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Dolphins Kenny Stills Comments on the team playing Jay-Z Music at Practice

Dolphins Kenny Stills Comments on the team playing Jay-Z Music at Practice

You’re trying not to be
a distraction to the team, but it seems like the team created
a distraction when they played eight straight Jay Z songs with
the practice before this game. What was your reaction
when that happened and did you know it was gonna
happen before it happened?>>It was just music was my reaction. Music I practice every day. And you know, Coach kind of came up to me
during practice was I wouldn’t be playing JZ today. And that was it.>>I’m sorry. Go ahead and apologize. Did he give you any other reason
why I mean, eight or nine straights interesting.No, I meanaa We talked about
it in-house and we handled it in-house, but yeah, for the most part, I think it
was just him trying to see if I could handle if somebody was gonna heckle me or
play Jay-Z music and another if I was gonna be mentally strong enough to
withstand that type of treatment, I guess. But I’ve been dealing with this for
since 2016, music, boos, racial slurs. So I don’t think a little bit of Jay-Z is
gonna really ruffle my feathers that bad.>>Did you hear from your
teammates a little bit, did they give you some-
>>Yeah. I mean that’s part of the locker room,
guys talk trash But, Yeah i just [BLANK_AUDIO]

  • I think they are totally wrong.there are 53 other players on this team and Kenny stills is not the most important one. And then the most important part of it all is why use such a sensitive and serious situation to motivate your player. pissing people off and making them mad it's not a way to get the best out of them… Have a passion for what you do gets the best out of you.

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