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Donald Trump’s Attempts At Consoling Pale In Comparison To 2020 Candidates | Deadline | MSNBC

Donald Trump’s Attempts At Consoling Pale In Comparison To 2020 Candidates | Deadline | MSNBC

  • My god,you losers have Trump on the brain 24/7.Mon.Trump bad,Tues.Trump bad,Wedn.Trump bad,Thurs.Trump bad,Fri.Trump really bad,Sat.Trump racist,Sun.Trump is a russian spy.

  • In the past 8 years illegal Hispanic INVADERS in Texas have been arrested for over 317,000 crimes. If this is not an invasion then what is? Trump is not the racist, these phony democrats who care nothing about crime victims when the perps are Hispanic are the true racists.

  • Did not act like past Presidents In consoling these people. Taking the photo op with a thumps up. That was Shameful.

  • This is a big moment in time that warrants a big man…trump is a small man that could never measure up and we all knew it before the trip! Anyone notice darling Melania laugh at his comments against Beto? This was her “be best” moment!! Our country deserves better than this 2020 can’t come soon enough!!!!!

  • … and the lies just keep on spewing from Donald Rump – America's 1st FASCIST RACIST DICTATOR ! And then there's Moscow Mitch – Rump's favorite .itche next to Barr & Kelly Ann Conway that is… and don't forget Fox's darling – F.cker Carlson. Careful – if the current scenario does not change, expect yet another FALSELY ELECTED potus in 2020!

  • I think that MSNBC may be biased against Trump. Therefore they have no credibility. Which means that they produce fake news. Bunch of BS, that's all it is.

  • Same people that said that Trump would be indited for collusion. And people still listen to them? Don't they realize that it isn't news? I guess Trump bashing makes them feel good. Whatever floats their boat but it ain't news.

  • Guess this dipshnit should have read the fine print of the POTUS job description! #45 IS RESPONSIBLE!
    That crap that comes out if his mourh is fueling the fire of racism!
    Impeachment should be in the works. Epstein's cowardnece left a vacancy with trumps name on it!

  • MSNBC and CNN are crap. Trump is the greatest president ever. Not sure why you all don't see all the good he is doing for this country. Trump 2020!

  • Why do you people keep digging and looking for compassion in this man? What you see is what you get. Anytime someone has to force an act of compassion then it doesnt exist in them. A narcissist cant always be cured. Hes extreme so you should be able to see that. All that's left for him is an institution for the insane. The thing trump is doing is trying to get people to look at a problem other than himself. Even if he has to create the problem. And the harder we look at him the bigger the problems are he creates to get people to look away from him. And then he'll step into the picture the way he wants to be portrayed. The great Houdini that just fooled everyone.

  • No offence but Americans deserve no sympathy or compassion. Trump tried his best to be there but they rather score political points.

  • And what you’re reporting on this channel is supposed to bring the country together, look in the mirror, let he without sin cast the first stone!

  • This country refuses to except a severe mental illness with trump because they want him to be accountable for his actions and serve time. I understand that. But look up extreme narcissism. That's exactly what he has. And you dig and dig to show theres some kind of human being that is responsible for the actions hes committing. Now let's stop for a minute and look at this from another point of view. Those allowing this to go on with this man to prove their point and people suffer and even die for it. Yet you allow him to continue just to prove your point and get what you call justification? Now, whose accountable? Get that nut out of there. Put him away where he cant hurt others. Stop praising him like hes sane. This country needs alot of work when it comes to the mentally sick people. It's totally irresponsible. Do your jobs.


  • It’s sad how MSNBC uses these tragedies to push their centrist agenda. They show snippets of statements made by 3 of the top 4 candidates (Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren) yet don’t even mention Bernie Sanders.
    They turn these horrible events into political shows for voters. Awful.

  • Everyone sucks
    hundreds of people have alredy been killed in Chicago and Baltimore, but no one cares
    only mass shootings by white people, who can be used for political reasons, are talked about and shoved down everyone's throat
    Where are the tears for the victims of gang violence? Where are the tears for the victims of the mass stabbing in Orange County?
    NO one REALLY cares about victims of violence unless it affects them personally or they can use it for personal gain

  • It is beyond NAUSIATING to watch democratic politicians exploit people's suffering just to score CHEAP political points.

  • Tell the illegal cry baby to head home instead of hugging democrats to try to stay here. The filth in El Paso is disgusting

  • Trump's out for himself & two-faced as they come. First, he incites his base. Not even 30 seconds later, says he doesn't agree w/them. In the end, he basically throws supporters under the bus. What type of kindergarten sh%t is that?  Doesn't matter if you're Democratic, Republican, Independent, male, female, black, brown, white, etc… THAT'S JUST SH%TTY BEHAVIOR!

  • Both these cities are run by stupid fricken liberals! What have any of them done to leviate the situation?

  • I think someone else wrote those tweets about condemning white supremacists. It didn't even sound like the way he speaks. I also think that the people that support his campaign don't give a rat's hinney if you call them white supremacists, rich or poor. They don't care about anyone's opinion but their own and people that agree with them. It's hard to shame someone like that.

