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Hey, remember the time I said this? “I never actually beat Donkey Kong 64 as a kid. So, to finally put this little fucker to rest, I’m gonna stream it.” Well, it’s finally time. I’ve got all my affairs in order, I’ve recovered from getting super sick repeatedly, and I figured out why my internet would periodically melt down every few hours! It’s time for the Donkey Kong 64 NIGHTMARE STREAM. DK64 is a game I never finished properly as a kid. I played the game for this long and couldn’t beat it. And since then, I’ve held a grudge. It beat me. But now, at long last, it’s time for the rematch. At 8:30 p.m. UK time on January the 18th, I’ll be streaming this game start to finish. All the proceeds from this stream will go to Mermaids, a charity which works to provide resources and support to young people with gender dysphoria. I chose to support this charity because as a person living in Britain, I find the media discussion surrounding this issue in my country, especially in its tabloids, to be woefully misinformed. And I’d like to do my bit to help support the people who do the hard work of contributing to people’s thinking on an important issue. I chose Mermaids in specific because when they were designated some funding by the National Lottery, Graham Linehan, a comedy writer who did some work on a good show… huh… 20 years ago? Who happens to be a very normal man who’s just very angry about trans people all day nowadays, went on Mumsnet and told them to email a lady from the National Lottery en masse, and now the funding is under review. So well done, Graham! You have a massive audience and the power to choose to fight for progress in all the many forms we need in the world right now, and you used it to make sure some children won’t have access to helpful resources. Well, not really. They’re probably still gonna get the funding, once the National Lottery realizes the outreach they received was a celebrity deliberately telling Mumsnetters to email poor Dawn thousands of fake copy-pasted sockpuppet emails of quote-unquote “concern”. And on top of that, now tons more people know about Mermaids, and want to support them just to spite you! Good job raising awareness for a charity, genius! Please talk loudly and angrily about more people who need support! You fucking trash-man! You piss boy! You prodigious buffoon! So, for this stream the goal is to beat Donkey Kong 64 100%; that means doing everything. I’m even gonna grab the items that don’t count towards the percentage completion score. Even the weird coin no one knew existed for twenty years! It’s gonna be a time? An amount of time will pass. I think the normal charity thing is to go 24 hours, but honestly, there’s no time limit on this thing. I want to destroy Donkey Kong 64. So until that has been achieved, the stream doesn’t stop. I don’t care if I fall asleep. I don’t care if I run out of food! The stream will continue. My contact at Twitch warns me that it’s against the Terms of Service to die on stream, and I do want to keep my Twitch account, so if I need to, I promise I will sleep. But if you donate, the noise will probably wake me up, so thanks to you, the torture never has to end! By the way, speaking of my Twitch channel: Did you know I have a Twitch channel? I don’t bring it up very often. I don’t do branding. No one watches my streams or knows they exist, but the moral high ground is mine! I also have an archive channel on YouTube, where I put up old streams once they’re done. So if you want to watch old streams, they’re there. Check ’em out. Anyway, I hope to see you all there. Have a great night, don’t forget to moisturize, and fuck you, Graham!

  • What a stream and well done! If I had a Twitch account (and if I was feeling well) I would have loved to have spoken too (I just hope I'm not the only board game/card game reviewer, who is trans). I want to say yet again congratulations of getting a lot of money for donations and having amazing (and surprising) guests!

  • Stream was good, thank you for repeatedly decentering yourself and reminding people that this one donation did not make you “good” for the year!

  • Amazing work man!! US fan here! I've always loved your videos and I'm really inspired by how you've managed to use the platform that you've built for yourself for good! Keep up the good work work man! ❤️✊🏽

  • It is absolutely insane how the one time I decided NOT to watch an hbomberguy video, it turned out to be the precursor to the BIGGEST THING ON THE INTERNET for several days. What a ride.

  • I'm so frustrated that I subscribed to this channel and never got any notification that this video came out, and only found out about the stream until after it was over! I blame Youtube.

  • TBH I never would’ve imagined Linehan to be so backward. Count Arthur Strong was a great show. I’m so dissappointed in him.

  • Thank you so much for doing this. You've contributed so much, and helped this bi enby feel so much more positive about life, the internet and the future. #thanksgraham

  • Stream even made the Guardian. Well done!

