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Edges SLAUGHTERED: Maybelline Superstay Foundation + Instant Age Rewind Concealer | Jackie Aina

Edges SLAUGHTERED: Maybelline Superstay Foundation + Instant Age Rewind Concealer | Jackie Aina

♪ And it’s just like honey ♪ ♪ When your love comes over me ♪ Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Jackie O! Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie Hot off the press, Maybelline finally decided to expand. Finally! One of their most popular
complexion products to date. I feel like I’ve been
hearing about people talk about this concealer ever
since YouTube started. I could never try it
because there was never a shade for me, like
not even a close shade, not even a highlight
shade, not even closest. Like none. But they recently added
five more shades of those so today I’m going to be trying those out. As well as their Super Stay
full coverage foundation. This is one of their newest products. As for the concealers,
they now come in 12 shades and the foundation now comes in 16 shades where I think it always came
in 16 shades, I’m not sure. I’m just gonna be sharing
my thoughts, demoing them and giving you guys the
tea, that’s what we do on the channel. Let’s roll right into it. I’m also gonna sprinkle in
some other makeup stuff, I got someplace to go
so I’m gonna give ya’ll a little bit of tutorial in there, just feeling generous today,
don’t worry about it, it’s not a big deal,
you’re totally welcome. But first, you better
make sure you subscribe. If you’re not subscribed to
my channel, I’m judging you. Make sure you’re also a part
of the Snapchat brigade, you’re also following that Instagram page, everything is Jackie
Aina, I make it so easy. I’ve got quite a bit
of goodies to play in, we’re gonna do some shade matching, we’re gonna do some playing, we’re gonna do some (mimicking babbling) Maybelline sent me the
last four of the Super Stay foundation shades so that I can play around and test them. I have… (gasps) Oh my God, Praise the Lord, a drugstore foundation with a pump. Oh my- I thought I would
never see this day. Maybelline! I’m giving you points just for that alone, okay? That was honestly to my surprise not what I was expecting. I just was twisting this off and was expecting to see the glass bottle like the Fit Me foundation and I got this and am I the only one shocked at this? I don’t know, it’s probably done before, just don’t mind me, okay. I don’t get the luxury
of indulging in things like this because there just aren’t a lot of drugstore foundations that work on my skin tone, but we going to get into that a little bit later. So the first color that they sent me is 355 coconut and that’s actually my color in Fit Me so let’s see if the shade transfers over and then hopefully it does, and then if it doesn’t, we’ll try the other ones. I feel like it’s a bit
red, but unfortunately, that’s usually something
that I have to settle for with drugstore foundations, they’re almost always most cool tone and I don’t know why but
you know what, I’m gonna make it work, I’m gonna roll with it. That does look like it’s
pretty close to what would be my color match, just not the best undertone but I’m gonna
try on the other ones anyway just so that you can see what they look like, just use me as a reference cheat sheet. The next shade is warm coconut. Let me find out they
trying to do some- okay I would rather use this color more than I would this one. That’s actually kind
of interesting because right now to my knowledge,
there aren’t really any varying undertones
of any of Maybelline’s other foundation lines, most of them are pretty cool tone so it’s nice that they added basically an in between shade for coconut. Okay, so this is mocha. Mocha, what you got? You know every company got a mocha. Mocha’s cute though. I think it would be nice if they actually put the shade description
on the bottle too. I feel like for drugstore foundations, they rarely do that. Can you tell me if it’s yellow? Can you tell me if it’s red? Even if it’s wrong, sometimes the shade description is too lowkey to be wrong. Kylie Cosmetics. But it’s just nice to kinda have that as a guideline. As far as this shade here, what was this? Mocha, our little sister, Mocha. It’s definitely got a little bit more depth than the coconuts. And the last color that
I have, which is also the darkest one is truffle, number 362. Which actually doesn’t look that far off compared to mocha
which is interesting. I’m going to roll with warm coconut, I feel like that might
be somewhat of a closer match compared to the other ones. It’s got a little bit less red compared to the standard coconut. The foundation just based on the website, okay, lets go back to the Ulta website, so according to the Ulta
