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Donald Trump Jr. FUMES After Castro Exposes His Dad’s Donors

Donald Trump Jr. FUMES After Castro Exposes His Dad’s Donors

On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump Jr. went
on Fox and friends to tell the hosts on that couch how mad he was at walking Castro from
Texas who tweeted out a list of some of the, uh, Texas businesses donating money to Donald
Trump’s presidential campaign. Donald Trump Jr. was absolutely fuming because
he believes that tweeting out this information is basically doxing, these companies and could
result in people becoming violent against the business owners. Here’s what he had to say. He said,
“I’ve seen what’s going on with the Joaquin Castro craziness, putting out a list… When a radical left-wing politician who’s
polling at zero percent does this for either attention or a call to action, it’s pretty
scary.” Except the fact that we’re walking Castro
is not running for President, Donnie. That’s Julian Castro, his brother that you’re
thinking of walking Castro is not pulling it 0%. And for the record, neither is Julian Castro. He did quite well in both of the democratic
debates. He’s not pulling very high. It is in the very, very low single digits,
but it’s not zero. And also much more importantly, there is nothing,
nothing, nothing wrong with posting somebodies campaign donations. That’s open records. Folks walking. Castro didn’t dox anybody, either he or somebody
on his staff went to open and looked it up. It’s not hard to do. Open secrets is not even the only website
that does this. You have plenty of others out there. A map light is a phenomenal one as well. You can go to the FEC website, and
find this information. It is not hidden from the public. There are plenty of avenues to go out there,
get this information for yourself because campaign donations, anything above $200 I
believe it is, is public record. You can look it up yourself. This isn’t doxxing. This isn’t endangering anybody. It’s letting people vote with their wallets. That’s what it’s about. People need to know what politicians, what
policies, businesses big and small are supporting because maybe, maybe some people in this country
have political beliefs so strong that they’re not going to use that company. Maybe they don’t like them funding hatred
in the Oval Office and they get turned off and don’t want to use them. They’ll go buy whatever it is at a different
store that maybe isn’t funding horrible people. We have that choice. Hell, Antonin Scalia believed that everybody
had the right to know who was funding what campaigns so they could make informed choices
based on that. Walking Castro did nothing wrong, and you
can quote me on that. This is open public records folks. Just because somebody tweets out something
that you didn’t know how to search for doesn’t make it dangerous. It doesn’t make it illegal and it sure as
hell doesn’t put them on the same level as some of these other folks out there who are
trying to dox people and incite violence against them. That’s not what this was. This was walking Castro, giving people the
opportunity to vote with their wallets. Something that, by the way, more people in
this country really need to start doing.

  • So DJTJ thinks(and I use that word as liberally as possible there) that campaign contributors lists shouldn't have to be a part of the public record for presidential elections anymore eh? And tax records as well I'll bet. That raises a lot of questions(and red flags), but the real question here is WHY is DJTJ worried that there's going to be trouble for business's who contribute to His Divine Orangeness' campaign fund? Did he just admit openly that those who do will experience possible boycotts? Meaning Amerikan(not a typo) 'voters'(read: consumers) are going to exercise their right to choose where they spend their money, the only real power anyone has in this consumer driven society(I won't dignify it and call it a civilization, that's a bigger oxymoron than common sense, because overall, we're not very civil to each other, are we?). And is he also fomenting a need for monopolies in Amerika(not a typo) so as to take away choices? On that I'm not 100% sure, but one thing I am sure about, and that's that one does have to wonder how many of those companies do Cheeto Corleone and his ilk have stock in?

  • So, tell me: did « Fox and Friends » ask Junior how could he « love » dirt provided from a Russian operative and dislike factual, legally available info on who buys influence on policies in America?

