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E2: 1 Simple Reason You’re Losing Donations to Your Crowdfunding Page (#CROWDHACKS by JustGiving)

E2: 1 Simple Reason You’re Losing Donations to Your Crowdfunding Page (#CROWDHACKS by JustGiving)

You’ve set up your crowdfunding page,
you’ve got a great story, you’ve shared it on Facebook, aaand… [Clock ticking] Let me show you a better way.
Welcome to #CROWDHACKS. [Music] Good afternoon. Welcome to the second
episode of #CROWDHACKS, the latest series from JustGiving that is
full of insider tips and tricks to help you run a successful
crowdfunding campaign online. My name’s Sam, I’m Chief
Crowdhacker here at JustGiving. Over 1 million people are fundraising for
their personal and social causes right now on, so if you
want to get started: what are you waiting for? Today we are talking about those first steps. You’ve set up your crowdfunding campaign,
you’ve shared it on Facebook and nothing happens. It’s a horrible feeling sitting there waiting for the first person to donate.
But while you’re sitting there waiting, something is happening behind the scenes. If you’ve shared your campaign page on social media, chances are people are looking at it.
But they’re clicking on your crowdfunding page and clicking off again
before they’ve even donated. Why? Because people don’t want to
support a failing campaign. Think about it. If one of your friends – not like one of your best friends, but you know those kind of friends that you went to school with and you haven’t seen them in ages, but still
follow their lives on Facebook – well if one of those friends posted on Facebook
with a new crowdfunding page, say, raising money for his sister’s wheelchair,
would you click through and have a look at their JustGiving page?
Chances are you probably would. But if there were no donations on the page,
would you be the first to donate? And how much would you donate? Well I went through the JustGiving Crowdfunding database to run some numbers on this,
and it turns out you probably wouldn’t. And if you did donate, you would probably
only donate a few quid, because you only want to
support a successful campaign. The psychology here is that people want to
follow a successful group and follow a crowd. We want to know that we’re backing a successful
campaign, that’s well on its way to reaching its target. And you can leverage this, by doing – what we call in the industry – a soft launch. A soft launch is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a trial run, a feeder, a pre-campaign
before the main campaign. Let me show you how it’s done. I’m going to skip the obvious here:
you need to set up a crowdfunding page, add your photos, some stories,
verify your account, etc etc… But then don’t share it. Resist the urge to share it via
Facebook, Twitter, email, carrier pigeon. First things first: You need to identify a
small group of potential big-ticket donors. These are likely to be your close friends
and immediate family; parents, siblings,
that rich aunt who lives in Marbella. Contact them individually, and if you haven’t
told them about your campaign yet, give them the full sales pitch.
Then ask them politely if they will head over to your page and give you a donation. A good way to get them to do this is to give them the honour of being the first ones to donate on your page. More importantly, ask them kindly if they’ll
make their donation amount public. When they donate through JustGiving, they’ll
have the option of making their donation anonymous, but you want them to lead by example, so ask
them kindly if they’ll keep their details public, including the amount they’re donating. Once you’ve got a few donations from your
friends and family, there’s one more step before you go public: Get a donation from a
high-ranking member of your organisation. If you work, ask your boss to make a
donation before you ask the rest of your team. If you’re at school or university, you could ask
your Course Leader or Programme Director. There’s a trick to this though: just make sure
the person you’re asking to donate isn’t the highest-ranking member of your organisation. If you ask your boss, for example, they’ll want to give a generous donation so they appear generous. But when your boss’ boss sees your boss’
donation amount, they’ll want to donate even more because they’re higher up the “food chain”. So pick your soft launch donor wisely. Now that you’ve got support from your boss,
your close friends and your family, you’re ready for the full launch. By this point, with your big-ticket
donors already on board, you should be around 10% of the
way towards your target. Now you’re ready. Share everywhere.
No network should be left untouched: Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat – even those carrier pigeons. All at the same time, with a concise punchy
message and a clear link to your crowdfunding site. Now when that old friend from school sees your
page she’s far more likely to donate, because others are already leading the pack
and she can follow the crowd. And this is what crowdfunding is all about:
creating a crowd to grow naturally and go viral. Now that you’ve mastered the soft launch
make sure you hit the Subscribe button so that you don’t miss the next episode
of #CROWDHACKS, where we’ll be looking at one way to get
people to donate more money that’s super simple, super effective, yet
often overlooked. If you’re still not sure how to kickstart
your crowdfunding, then check out some top ideas over at and to start crowdfunding today head on over
to and click ‘Get Started’. That’s all for this episode guys. Thanks for watching and see you next time! [Music] [Subtitles by Sam Turnpenny]

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