website, this is $11.99. I feel like that’s really good. Nowadays, these drugstores are really coming for our throats with these prices. Actually, let me take that back because I feel like Fit Me is $6-7 depending on where you shop. But, this is one fluid ounce though. In hindsight, $11 in general is really not much to complain about but also, the ingredients do matter. So you may want to consider that because drugstores be cutting corners
sometimes, I’m just saying. But it is $11.99, one full fluid ounce, oooh, they having a buy one get one 50% two items to qualify, ya’ll better hop on. Get on Ulta, link in the description box. I’m going to moisturize using my Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel, I love the way this cream
smells, it smells so good. I’m actually a huge fan
of all these water gels and how so many more brands are coming out with them now. TATCHA has one, it’s
really expensive granted it’s really expensive. You don’t necessarily have to splurge on that one if you can’t. Lancome has one, GLAMGLOW just recently launched one and I want to
eat it, it smells so good. I’m going out tonight so this
makeup better do something. I’m expecting a $7,000 tax
return from this foundation, that kind of situation,
you know what I’m saying? My skin always just feels so plump and hydrated after water gel. I’m ready to try this foundation. Everyone is comparing this to the new HUDA BEAUTY foundation, which I think are pretty big claims because that’s a very popular product. As for primer, I’m gonna use my very expensive and very boujee
NARS Pore and Shine primer. Isn’t it funny how we do all that moisturizing to get our skin all glowy and then put mattifying primer on top, what’s wrong with us? Maybe it’s just me. Okay, I’ll take the L. I cannot for the life of me find my Maybelline Fit Me loose powder! So I’m instead gonna powder
with my Laura Mercier powder. If you’re new to my
channel, hi, I’m Jackie. Pleasure to meet you. I usually put powder right on top on my primer because it sets it nicely. It helps control the
shine throughout the day. I also feel like I end
up using less foundation cause it adds a light amount of coverage. Please do this with a sponge though. I see people brushing the
powder, it’s not the same. Pressing it in with a damp sponge really pushes it into the skin so you really get maximum results out of this technique. As for the claims for this foundation, it’s supposed to be non-pore clogging, it also says it’s oil
free, it’s definitely claiming to be a full coverage, which I feel like I’ve seen that. I have watched some reviews, I do sometimes do a little bit of research. And it did look full coverage to me so I’m gonna go with that. It’s supposed to provide breathable wear and it also is supposed to blur the skin, even out texture, which that’s what foundation is supposed to do anyway. Why would we give them points? That’s literally what base does, it’s supposed to even out your skin so if you are a product that’s labeled as a base and you don’t do that, just go out of business,
bye. Don’t even bother. So let’s do the one pump
test and see how much we get. That’s a pretty generous pump,
that was just the first one. Let’s just see how much we get, which so far looks like quite a bit. I think that sometimes the
mistake that we make when trying- ooh, okay, that’s quite a bit of coverage, okay. I see you. I feel like it’s important
to try a new product gently because that’s a
mistake that we make often with foundations is
just using too much and then not really, don’t get me
wrong, I’m guilty of it too. Products like these I feel are meant to be built up slowly because this does appear to have a pretty good amount of coverage. This looks and feels
like it’s kinda meant to be the grown and sexy version of Fit Me because it definitely
isn’t as watery as Fit Me, it isn’t as transparent as Fit Me, and I think got a pretty
decent amount of coverage. What do you guys think? I’m still seeing some of
my blemishes in that area. This area is perfect. You know, I’m going to add more foundation anyway because that’s
just what I’m gonna do. – Oh, I’m gonna do that anyway. – BT Dubs, I did forget
to mention this earlier, this is a silicone based foundation and I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about the foundation oxidizing, so what I’m gonna do to prevent that, because that normally happens a lot with drugstore foundations, is I’m gonna try to keep the layers to a minimum, even though
I want to add more, like a full two pumps, this is my second pump by the way, I’m only gonna use half of that and I’m just
going to leave it like this. I really don’t want to OD on my amount of product I use because I feel like sometimes that is what really kind of triggers oxidation even more. So compared to my neck and my chest, at least what I’m seeing on camera, it does look quite on the pink side. Remember back in the day when everyone would get shade matched at MAC and they made every black girl, damn near every black
girl was NW45 at one point but we kind of made it work? This I feel is a workable red. And if you guys watched too much, you know exactly what I’m talking about. ‘Cause I feel like every
