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Elizabeth Warren Admits Her Fundraising Is a Good Chunk Behind, Begs Supporters for Donations

Elizabeth Warren Admits Her Fundraising Is a Good Chunk Behind, Begs Supporters for Donations

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth
Warren of Massachusetts is begging for money to make up a massive decline in financial
support as the fourth quarter ticks down its final days. If the quarter had ended Friday, Warren would
have suffered a 31 percent decline in money raised since the third quarter, Fox Business
reported. Warren blew the whistle on her need for cash
in an email to supporters. “So far this quarter, we’ve raised a little
over $17 million,” the email said, according to The Hill. “That’s a good chunk behind
where we were at this time last quarter.” In the third quarter, which ran from July
through September, Warren hauled in $24.6 million, second only to Sen. Bernie Sanders
of Vermont, who raised just over $25 million. Warren’s email said that announcing the
campaign’s poor performance was “something different” and “a little risky,” but
the campaign was releasing its low number as a means of getting supporters to cough
up cash to hit a fourth-quarter goal of $20 million by the time the quarter ends Tuesday,
according to If Warren’s campaign hits its $20 million
goal, it would be a slight increase over the $19.1 million the campaign took in during
raised during the second quarter. “We have until midnight on December 31 to
get things going,” the campaign said in the email. Missing the target could hurt the campaign’s
50-state organizing strategy, the email said. The strategy is based on small-donor fundraising. However, as noted by The New York Times, Warren
has sought campaign cash from large donors in the past and used those donations from
her 2018 Senate campaign to help fuel her presidential run. “Can you spell hypocrite?” former Pennsylvania
Gov. Ed Rendell said about Warren, having raised money for her in 2018. “She didn’t have any trouble taking our
money the year before,” Rendell, who now supports Biden, said. “All of a sudden,
we were bad guys and power brokers and influence-peddlers. In 2018, we were wonderful.” Warren’s drop in donations accompanies her
fall in the polls. The Massachusetts senator is currently third
in the Democratic presidential race with an average of 15.2 percent support, according
to the Real Clear Politics average of polls. Warren trails former Vice President Joe Biden,
who has an average of 28.1 percent support, and Sanders, who has an average of 18.8 percent
support. Warren’s high-water mark in the polls came
on Oct. 8, according to Real Clear Politics, when her polling average of 26.8 percent was
almost even with Biden’s 27 percent. The day before, she actually led Biden, 26.6 percent
to 26.4 percent. Since then, her poll numbers have dropped steadily.

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