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DogFest 2017, Ithaca New York – Check out all the Shelters, Rescues, and Vendors!

DogFest 2017, Ithaca New York – Check out all the Shelters, Rescues, and Vendors!

Hey guys we are here at DogFest in
Ithaca, New York. You’re gonna meet a whole bunch of awesome shelters, rescues,
and vendors in today’s video. Hey guys Ian and Christi here with Simpawtico Dog
Training now before we get into the ins and outs about DogFest please make sure
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don’t forget to check YouTube for notes links and other resources. Awesome
now Ithaca, New York is a little bit outside of our service area as far as
Simpawtico Dog Training goes so we’re actually here supporting Rainbow of Hope
Animal Rescue which we are both volunteers for. So let’s go check them
out and see what else is happening around. Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue is
an all breed dog rescue based out of Big Flats, New York. They’re a nonprofit
organization staffed entirely by volunteers. Today they brought two of
their adoptable dogs with them: Archer and Ceasar. This is my friend Lynette! Tell
us about yourself, Lynette. I am the Adoption Coordinator and Director of Fundraising for Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue and we are here at DogFest. How’s it going so far? We’re doing well.
We have a bake sale, we have a toy sale, and we are selling beverages. Fantastic! Located for the third year in a row at Cass Park in Ithaca New York, DogFest featured over
40 shelters, rescues, and vendors of products and services. This was the
biggest yet bringing together dogs, owners, and dog lovers from all over the
surrounding area. Hey guys this is my friend Matt from the
Chemung SPCA; tell us about it Matt. Yeah absolutely so we’re glad to be here at Ithaca DogFest in Cass Park and we brought with us the adorable Sundance, so
hopefully you”ll get to see her around today and a great time get to meet a lot of
friendly people and have even better friendly dogs and hopefully get some
good information out there about the Chemung SPCA. Absolutely! Now you guys on the channel know that I work a lot
with the Chemung SPCA, so I’m there every week, they’re an awesome, awesome group of
people and they’re a pleasure to work with every single time. They teach me a
lot every time I’m out there. So I’m glad to see you here my friend. Yeah thank you and for
everything you do! Thank you I appreciate that! Hey everybody this is Juli Lathrop with the Kramer foundation
and Julie and I had just met today actually even though we’ve been working
in the same area for a while now, and it’s a pleasure to meet her. Now Juli is
founder of the Kramer Foundation, so just tell us a little bit about what the Kramer foundation is
and what you do. Kramer Foundation primarily fosters dogs that would
normally be euthanized in shelters for behavior problems and then we
rehabilitate them and rehome them. Most of these dogs really need a job, you know,
when they’re rehabilitated we start training them for different venues and
we donate to law enforcement, New York State Fire, therapy dogs, search and rescue,
and some of them just go on to be really great pets because they needed they needed the foundation and nobody had ever done it. You know, they fall in love with that puppy, bring it
home and then realize: it’s a puppy! Right. So you probably do a
lot of those high drive, high-energy dogs that just, they have to have some place
to put that focus into. Yes and then those behaviors, because they get adopted
or purchased as pets, goes back to the breeder and not making sure their dogs
go where they need to be. And then, so when they get dumped off at shelters
those behaviors turn to aggression because they aren’t…nobody taps into the mind. Yeah, everything in a shelter is always magnified. Yeah. So
now you used to be in law enforcement right? Yes with the Sheriff’s
Department. So you had a lot of experience with those kinds of dogs? Not
the traditional. When I was with the department I wasn’t the traditional k-9
handler. I had a big hundred and fifty pound
Rottweiler—Kramer which started this whole thing—and I started using him when
I bid for the school position. I used him to make me approachable as a uniformed
officer to the kids right and it just branched into crazy programs. So we have
over 40 programs that went through the schools that many of them continue on
not only here but across the nation and then it branched off into fostering the
dogs that need it a little more. We had paired with the SPCA to pair our
problem dogs and problem kids and then branched off to just… it worked so
well that it was with every kid and it brought all of the kids of any walk of
life, race, religion… it just… everybody was the same for the dogs. It branched
off to that now, and now our fostering program were just ready to take in our
978 foster. That’s fantastic! So now on an average how many
dogs do you actively work with at a time do you have in your facility? I usually have
between 35 and 40 dogs at a time up there. It’s not an open to the
public, it’s specifically a rehab place, but we do place with
the general public. Usually they call or we have a list of what people are
looking for and then we evaluate the dogs as they go through training and
if we don’t have something we look at the local shelters and rescues. Fantastic! So we’re going to put the Kramer foundation’s website in
the YouTube description and I definitely encourage everybody to check it out and
learn more about it and see what you can do in your community to join the cause.
Thanks so much Juli, I really appreciate it. I thank you! It’s been really awesome
meeting you! Take care; have a great day. All right oh this
is my friend Dee. We’ve run into each other many, many times at different kinds of
functions and stuff like this. I think all sorts of little places we always seem to
bump into each other. Yeah. So Dee’s here with the Horseheads Community Shelter,
so tell us a little bit about that. We are a privately run shelter. We
have been open for almost a year now so we take in owner surrenders and also
help out other shelters that don’t have the resources and bring them in. Chip
here that I have with me is 8 years old; he came from Howard which is one of the
shelters we help. He was found as a stray so we do take
strays too. We are mainly volunteer based. We have low staffing right now. We
currently have three dogs and five cats but we are in desperate need of foster
homes especially for kittens. So we need some fosters. All right so for
those of you guys in the Twin Tiers of New York get on it!
We need some help. All right thank you! We’ll put a link to the Horeseheads
Community Shelter in that YouTube description. In addition to all the rescues and stuff
there are some really great vendors around here too. So this is Jamila with Eye4Design New York, so tell us about Eye4Design New York. Hi everybody we
started off as a jewelry company and we started in 2010, and now we’ve blossomed
into event planning and also tabeling at different events, so you’ll
find us here at Ithaca DogFest and hopefully you’ll find us here next year
as well. We do a lot of sewing projects and arts and crafts, lots of things that
are hand made. So this year we’re featuring handmade bandanas that go
right with small dogs or large dogs. We have little t-shirts, blankets for
transporting your dog in your car, back to the kennel, back and
forth for dog training potentially, so lots of fun. Nice! Well we’re going
to put all the links to Jamila’s stuff in the YouTube description so make sure
you check it out. Thanks so much! Alright guys this is Kristina,
another great vendor at DogFest with Polka Dot Tails, so tell us about Polka
Dot Tails, Kristina. Polka Dot Tails started four years ago when we first
started fostering dogs and I just couldn’t find the type of things I
needed, and we’ve expanded the last four years. We’re based here in Ithaca, and we
have collars and leashes and accessories for dogs. We do things for special-needs
dogs—dogs who are deaf or blind, all the way up to these really fun kind of
inspired, trendy you know Harry Potter things or other
types of fun things that are out there. And every portion of every purchase
that you make is donated back to an animal rescue. That’s fantastic! So we’re going to put a link in the YouTube description. You have
an Etsy store, right? I have an Etsy store, you can also find me at Thank you so much, Kristina! All right guys, well that’s it. DogFest is all over and we’re just picking up a pizza on the way home. So we will see you in two weeks at
Walk N Wag, and don’t worry we’ve still got some regular videos on the wa.y
But until then: keep learning, keep practicing, and we will see you next time.
Thanks for watching guys!

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