  • Donald Trump is such a sociopathis, hateful person, he is incapable of consoling anyone. He has to make everything about himself. This has happened over and over, it's not like he had a "bad day". This is just who this "sad excuse for a human being",  President is. He is like a robot that shows no emotion, but anger and hate.

  • Come on. Give a break. I am Mexican and I don’t buy it about this democratic guy. My beautiful Mexico is full of corrupt , lazy, envious and ignorant rant people, not to mention the one in the goverment. I would like to leave but not to clean toilets. Here dogs poop everywhere, loud music everywhere, lack of consideration for others. My people are disgusting. Very sad. And are surprised about not being wanted.

  • Don't expect normal behavior from a person who is just not that. trump is not normal. He seems to have not one, but several mental illnesses, one of them definitely being Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Look up the symptoms, trump has them all. NPD is a severe mental illness that makes any form of empathy absolutely impossible. It makes it impossible to imagine how others feel. Trump is not capable of doing so and never will be. Everything is about himself, he can't help it. trump also shows signs of dementia. He is mentally not fit of being president, he is because of his illness an extreme danger. Remove him from office, it will definitely get worse.

  • I've never seen him act like an actual human. Never seen him express anything genuine other than annoyance or pride (and maybe confusion)

  • I ask , when is it appropriate for anybody to use such a sad situation to highlight failures or victory's of or by any one person, whether good or bad ? Why have you not covered the families of the fallen in Dayton ? All of Nicolle Wallaces videos are trying to accomplish one single thing and its not reporting the news. I have watched a few of them on youtube and they start with Trump and end with Trump. What exactly has happened to our culture ? Can we not listen to facts and make our own decisions ? I for one need no help with sending love and hope for them to find some comfort, in this trying most horrible time, to the families , all of them. Nicolle , is it possible your ego is just as bad as Trump – NPD much ?

  • Why do crowds matter in death of citizens your government is supposed to protect, not just the few you support Donald and your wacky ideology you want to promote with VP Pence, this is part of the tripe he believes in also. This now is feeding your narcissism like someone is needing their next fix, like someone feeding like a person high on cocaine or other prescription painkillers! And scary frequency of them is getting more so now, just hours apart you all should be worried about as a nation.

  • Does MSNBC ever talk about the national debt and the danger we are facing because of it? Do they ever discuss why it's dangerous to have opened borders? Where are the videos proving Trump to be a racist?

  • None of the eight patients hospitalized wanted to see Trump; tells you everything you need to know about Mr. and Mrs. Swine.

  • The ONLY reason he went to TX and OH are because they are part of the 11 states required to "win" the presidency. Don't be distracted, people. If you are one of The Eleven, get out and vote (but that goes for everyone). Trump can win again with only 23% of the popular vote. EVERYTHING you see is a distraction. If he wins, he can't be criminally charged. Right now deals upon deals are being made. He is selling our democracy to buy time.

  • But, the problem is that all of ‘the good stuff” (economy etc) isn’t good enough to block out all of the bad stuff, and in fact isn’t really that good judged alone.

  • Raw and beautiful humanity, a heart that breaks is a heart that loved and was loved. Not gonna lie, my bottom lip is quivering and a warm tear rolling down my cheeks

  • Why are people acting like there is a choice between policy, tax breaks and trump as if he is the only one who can make them. thats where trump has everyone tricked. ANY republican president before him worked with republican interest, and always will. Boot Satan out of the whitehouse

  • Private schools for rich kids can be shot up too!
    No one is safe from gun violence.
    Are tax cuts worth your child being shot?

  • The news media should have a 48 hour ban on any news on trump. Don't react to his tweets, or press conference. Don't give him the limelight

  • And of course the other cowards are silent, Massacre Mitch aka Moscow Mitch and vp Pence. Way to go guys!!! Same question: why are these two pieces of crap not jailed or oops…not breathing.

  • This is who he is! not surprise at all,is just about him and what is sicker is that the are people in america that believe this fool! nra will never change laws because of these people gun lovers and gop republicans in need of the money nra gives them

  • America's 👺 evil! White men are terrified of black & brown retributions……All the guns in the world won't save them…It's internal….. Already being set in motion. This is why they are going crazy all over America. Gods wreaths have been set in place. Nothing they can do. As for Trump…..? He was voted in office by racist Americans plain and simple. ….And it wasn't just red states that voted him in office 📄…It was the middle class mostly white 🙆, 👵who voted this air-break in office.

  • Are we really surprised that the 45rh would use this mass shooting as another jab at the Dems and exploit the victims and the mass shootings

  • Typical MSNBC bias, don't dare show a progressive reacting to the tragedy. Highlight candidates polling at 1% but, ignore Bernie Sanders at all costs.

  • FOX NEWS (and others)SCOOP MSM,! New documentation proof shows Obama-Clinton dirty spys set up America to try to steal 2016 election & set up Trump! 🔥💪⚡️BOOM🔥⚡️

  • The time has come within the media to name things for what they are. Plain direct language devoid of euphemisms is what the people want.

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