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Elizabeth Warren Crushing Scott Brown in Fundraising

Elizabeth Warren Crushing Scott Brown in Fundraising

pose with warren had a great for in
their recent money if one six seven million dollars reached uh… upon a star brown in massachusetts in
that senate race and and people said why once you isn’t
so much money well there’s a reason for that repairs mosel grass in the country think who can i give money to one positive as
aggressive and that list is tiny this guy bernie sanders on a scott maybe
a couple other guys on it and it’s got this new person who had a lot of attention
nice christians on t_v_ because she stood up for consumers somebody who
actually fought the banks and then it was rejected honestly by
even our own president as he would make a head of the consumer financial
protection bureau disease at all in all i would have to do a recess appointment the very next perceived as a result of
one report anyway he didn’t want to point org so she has a run for senate and people
think well that’s a one person we know as a progressive that’s a one-person we
know actually will fight the banks so of course that money pours in for and most
of our donations are from small donations now she’s got big donations to she does
fund raisers in new york california to but again even for those liberals in
california new york ithink well please that’s the one person i am trusts and
the rest of mark most of the rest of our corporate so
that’s why i was a bit worn does better i love the mainstream press is like
puzzled alike i wonder why she’s doing so well what’s the difference between her and
the rest of the democrats are you blind but of course they don’t wanna right
she’s the one person would rip the bankers face-off and that’s why people lover now the second part of the story i’ll my
love even more you’re ever they made a deal uh… was the one of scott brown and
they said hey listen we’re not gonna take outside independent expenditure groups and have them ron ads four s so that would be the super packs coming
in and dominating with outside money so they may be a they won’t do it here is a story out of the boston globe quoting rod graham republican political
consultant a republican polluted with itself gray said of war continues to raise more
than brown some republican leaning groups may choose to violate that
agreement and pour money into the campaign on brown’s they have that’s what happens when you do a
deliverable although i don’t mind that we have a
deal as long as i am out raising you and i thought i had all the banks in
massachusetts and in new york on my side scott browse way of thinking and hence i would i be separated but it
turns out you’re incredibly popular and you’re getting all this money well if you’re out raising meat then
obviously we have no deal and golly gee are a here some outside a
bubbling roots might violate that agreement about that
i do about it and spend the money anyway your four if you have remained the deal
with the republicans the albeit on a video that is so very
bearish they may to december disadvantage they will come and screw over how many times we have to go through
this before democrats learned their lesson

  • If you make a deal with the GOP get it in writing in front of no less then six cameras and six Notaries. A Republicans word is as worthless as their sense of honor.

  • My parents told me I was part French/Spanish – Native American/German I have no way to accurately check this so that what I go by. So what if Elizabeth Warren says she's part Native American. You know how many white guys go around saying they are part Native American because they think it makes them sound like a bad as Brave? Crying because someone in this day and age claiming they are part Native American is stupid, Elizabeth Warren is a bad ass against corruption no matter what her lineage is

  • She might have been hired otherwise, but, as affirmative action was official employment policy, her alleged Native American heritage was undoubtedly taken into account. It's a question of integrity for Warren. As for Harvard, Harvard was in breach of its own ethnic-classification guidelines, and federal guidelines, by recognizing Warren as Native American. Harvard may also have been in breach of contract by bestowing on Warren an advantage in the recruitment process that was not bestowed… .

  • …on other people. If Warren could be recognized as minority, most White Americans could be recognized as minority. 30% of White Americans have more than 10% minority ancestry (Warren has unproven 3.125% minority ancestry). Harvard may also have breached anti-discrimination law, as, though affirmative action is in general lawful, other racial discrimination is not: as I say, Warren is not officially Native, and an advantage was given to her not given to other Whites with minority ancestry.

  • Nope. True liberals believe in social freedom, classical liberals believe in both social & economic freedomc, that you should be free to make your own decisions.

  • Yes but believing people deserve to make those decisions is believing that you know what's better for others. Besides, most socialists (including) believe in full social liberty, and many believe strongly in a free-market.

  • No believing in letting people make decisions for themselves is believing in freedom. Letting people make even stupid decisions. Socialists are against that. And if you think socialists are for free market then you dont know what socialism means.

  • Another generalized idiotic comment gets dozens of thumbs. What a bunch of self deluded circle jerkers.