black girl has that struggle. It’s like the workable
orange, the workable red. It looks good now, God forbid it darkens as I continue doing makeup, I’m hoping that it doesn’t ’cause I really have to go out tonight and I’m trying to look
like a 12 out of 10, I’m not trying to look
like an 8 out of 15, okay? So far I think the coverage is absolutely phenomenal though. The coverage looks freaking flawless. I mean, one and a half pumps for any foundation I think is
generally really good. It feels matte, but it actually feels like a comfortable matte. Do you know what I mean? It’s not like a drying
matte, it just feels like, I don’t want to
say satin matte either. Hmm, she lookin’ pink on camera! Let me hurry up so I can start powdering and even this out, okay? It also looks like they
extended the Fit Me concealers, but I’m not going to be trying these today because I’ve already used these in several tutorials before. They sent me this shade tan, they sent me this shade hazelnut, they sent me cocoa, they
also sent me caramel, and I think honey was the last one? Yeah. Honey! ♪ And it’s just like honey ♪ ♪ When your love comes over me ♪ ♪ Oh, baby, I’ve got a dependency ♪ I’m so excited to try the
Instant Age Rewind concealer. Lowkey it feels like
you’ve never been able to join an exclusive club and now they finally opened admissions for you and now you’re free to join. That’s how I feel about this concealer. They sent me the color sand, which I definitely can’t use that. Not even close to a highlight. They also sent me golden ♪ Livin my life like it’s golden ♪ ♪ Livin my life like it’s golden ♪ They also sent me caramel,
which is pretty light, maybe I can mix it up with
something to brighten it up but I don’t know, I feel like I don’t need that ’cause tan looks like it actually, wait a minute, let me
not speak too soon, girl. Finally! So that’s what tan looks
like, which looks like it’ll be a pretty decent highlight shade. Look, I’m already getting orange, y’all. I’m already getting
orange but we can fix it. So the Instant Age Rewind
concealers are $8.99 which I think for
concealer is pretty good. I would gladly walk up
to the register and say “Here you go, ten dollars”. “And yes, I do need
the change, thank you”. For a concealer! It’s supposed to have
a radiant fresh finish, whatever that means. Oh… It’s got goji berry in
it, why did I smell it? Like goji berry has a? (laughs) What was I expecting to smell? I don’t even know what
goji berry smells like. It’s supposed to diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, as well as puffiness around the undereye, which I do tend to get right,
well that’s actually just kind of like my eye shape. I’m going to try the shade tan. I feel like tan will be a
pretty good highlight shade. I do have to say I love
the sponge tip applicator. Although it’s not really
the most sanitary if you’re using this in a makeup kit, I think that it just really
makes application super easy. I really like this color. I’m gonna wait to blend it out though to make sure it’s not pink. It’s not super creamy, but it’s also not super watery either. It kind of reminds me of
Select Cover-up from MAC, but in that form, instead of a squeezy tube. So far it does look like it
gives quite a bit of coverage. The darkest color is
hazelnut and it’s just a little too close to my skintone I think. I feel like this dries down a little bit faster than the foundation does. Definitely feeling like a matte concealer. I am getting a little bit
of a tingle under my eye, I don’t know if that’s
like a cooling effect, like something that’s supposed to happen. It very well could be
the de-puffing though. Sometimes products that de-puff like eye creams and concealers do that. Maybelline, you might’ve
just did something. I think the color of
the concealer is great. Wow! This… looks really good. I can honestly count on one hand all of the drugstore low-end concealers that are actually worth
your time and money, okay? I don’t always get to try them because they don’t
usually come in my shade. NYX HD Concealer, being the first one, I mean, they deserve an
award for that, okay? Trophies! (clapping) Trophies, NYX. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal has definitely been knocking it the hell out of the park with every shade you can think of. I lowkey feel like Maybelline came to do what the girls should’ve did
with this concealer though. I’m really feeling like I get it. I see what the hype is about. I do see somewhat of the
radiant matte finish. I’m gonna put on a dab, a smidge more, not because I feel like
I need the coverage, I just really enjoy blending that out and I want to do it again. I wanna experience it again, Don’t rob me of the experience
that I’m deserving of, okay? Blending out the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer is self care. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Yeah, that’s definitely a tingle though. That’s definitely a burn. I felt it again as I applied and I definitely feel like the concealer has kind of helped balance