  • The fact that this time last year Linehan was chastising Count Dankula on twitter. Is now the subject of equal if not greater criticism himself . Is deliciously ironic 😁😂😂

  • I've never heard of this man before but now I love him and I'm subscribing. Thank you for being such a good person and supporting those who struggle with getting help to come to terms with who they are

  • So much came out of your stream: 340k to Mermaids; AOC saying the N64 is the best system AND saying "trans rights"; most importantly, we got Teeth Gang. Teeth Gang Teeth Gang Teeth Gang Teeth Gang.

  • the support you have given the trans community is just so incredible and I can not thank you enough for it. You are truly a wonderful human being

  • I remember completing this back in the day. I remember neatly putting back in the box vowing never to open it again. It's remained in its box under my bed ever since. You're a brave man. A brave man.

  • Reminds me of the episode of the IT crowd where Roy becomes a proto Red-piller and it surprisingly works? And no one calls him out on his disgusting behavior he just changes back because it’s too successful with crazy women (you mean using manipulative tactics on vulnerable people works? I wonder why)

  • Wish I'd known about this a bit earlier, but I'm glad that it turned out so well! And yes, thanks, Graham — why do so many things I like have to be touched by people like him?

  • I was so excited for this. Then I got super sick. Thanks for keeping archives of your streams. I actually do watch your twitch streams !

    I had a similar story with DK64. When I got it at 11, I got really far but was really worn out by the collectathon and creeped out by some parts. I had to come back many years later just to finish it.

    Anyway, I used to love Graham Linehan's work, be it Father Ted, Black Books, Big Train…even the It crowd grew on me despite all the things that reminded me of Big Bang theory. I loved his religion critical and more liberal stances on things that did seem to recognize the sexism women face.

    Then years later I found his twitter when trying to educate myself about anti-trans activities. I was shocked by his regurgitation of stock terf and conservative talking points.

    This brings me to an idea for a new video. I know other content creators like Lindsey Ellis have done videos on this with videos on the death of the author, but I don't remember if you did one.

    A video on the ethics of liking content from creator who did and does abhorrent things, especially when you liked them as a person before, would be great. It would be cool to see your thoughts on how to also come to terms with liking content from a person who is a trash man, piss baby, buffoon.

  • Thank god for Derry Girls, otherwise this man would have ruined the one good thing Ireland has done for comedy.

  • The CEO of Mermaids paid to get her son castrated at 16 years old
    Transactivism is anti-science misogyny

  • Muchas gracias por tu noble labor guapito. Desde México te envío muchas buenas vibras y mis mejores deseos

  • dear hbomerguy please in one of ur segment of your video could u please pour a shot of patron. patron is a very pleasing drink to the taste buds and i think your subscribers and brain chemistry would enjoy this. i would personally be thrilled if u drank patron and i think it is objectively the right thing to do. thank u for taking the time to read my comment and i hope u have a wonderful day

  • I hope you know that the trans community totally celebrates the heck out of ya, Harris? <3 Cheers for being a good egg & supporting an immensely important charity.

  • Stop using buzz words like bigot, racist sexist, homophobic, transphobic. It is ok for somebody to have concerns about the direction the human race is going in. There are such things as mental illness. Since when did the inmates of the asylum start telling the rest of us what is true in the world. Pretty soon we will have to believe all Schizophrenic's that there really are two people inside their mind. Oh wait isn't that 2 spirit?

  • This might be a weird complaint but saying Graham did a little writing 20 years ago makes it seem like someone we shouldn't really pay attention too. And forgets he is one the most popular and successful comedy writers in the business and has a large amount of influence and power in the industry. He is someone we really should be concerned about

  • So Graham Lineham's complaint about giving public money to Mermaids, briefly shown in this video, seems to be as follows:

    "… Mermaids push an extreme ideological agenda, they are not professionals, and they have no qualification to work with children and young people. Their approach towards children with gender dysphoria is experimental and non-evidence-based but we know that children treated in this way are more likely to embark on a medical pathway they don't come off once they start. The vast majority (around 80%) would resolve these feelings naturally by the end of puberty if left alone, and the most likely outcome is same-sex orientation in adulthood. "

    That seems like a completely sane and reasonable objection to me. Perhaps it would have been worth actually discussing the point, if you're going to bring it up, rather than glossing over it in that slimy way.

