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Donation Cards On YouTube Raise Money For Charities – Tutorial

Donation Cards On YouTube Raise Money For Charities – Tutorial

Donation Cards On YouTube Raise Money For
Charites Do you want to make a difference in the world? YouTube enables you to raise money for a charity
by adding a donation card to any of your videos. As of now, 1.8 million nonprofits are available
for users to choose from, spanning a wide range of issues and social causes. When someone donates, the nonprofit gets 100%
of the donations because Google covers all the processing costs
Stay tuned to learn how to add a donation card to a YouTube Video
Log into your youtube channel home page Click on the video manager
Select the video that you wish to add a donate card to..I’m going to select this one
Click edit Click cards
Click add card Select donation..feature a nonprofit of your
choice Click create
Here it says “feature a nonprofit of your choice. Search our directory of approved nonprofits
If I put in “red” it will search for all the nonprofit organizations that include the red
cross Put “animals” it’s got 976 results for nonprofit
organizations for animals If I put in “music” it’s got 6271 results
for nonprofit music organizations So I am going to stick with red cross
Click on “American National Red Cross” Then it says choose an image for your nonprofit
Select education Now you’ve got to put a card title in here..I’m
going to say “support American red cross” Call to action has got “donate now” faded
out Teaser text it says “give water donate now”
as an example I’m going to say make a difference..donate
now At the bottom here it says “include this link
in your video description to explain to your viewers how donation cards work”
So I’m going to copy that Click “create card”
So here is my card I’ve got “support American Red Cross”
On the timeline you can determine where you want to show your cards so I’m going to show
it at the beginning after about 10 seconds Let’s play the video and the card pops up
here in the top right hand corner of your video
Click on the “i” then I’ve got support american red cross..Donate click on that
And it says “donate to American Red Cross $5, $20 or other
Click “next” It says donate with Google American Red Cross
$5.00 100% of your contribution goes to the nonprofit. Google covers any processing fees. Click “donate” and you’ve made your donation
You can also edit your card at any time by clicking the “edit card” button
And also you can trash your card by just clicking the trash icon
You’ll also be able to see how much was raised by this card or raised by your channel
Here’s an opportunity to help the victims of Louisiana Flooding by making a donation
to the American Red Cross Click here to make your donation
Here are 4 important things to keep in mind when using Donation Cards
1. Make sure your donation card is relevant to
the topic being discussed in the video 2. Tell viewers to click on the donation card
icon in the top right hand corner of your video
3. Make sure your teaser text is interesting
and actionable. 4. You can track your donations under cards in
YouTube Analytics Alternatively you can view your donations
when you edit your donation card That’s you know how to raise money
for charity on any youtube video with donation cards
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Thanks for watching

  • Great message and video Herman, awesome that we can set this up so easily in YouTube.
    Ka BOOM! POOF!
    Pixie Dust!

  • sir, I need your help!!
    first of all when I open any channel in my phone first it shows home tab then videos,playlists and about! but when someone opens my channel its not showing these tabs only first video is displaying and then other video.
    second this is I want to edit my about section how can I do I want to give my email to contact me!! please help me

  • Thanks for the video. How does the non-profit I volunteer for actually get the money donated via the cards? Is it located in some sort of Google pay account which can be transferred into the Nonprofit's bank account? Or something else? Thanks.

  • Thank you so much. I am trying to find info on using super chats for donations in a similar fashion. I thought they announced last year that they were going to make it possible to make the supper chat button a charity button for charity live streams. Have you heard anything about that?

  • Please sir, I'm not strong enough to donate yet. I'm the one in need of help I'm a student in Africa and I've a lot of challenges. I would appreciate it if you would just talk to me, then you can decide if I'm worth your assistance. Thank you Sir

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