out the foundation. It looks much more
flattering on my skin tone, I’m seeing less pink
and more golden yellows, specifically in the center of my face. Out of all the brands out
there on the drugstore, Maybelline is one of the very few I mean, my very first foundation I ever tried was Dream Matte Mousse. I feel like I usually can kind of count on them when it comes to complexion products just because they are one of the only ones
who kind of get it right. There’s definitely room for improvement, we will get into that a little bit later. I’m actually going to take a little bit of hazelnut, the darker color, and apply that around my
mouth area aka my mustache. This tends to the area where I crease up the quickest, so I always kind of add a little extra reinforcement there. Okay so, unpowdered, unfinished makeup I do feel like in person and on camera, actually, better on camera
than it does in person, but my skin looks absolutely flawless. I do feel like I could perfect the overall color of my complexion just a tiny bit, just because on camera, I’m still feeling like it’s looking just a little bit cooler than I would like. Usually the easiest way for me to kind of balance that out is taking either a yellow powder or a beige translucent powder and setting my makeup. I’m going to use this one from Danessa Myricks, it’s her evolution powder in the color number two. It is a super finely milled powder. It looks white on camera,
it’s definitely not white. It is like a buttery off-white yellow. Ms. Chloe Morello stays
booked and busy, okay? This is her Pretty, Fun and
Fearless palette from Ciate. Mind you, she’s just announced her next collab with Pixi Beauty. Congratulations, Chloe. Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry (clears throat) Mrs. I love Chloe. She’s adorable. This actually has been out for awhile and I just recently found mine ’cause I don’t even want to talk about it. I’ve been going through a lot, okay? A lot. Anyway, this palette is
on the Sephora website and I’m going to be using it today. So first I’m gonna take
this color here, which is like a dark gray/brown. I feel like a teacher
right now with this brush. It’s called marron and I’m going to pop that in my crease area. I really like the quality
of Ciate’s shadows, but yeah, their shadows
are super pigmented and they’re not dusty and so far no fallouts, which is great. That’s always wonderful. Then I’m sweeping around the edges of that color to soften it out. Don’t add anymore color though, just sweep, girl. Just sweep. I’m also sweeping that color
along my bottom lash line. I found these Color Tattoo Eye Chromes, I don’t even know if these are still out and I’ve had these for
awhile but I’m gonna take the color electric emerald and apply that, where do you think? On the center of my eye
because what are we doing? A halo eye. (chuckles) That is like, on its own, super bangin’. Super poppin’. Beauty, which is this matte
green from Chloe’s palette, and I’m just gonna stamp that in and ooh, that’s doing exactly what I
want it to do on top of that. Nice! Noice! Wow! That’s a dark color. I’m taking marron again and blending out around the edges, just to
soften the look up a bit. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my version of soft eye makeup. (laughs) I’m taking just a smidge
of that Age Rewind concealer in hazelnut to kind of clean up around my inner eye. I feel like sometimes
the matte dark shadows can get a little carried away there. And I’m blending that in with a Sigma large fluff E50. This is the perfect brush for this area. I’m going to take
chartreuse and I’m going to go right over the lid, just
a quick lil’ punch, you know? For my lashes, I’m gonna take
Fluff Lash from Whip Lashed. So far I feel like this hasn’t oxidized or gotten darker anymore than it was when I first put it on. Not a single oil has broken through. The other lash is finally
decided to join the ceremony, everybody, welcome welcome! I absolutely love these liquid
blushes from NARS, okay? Probably one of my favorite products that launched last year. It’s in the color hot tin roof and it’s from their latest collection. You know raizin blush from MAC? If raizin blush came in a liquid form, I feel like it would look like this. This is looking gorgeous! Oh my God, what a stunning color! No look is complete without an Artist Couture diamond glow powder. And of course… La peach at that. (squeals) This is honestly still just my favorite product that I’ve created
to date, honestly. I’m only gonna keep the highlight around this area here. I know that Angel just recently launched their huge Sephora announcement. First of all, I’m so happy for him. I’ve been dying to share
the news, but of course it was never my news to share. And I’m so glad that he’s finally announced it to the world and it’s taken off the way that it has now. I think that a lot of people just automatically assume my Diamond Glow powders would be pushed