  • your the best! thanks for doing this really important and valuable. we are going to be talking about it in a podcast later. well done¬!!!

  • Reading about how this went down, I’m just fucking giggling and smiling all over the place, it’s amazing! Thank you to everyone involved!

  • When I saw this video for the first time, I expected a couple of thousand pounds maybe. And some memes. 347k, and the best weekend I have had on the internet in years. Thanks you hbomberguy, and especially #thanksgraham. esp. considering mermaids still got their funding lol.

  • Hello from the other side. I think it's rather great what you're doing/did. I beat Banjoo-Kazooie about a year ago and it was a hard game. Watching this recorded stream will be nice too.

  • I fucking LOVE how this turned out.

    Literally better than his wildest dreams could have possibly imagined.

  • Not a fan at all of your work or politics, but good job raising awareness and $357k or more for trans people in need 👍 I guess Graham did himself a disservice by trying to censor people he disliked just like Twitter censoring conservatives lol

  • The content quality of this video is like the quality of the very first videos on Youtube ever. Pathetic but nostalgic in its own odd way

  • In regards to transgenders – I find the whole thing kind of strange. 1st off, a consenting adult who wants to transition is fine. But how many of them regret doing it? How many of them end up with some sort of mental illness due to the drugs they need to take?

    For example, please look into the whole "Evie Amati" case. "She" went into a service station and attacked people with an axe in Sydney. The news said it was a woman. It was technically a transgender. This kind of poor news handling just confuses everything. Think about it. If it was 100% woman, or man, the situation can be argued differently. But because it was a transgender, people can use it as an example, against transgenders. I'm trying to suggest that maybe the drugs were to blame, and not the idea of wanting to be transgender. See?

    Kids who are born with abnormalities may need to have the operation to change, but the kids who are born '100% normal', in my opinion do not really understand the risks involved. For example, re-watch the transgender queen talking to preschoolers about being what they want to be. You can tell the kids don't understand, and would rather play with crayons, or something.

    The idea might sound amazing and has a level of freedom. But apparently the drugs can do damage. Especially ones which are from the underground market (which, more and more people are turning too, and self surgery (dangerous), because it's too much hassle apparently, to get the 'safe' ones) – are these drugs even designed for kids?
    I just see a ton of loopholes. A ton of pharmaFreaks who will develop drugs, made from cheap and nastiest, just to sell to those who are crying out for help, being exploited, and then turning into phamaFreaks themselves.

    And if you think that's BS, fine but tell that to Amnesty International who are trying to raise awareness of these underground/black market drugs. (Also, HAHA "Sackler family" eat that. Bye bye! No more opioid pushing from you!)

    Most of these drugs come from a certain place, which I dare not mention it's name. But you might be able to guess. (I googled "dangers sex trans drugs", Amnesty International was the 1st link) Which bring me to another point, in that most drugs have NOT been on a proper trail for more than 50 years. So technically, almost every drug is technically on the black market.
    If they aren't properly tested, regulated, produced by people who don't care less, what else am I suppose to think?

    So who are you actually defending here? PLEASE, raise awareness of the dangers of body manipulation drugs. I want people to be safe. If you want to have a sex change – go for it. Live happy. But please be aware that the people who make your pills, probably do not care, and never ever did. They just want your sweet doe.

    …and tbh, hardly ANYONE is happy with their body. Everyone wants to modify something. It's apart of living with yourself. Your temple. Sure, renovate the temple. But don't expect the outcome to be what you wanted. You might get REALLY disappointed.

    RE: Alex Jones & the gay frogs… Yes. No human knows what the frogs intention was. Maybe they decided to change sex (because some animals can do that at will, just with the power of their mind, but just ignore that…) But honestly, the dumping of chemicals should be the main focus. But no, instead people will rage on about what 1 guy said & not actually look into the damn facts themselves.

    I'm sorry, any pro Transgenders. I think you're being taken for a ride by certain pharmaceuticals. And I could be wrong. Let's just hope I am. 🙂

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