not have national health care for it's citizens. The medical establishment in the U.S. is for profit, and resists using any means necessary to convince people that any government program (except military expenditures) is evil.

  • Clearly, their strategy is not working yet the follow the same path of obstruction and an agenda to dismantle the govt. There are no viable policies and their claims of getting govt out of our lives yet want the govt to make decisions for women and tell ys who can marry or divorce. The GOP is near rock bottom but still refuses to accept the reality that their ideology is not in line with 21st century demographics and goals for our future which is not taking us back to 2950.

  • True…but then he also ended the Iraq war, set a definitive draw down in Afghanistan, killed Osama (giving us the political will to get out of Afghanistan), turned 800,000 monthly private sector jobs losses to over 100,000 monthly private sector job gains, repealed DADT, passed at least some form of universal healthcare although it is less than he promised, helped rally an efficient UN/Arab league response that quickly ended the Libyan civil war…But is he my ideal candidate? Hell no!

  • Because they aren't and you just completely made that statistic up 🙂 The median household income in the US (PPP) is one of the highest on the planet…Much higher than the UK, Germany and France for example…The US' problem isn't the middle class, it is the bottom 15% (actual number below poverty line) that live in comparatively much more grinding poverty than other wealthy industrialized nations…

  • That's right…you get it and everyone else is stuck with their heads in the sand 🙂 It isn't that you are just an arrogant clueless douche bag who thinks insanely complex interacting and conflicting interests of 7 billion people on this planet can be simplified and boiled down to a single conspiracy theory 🙂

  • It's because stupid Americans think that their health care system is "the best in the world" when in fact, we don't even crack the top 10 according to WHO.
    When you hear messages ad nauseum from faux news spreading misinformation, an ill-educated electorate incapable of critical thinking, we get the disaster which is US healthcare.

  • I'm not talking about the top 5% of your population, the median salary in the USA is $27519 over 50% of the population earn that or less.

  • The Republican platform is based on lies, systematic opposition, government shutdown and a complete absence of political realism. The Democrats have nothing better to show with their "charismatic" leader in the person of warmonger spy-on-all neo-con-pseudo-liberal Obama. When the American people start realizing that, there will be hope for the country again.

  • That is the median individual income and that is well above the poverty line and again one of the highest in the world…The poverty threshold in the US is like $11,700 for an individual….So 50% of the US public is not under the poverty line…

  • If people still have difficulty admitting that JFK assassination was a conspiracy, how could you expect them to even take a peek at the truth concerning 9-11?

  • You should start, they share your same cockamamie ideology, born of ignorance, driven be hatred for change. I hear their looking for more drones, hurry and they might have a spot for you.

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