  • A free market, isn't the same as a deregulated market, preserving fairness in the market (a common socialist belief) via rooting out unfair or explotative methods. Socialists believe in allowing people, even if they make a poor decision and chance at redemption, although many socialist believe in creating a framework that is harder to get wrong than captialism. Nearly all non-communist socialists believe in allowing a great deal of individual control outside of some economic factors.

  • Elizabeth Warren is a Zionist warmonger it's a shame that's the type of person we consider "progressive" these day's.

  • I don't want a government cookie, (Shut the fuck up) sorry Grown ups don't talk like that and please go get spade or nuderd for everyone's sake

  • Ryan I live in Mass. you have not wasted your money on Liz Warren she is an honest hard working woman that wants to help the middle class and one more thing she is very smart. I would love to see her as our first woman President some day .Thank You for your donation to her

  • Your say is irrelevant fucking partisan idiot. And your vote is as irrelevant as you're derrr. And yes your beloved Warren committed fraud nutjob in denial. The lengths these partisan drones go to self-delude themselves!

  • Do you have a statistical/scientific study that shows everyone in GOP don't keep their word? No? Then stfu. It was generalized, stereotypical idiocy. Go to a Fox website/channel & you'll find similar comment thumbed up, except replace GOP with Democrats. Bunch of circle jerkers.

  • I'll ready explained how right you are. Can't you just be happy with being the most brilliant person on youtube.

  • Your are correct. I am just another stereotypical idiot like all the bunch of "circle jerkers" on here that liked my comment. You know the group of people you are generalizing about. You know all the dummies that must be idiots in your general opinion. You are completely correct in generalizing my words as wrong, Yet your words as right even though you don't hold yourself to the same standard, apparently. Of course why would you? Seeing how brilliant you are and all.

  • Honestly your generalizations were far superior to mine and of a much higher standard. I mean the way the you assumed that since I am anti-GOP I must then be pro-Dem. Of course someone as brilliant as you must be able to see through my Libertarian mask the the Democrat within. Tell me more of your all knowing insight oh brilliant one.

  • Who said you or they are idiots? Everyone is perfectly capable of deluding themselves that what they believe and their ideology is correct and rejecting outright everything else especially when joined by other circle jerkers that re-enforce your beliefs.

  • No you are completely right. You only suggested that I and others like me are idiots. You never directly called anyone as much. Of course my original humors remarks should have only been taken literally since you know all and your generalizations lack any ideological flaws. I mean someone as wise as you wouldn't make the simple mistake of not recognizing a joke when you read one. Of course you wouldn't.

  • I mean really someone as sharp as you would mistake satire for a serious remark and then start a string of insult based on such a misconception. Only someone with a lack of humor and a serious ego would be so daring to assume a huge amount of generalizations about a stranger based on a two sentence joke.Then continue to fling insults even though the person they are slinging them at continues to make joke and act as if the respondent is completely missing the joke. You wouldn't miss such a thing.

  • "Of course it is"
    Thanks for admitting. Taking your meds have we?
    "just as much……fools hellbent……save yourself"
    "Here's to Warren winning in November!"
    AND she will change jack shit. Much like the "change" your messiah Obummer brought. What's funny is this delusional behavior will continue in 2016 & 2020 & so on. THIS time it will be different. THIS time we will elect the right politician. Derrr. The definition of insanity comes to mind.

  • Oh you sure got me there. No one on this page thought I was funny at all. Not a single person gave any kind of hint that they found my post amusing. Man you've got my number. I wish I knew half as much as you. Your intellect is only out measured by your whit. It would have been nice if someone had in some way put a method I could track whether or not people enjoy my humorous observations. Ha maybe you could figure out some method. To bad no one on youtube is as smart as you.

  • I mean really someone at youtube should have had the foresight to put in some system to measure whether or not people like what a comment. Good thing you are here to tell people what is or is not funny. Man how have we gotten along for so long without you?

  • Ever hear the phrase "Brevity is the soul of the wit"? That means don't type up half page comments in incorrect English if your goal is sarcasm/satire. I don't even read half the drivel you type. Bye!

  • It would be nice if we had two parties. As far as I can tell the only difference between the two is who pocket their in.

  • Really that's your next move. To insult my English. "Someone should have told you long time ago that sarcasm need to be funny." "Do you have a statistical/scientific study that shows everyone in GOP don't keep their word?" Really these are just two of your brilliant statements. Of course it seems that your only standards are those with the word double in front of them. Weak sauce. Oh and the line is "since brevity is the soul of wit". Given the context of your post this mistake is hilarious.