with that Sephora launch and they are not. They are still exclusive
to So here’s the point, okay? Here’s the message we’re trying to convey. When you turn that head, BOW! Do you still all of- this
just looks like I tithe, this just looks like I pray every Sunday, this just looks like I
meditate every morning, this just looks like I’m a good person. Do you see what- do you see that? I feel like my skin looks great and hydrated. New favorite refreshing
spray at the moment is from Two Faced Unicorn collection, I mean I don’t know if I’m really into the whole unicorn look, but I do have to admit, I’m lowkey kinda tempted to really do a first
impressions on that collection. It’s not really me, but
when I saw the colors, I was like, Oh wow. I could totally do a video if you guys wanna see it, please let me know. I’ve been using a lot of this refresh mist first of all because it smells Uh- MAZING! Okay, where do they come up with- who comes up with this ideas? It just smells so freaking amazing. (sprays refresher spray) So, I’m gonna be messing
with these tonight. I’m gonna take the color
amazonian just because, I have to smell it, I’m
sorry, I do, I can’t help it. Everything that I’ve used smells so good. Okay, I feel like now
that I’ve pulled back, I’ve adjusted my lighting a little bit to what I feel is a little
bit more true to color, definitely still seeing a little bit of that pink in the foundation. If this foundation oxidizes though, I am… (clicks tongue) I already said earlier
how I felt about the consistency, the coverage, I think the price is eh, fair, I mean 12 bucks, can’t be mad at that. Just in general, not in
comparison to other products, I’m saying in general. $12 is really good. As far as the shades go, I feel like in comparison to the line as a whole, it’s decently fair. They definitely could’ve added more deeper, dark shades and I’m talking about darker than mine. Now that I’m looking at it, there’s three or four super light, three to four medium, three to four medium dark, and then four deeper dark/dark. But there’s nothing on
the deeper dark spectrum, so where’s Duckie Thot’s shade? Where’s Nyma Tang’s shade? There’s really nothing, I feel like these wouldn’t even be highlights for her. The same goes for the concealer. I mean the concealer ratio
is a little bit better as far as how they distributed
the range of shades, but for my shade to be the darkest, that’s not… Maybelline, come on. When is any drugstore
brand besides L.A. Girl gonna step it up and really be that chick for the deeper dark? I don’t really see it. I am overall still really happy with the overall finish and
the look of the product. I’m glad that Maybelline
decided to kind of add some varying undertones in there. Honestly though, I will have to say this face looks really expensive. This looks like the application of a high end complexion product. I turned up my backlight, I feel like sometimes it looks better. Would I recommend the Maybelline
Super Stay Foundations? Abso-freaking-lutely. I think this was a really good product. A really good product. And Age Rewind, ya’ll lowkey did that. But I’m mad it took ya’ll this long ’cause I feel like this was one of their most popular products for awhile. Okay, I gotta go now. I’m gonna check back in with
you guys in a couple hours. I will see you in a bit. So… I’m trying a new foundation tonight – [Woman] What is it? – And I want, I’m not going
to say what it is yet. – Okay. – But, it went in my review
and I want you guys to tell me I’m not gonna say what it is. Any takers? Anyone care to guess what
foundation I’m wearing? – Your skin looks so flawless. – Yeah, your skin looks really smooth. – [Jackie] Okay. – There’s no texture. – [Jackie] No texture. – [Jackie] Huh? – How long have you been wearing it? – [Jackie] Two hours. – Okay, so it’s a little fresh. – It looks really good. – [Jackie] Are you ready to be shook? – It’s L’Oréal. Maybelline. – [Jackie] Guess! – L’Oréal. – [Jackie] You think it’s L’Oréal. – [Jackie] Okay, Jade thinks it’s L’Oréal. (gasps) – Elcie! – [Jackie] Okay, so,
Kristin thinks its Elcie. – Nevermind, just kidding. – [Jackie] What? What is this moment? – [Jackie] Care to guess now? – I’m gonna guess… – It’s Maybelline. – [Jackie] So La Demi
says it’s Maybelline. – I don’t know why, I’m gonna guess NYX. – [Jackie] Okay, so Angel is
gonna guess that it’s NYX. – [Jackie] Well.. La Demi is
the only one who guessed right. – [Jackie] It’s Maybelline! (all cheering) – The girls are shook. Thank you for watching,
thank you for watching, thank you for watching, uh uh uh. You know the drill,
here is the next video, feel free to watch it my fellow Americans. You know you late for
school anyway, you might as well just watch one more tutorial. Why the hell not? Your boss ain’t gonna notice if you go over five minutes
from your lunch break. Just kick it, girl. Just click right there, it’s right there. I gotchu, I’ll cover for
you, don’t worry, don’t trip.

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