  • Dude you are a complete dumbass. First, you are fake wannabe news. You said those (businesses) donated to trump, not true, alot of them were just where the (person) that donated worked. Second, Castro knows what the fuck he is doing, him and his bro have a small but very loyal following. What exactly do you think would happen if our President tweeted out a list of people he hated then gave us all the locations of where they work? most would be killed. Castro tried getting Republicans killed, and there businesses and places of work boycotted. Pretty much trying to ruin all those people's lives, all of them hard working self made Americans. Those jobs are how they feed their children, support their families, give to charities. This is war now. There is a big difference between there just being a list of names floating out there in the ether, and the campaign manager of a party giving a list of names of people he hates that support his opponent Twitter is also a very easy place to get your message to a large amount of people that really want to know what someone says. All in all your a balless bald bitch that likes sucking big government dick. Fuck off.

  • Just like Russia, sent $$$$$$$$$, For The Trump Family……….Donald Jr. knows all about that ?? Which is not being revealed….to us Americans……….True statement, look back at 2016/17 when Don Jr text that Russia was sending sooooooooooooo much money to them ?? Yea. Now my question is , where did All Of that money go ?? Campaign $$. ??? Hmm 🤔. Search that out, they should have questioned both brothers, give them a Lie Detector Test, ( Russian Monies ? )

  • Jr. is just as STUPID as the larger stupid fuck …The whole corrupt family is going to jail.. SOONER THE BETTER ! I LOVE NY STATE , ESPECIALLY THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT ..

  • Mark Fernich and Steve " I am not a racist " Bannon are just two more ASSHOLES taking up space in this Fourth Reich

  • Castro crossed a line that should not have been crossed. He jeopardized the safety of US citizens. After that fiasco, personally, Castro should have been kicked out of the presidential campaign candidacy and removed from Congress. To me, Castro displayed a characteristic about himself that makes him unfit to be commander-in-chief.
    Why is it that people prefer lies over truth. Could it be, lies ask nothing of you with no responsibilities. Or perhaps, lies give people excuses to continue living in a fantasy and not reality. Nonetheless, lies censor people from seeing reality for what it is, the truth.
    I have spent most of my life sitting on the sidelines watching situations transpire among humanity. Throughout that time I have not been convinced of what the human race claims to be; “intelligent”. All I have seen is idiocy at its finest especially during the age of social media. Personally, social media has made the human race dumber. Even though social media is a good thing, most of the time it is being used negatively. After all, social media is a perfect and effective tool to manipulate the lives and emotions of people. Which is why it is disappointing to see people facing and accepting lies, rumors, propaganda over truth.

    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  • I SEE A MAJOR STROKE IN SERIAL RAPIST trump's life soon.
    BUT 400 pounds of trump FECES for his fan club to clean up!

  • This is all public record anyway… If you don’t know that, what are you doing giving your opinion on this? 🙄🙄🙄

  • i didn't see the interview on Fox but, surely the real issue is why didn't Fox clarify the issue at the time to his face!!

  • You SWJ lefists are real idiots if you don't think this is threatening intimidation. Maybe it's a positive thing – now we know the TRUMP supporters that are making America great! My family and friends will definitely be supporting make America great businesses. Ha, ha pie in the face to the Castro brothers! TRUMP 2020!!!

  • Castro the fcnn rabid chihuahua..I can see him now in his the roots of a BLOOD THIRSTY SAVAGE RIPPING BEATING HEARYS OUT FOR HUMAN SACRIFICE

  • I agree with all you said, but couldn't help but to giggle of how funny it is, we can practice our right to boycott American companies and cretsise officials and legislators, but how a lot of the states, and constantly increasing, making it illegal to do the exact same thing to a foreign country ( Israel ) especially if you're a state employee or seeking a state job, go figure

  • Kevin Clements I feel ya and I am heading away from the team that made me love football! Ever since the insane dysfunction of the NFL, Kraft, the locker room racism in Miami. And now spending money to help him become the Dictator he wants to be! It’s all too much and I am done. Not another penny that has the NFL, Miami Dolphins, GOP. I will not let my wallet support anyone who supports #Trump

  • Don Jr. making hay out of nothing besides his dad Don Sr. is a billionaire why is he taking donations from anyone can't self fund his reelection campaign maybe he not as much of billionaire as he let on just thinking out loud.

  • Donald Trump Jr. may not even know how to speak at least one language without pulling a Trump brain-fart every other sentence.

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