  • I mean damn that was funny. The guy that I had to ask to re-post a comment because it was so badly written it didn't make sense is now going to correct my English. Yet first he will show how smart he is by muddling up a simple Shakespeare quote. In all seriousness you are the funny one. I tip my hat to you. You really put me in my bahahahahaha. I can't finish that line. No really you are going to complain about my English. Sure it's not great, but at least I didn't have to repeat myself. Damn.

  • Bahahahaha You are damn funny. Sure you go ahead and go. Talk about deluded. Hell in incorrect is a huge grammatical error. Really all of your standards start with the word double. From your generalization and of others to your complete misunderstanding how youtube works. Man you are right on one thing compared to you I am not funny at all. You have written some of the funniest things I've read in days. Although I don't think that was your intent.

  • I hate to push the point. Nah I lie I love pushing a point. Really all that and your final note is to criticize my writing and misquote Shakespeare. Well I guess with as weak as your start was I shouldn't have expect much for a finish. I mean really if your going to lead with circle jerks you shouldn't close with misquoting The Bard. Talk about a laughable move. Honestly I had to ask you to repeat yourself. I was even nice about it. Yet my poor English is the problem. Damn laughable.

  • It is weird that people are so anti-banks when most people rely of their existence for loans, thus allowing them to get things they otherwise would need a life time to save up to. Banks help people or there would not be banks. Economics 101 😉

  • It is not illegal to apply for a scholarship, regardless of what that scholarship is. You're flat out lying.

  • not really on the vid….Since my old man is a professor teaching and researching in a masters of applied finance program, I know he'd resent the claim that an economist was trained in his discipline. My philosophy masters focuses on the notion of work, and was from within a "frankfurt school"-style group in Australia. In other words I'm trained as a Marxist political economist, but I don't claim a masters in economics do I? I doubt my program or thesis resembled yours, nor yours -> my father's.

  • Oh I agree completely about bail-outs. My point was not that I support bail-outs (which is a statist notion and not something I would support) but that socialists often blame banks for economic failures when they should blame government. Big Business is only "too big" because they get government support.

  • This woman is amazing and has never been corrupted by money or power. She is a true liberal/progressist and she will fight for her values and beliefs. I thought this kind of politician was extinct but am I ever glad it is not (or not quite anyway).

  • Someone sounds a bit asspained. What's wrong? You can't accept that our candidates always suck? Too bad we only have two parties(one in MA), it doesn't allow ideological diversity.

  • Thomas Jefferson was a minarchist so of course he saw some benefit of government over free enterprise and banking was one of those areas where he thought regulations were needed. Banks and corporations did successfully issue currency before the mid-18th century. What happens when one BIG BANK has the monopoly on currency? What you (and Thomas advocates) is nothing short than the very thing you fear the most. Competition in the free market is the safest way to ensure liberty, not government.

  • As a Massachusetts resident I am donating and voting for Ms Warren because as an added side effect it'll help wash away the fact that we somehow let Mitt Romney loose upon the country.

  • When banks have a strong government to help them, of course they would resort to such measures (reply to Madison). If you remove the government power over society then the banks would answer to YOU or lose your business. Why do companies succeed and fail? Because of consumer choice. When you have monopoly, you have fraud and deceit. And government is all about monopolies. I am not saying we necessarily need banks (reply to Adams). I am saying we don't need government!

  • so you would be for getting screwed over continuously by the banking oligarchs?
    then by all means vote for brown. but when the sheet hits the fan, again. we can come after you for being a gullible idiot.

  • You may state that I am wrong, and I must respectfully disagree again. I have read the constitution and past and present laws of the nation. I have followed social and economic trends, and I fail to see your statement being valid.

    If you would, kindly quote word for word, where in the Bangladeshi Constitution it is stated.

    I still reiterate my point, I think you are mistaking a theory to reality. The reality is that in practice Bangladesh is not a democratic socialist nation.

  • The only failures I see in Bangladesh is of the people and the government, whether they be the two "merry go round" parties- AL & BNP.

    It is corrupt and inefficient because of the people, not the models. Mind you I do not blame the illiterate or those who are just trying to survive by procuring food, shelter, and any other necessities to life. It is those officials and their respective party lines- not some economic or social model you are referencing to.

