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Ellen Meets Viral College Acceptance Brothers

Ellen Meets Viral College Acceptance Brothers

More than 8 million of you
watched these two brothers get accepted into
their dream colleges. Take a look at this. Wait, wait, wait. Back up. Yeah, you up there. Or not. Their story is even
more incredible. From Opelousas,
Louisiana, please welcome Alex and Aryton Little. OK, who’s Alex? Who’s Aryton? Alex. I’m Aryton. All right. OK. So look, yeah. Hi, everybody. So, OK, this is incredible. You were surrounded by
friends and schoolmates not knowing which way
it was going to go. We do that for all our seniors. It’s just like a ritual
we do at our school. Right. So it’s always like a
nerve-wrecking thing for everyone sitting
in that chair because, like, that’s
the decision right there. Nobody knows. Right. And how old are you? I’m 18. You’re 18 and you’re 16. Yes. And you got into Harvard. And you got into Stanford. I mean, not just got in,
but full scholarships. And so, you obviously
do very well at school. And this obviously has been
a dream for both of you? Oh, yes ma’am. It’s been, like, the
goal that you worked towards since you were a kid. Those are schools
that you think of. Whenever you think of education,
like Stanford, Harvard– those are the
schools you think of. And it’s really
surreal just to be able to say that I got
accepted and that they’re doing all this stuff for me. It’s a little hard because
for 16 years my life, it’s been Harvard. And now I got into Harvard. Now I’m thinking, oh– oh, I got to pick
something else to do. It worked out. Well, that’s the good thing. You have to pick another goal. That’s the thing
in life– you have to keep trying to find
things to search for that makes you passionate and happy. So this went viral. And are you surprised by how
many people have seen this? I honestly say I was. Because I just kind
of put it on Twitter because I was just
excited, like, I did it. I got in to college. But then people really started
taking towards the video. And I was just like, wow. I got excited to see
all these people. They were like retreat– like,
I’m in that room with you. celebrating. That type of energy is magical. Yeah. I mean, what makes
it more amazing is your mom is in the audience. And hi, Mom. You’re incredible. You are– She is incredible. Yeah. You are incredible. I told you that I saw you
driving in on the lot this morning and I– your story is– I mean, you were
raised by a single mom. You were on the verge
of being homeless for most of your lives. You spent years in a home with
no heat, no food a lot of times and you would leave
the oven burners on to keep you warm at night. Your younger brother passed
away a couple of years ago. And through all of this, you
maintained the highest GPAs in your class. That is amazing. I mean, that is a
testament to who you are to raise these
two young boys like this. Because a lot of people
and a lot of young boys would use that as an excuse
to say, I don’t have time and, you know, go in
a different direction. Yeah, it’s kind of– it’s just whenever
I think about it, I thought about education
was my ticket out. I knew that I was smart and I
was able to get good grades. I said, I’m going
to work as hard as I can to do this because
I notice that our mom has been doing a lot for us. And so, I know one
thing she likes– she says all the time
is that, no matter what I was going through, no
matter what bills were going unpaid, or how hard
her situation was, I knew that I was
coming home to kids who weren’t out getting
into who knows what and they had good grades. She’s like, that’s
something that she was proud to be able to say that
no matter what was going on. Yeah. So not only are you proud, but
this is such a relief for you to know that they are completely
taken care of in college. You don’t have to
worry about that. I truly am because,
you know, people say paycheck to
paycheck– sometimes it wasn’t even
paycheck to paycheck. And I didn’t want
them to see and be aware of just how bad it was. But like he said, the one thing
I didn’t have to worry about was them and their grades. You know, what was
getting cut off, what was about to get
repossessed or whatever– I had that on my shoulders. But the one thing I
didn’t have to worry about was their schooling. They took care of that. It was one less thing– Yeah. –you know, that I
had to worry about. So that– Well, I– I love all of
you and I have something for your mom a little later. But I have something for
y’all for your dorm room. Your dorm is taken care of. Oh! Oh, my God. Amazing. [INAUDIBLE] No way. Oh my gosh. And you don’t even play guitar. [INAUDIBLE] I think you’ll have plenty
of time to play guitar. All right, we’re back
with Alex and Aryton and their mom, Maureen. And so we didn’t talk about what
do y’all want to do after you graduate? The dream is to get
a job on Wall Street. And with that money
and influence, I want to make a nonprofit so
it can help students that were in our situation that are– and just help them. Because I know that
I would definitely wanted someone to help my mom. That’s a great idea. That’s fantastic. Well, for me, part of
what drew me to Stanford was its proximity to the
Silicon Valley and all the tech opportunities out there. And so I want to work in a
place like Google or Tesla and really get my hands
in the STEM field. And after that, I want
to start a nonprofit to help kids like my age– well
not my age, who are younger than me get into areas
in the STEM field because I think about where
I made without the resources. Just imagine if I gave my
12-year-old self a laptop and told him, here–
here’s how you code things. Here’s a robotics kit. Why don’t you learn and
tinker with that and see would he be able to bring
himself to use his energy there as opposed to somewhere else. Yeah, you all are amazing. I just keep saying it. You’re just amazing. Thank you. All right. And again, you just have
to be so proud of them. I mean, I just can’t
imagine if they would have gotten different news. I mean, this is– I mean, it seemed like it was
obvious they were going to get in because of their grades. But, I mean, you have
to be just so thrilled. I am so incredibly
proud of them. I cannot just– it’s amazing. You know, to know that they
did it even with the stuff that we’ve had to
deal with– you know, you mentioned about the oven,
heat, and everything else. It was pretty bad. Yeah. It really was. Yeah. But, you know, they did it. Yeah. They did it. And then they lost– you
know, you lost a son. They lost their brother a
couple of years ago suddenly. You know, I mean, that’s
a lot to go through. Well, we want to do something
for you because we love you. And Shutterfly loves
inspiring stories like this. So they want to give
you a check for $20,000. My name! Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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