    But please do quote the lines. Thanks

  • Right to work, guaranteed employment, housing, clothing, leisure, recreation. Centrally planned economy. "From each according to his abilities to each according to his work" straight out of the works of Karl Marx. Bangladesh is ranked 130 is the economic freedom index. It has one of the most regulated, state controlled economies.

  • as tina fey told ralph nader when he announced he was thinking about running for president in '08: stay home nerd, that's why we're in this mess in the first place. i think that applies here.

  • So is Scott Brown taking outside money, or is TYT just carrying water for the Democratic Party as usual?

  • Is there any evidence that the Brown campaign is actually going to back out? As the deal stands right now, if outside groups make ads for Brown he'll donate money to a charity that the Warren campaign decides on – this has already happened; outside groups made attack ads on Elizabeth Warren and the Brown campaign kept their side of the deal. What's making you think they won't now?

  • There are a lot of people that are willing to spend their money on Pocohontas the liar Warren so she can help destroy our economy, or what is left of it.

  • I don't get this. Republicans controlled both houses from 1994 – 2006 (except for a briefly tied senate). George W. Bush was president from 2000 to 2008. The economy collapsed after all those years of Republic policies. Going back to those failed policies WILL destroy the middle class.

  • Brown has not discussed or spoken on issues since the campaign started. His ads have had him smooching with the wife, a former Dem. Mayor of Boston (who is a drunk), and a nobody Dem from another City speaking for him – all saying he is a good guy. Well, talk about the issues like Warren is.

  • Granny is the 1% and a tool of outside interests.

    Let her debate Brown she will get crushed. Sarah Palin is smarter than liawatha

  • You are simply wrong, especially your first premise, the Republicans definitely just want to do more of the same that got us into this mess: Cut taxes for the rich check, deregulate Wall Street, check, destroy the social saftey net, check. Blame gays and abortions for all their problems, check. Oh and stick their head in the sand about climate change.

    Btw don't ask me to do research when you don't. Warren had 1 congressional position overseeing TARP, not exactly "a lot of positions power".

  • When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

    — Thomas Jefferson

  • What republican policies got us into this mess exactly? I know you are just parroting MSNBC talking points but how bout an example. Please remember who controlled congress and the senate since 2007. I bet you cannot give me one example but you keep spouting your rhetoric from MSNBC!
    Oh and lizzy did work for some LARGE customers to help screw workers out of their benefits but you keep up the good fight!

  • Of course she is she is a HArvard Girl and makes 350,000 for each class she teaches then says she is worried about "student loans" LOL

  • Thanks for making a great point about the Democrats controlling both houses. I am curious, when did our deficit first go into the trillions? Answer, the fist and LAST democratic budget of 2007. The economy was going fine until when? Answer, when the dems took control.

  • And Wall Street donates a ton to Warren. Travelers can donate to whoever they want, that means nothing, Brown is "working:" for them. LVT is one many Warren supporters tend to gloss over. Much tougher to defend that one. Im not sure what Iraq has to do witht he conversation but I am curious as to what "Republican" policies go us into this mess? I have yet to be answered. I can say that taxes are NOT the reason for our financial problem.

  • and the majority of her over $24.5 million is coming from outside of MA – private donors in LA, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco."
    – NY Times, July 20, 2012

  • (Sorry, I meant to include this source):

    Source: an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics done for The New York Times.

  • The democrats had those seats only for like a month before being pushed out by whackjob republicans you admire so much. Hardly enough time to do the damage you accuse them of.

  • Typical liberal with no clue. 2007 to 2010 all democrat control. I know its hard to accept but there it is. Who passed the first trillion dollar budget? Democrats. Who has 4 more years of trillion dollar deficits? Democrats.

  • It can actually be found all that extra money was because of war spending Bush kept off the books and was only added to the overal deficit when Obama checked the books and made sure that tally was kept. Bush and Cheney have done a lot of illegal fuckups, but people like you should demand they go to jail for juggling the books alone at the very least.

  • Man your scream name is accurate. Its people like you who should have to take a test before you are allowed to vote. Heres a wake up call dumbass. The wars were funded. They were not but on hold for someone else to pay. I know child like minds like yours cannot grasp that. Is there a reason why the debt is STILL climbing as well as our deficit? Only a complete MORON would say Obama has "checked" spending. Lmao, what a dummy!

  • Lol..I was clearly joking..
    How about we get uptight humorless dry self-righteous d-bags who take them selves way to seriously off Ytube..

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